View Full Version : Hall of Monuments Super Sale: Everything Must Go!

09-10-2010, 05:04
As I try to get to 30 HoM points, I've realized I'll be needing some extra funds. So, I've resolved to sell all of my unneeded items that I've been saving for such an occasion.

Here is the full list in no particular order. If you're interested, contact me in-game or reply to this thread. Some prices are negotiable.

Everlasting Boreal Tonic - 25e

Wintergreen Scythe (Wintersday 2006, unobtainable) - 25e

Wintergreen Staff (Wintersday 2006, unobtainable) - 25e

Powerstone of Courage - 5k

Gelatinous Summoning Stone - 5k

Khepket's Refuge (Green Divine Favor Staff) - 1.5k

Lissah's Edge (Green Sword) - 1k

Sadi's Benediction (Green Protection Prayers Staff) - 1.5k

Kerrsh's Staff - 1.5k

Kai's Sword (Green Swordsmanship Sword) - 1.5k

Chan's Greed (Green Blood Magic Focus) - 1k

Hidesplitter's Daggers (Green Daggers) - 1.5k

Hassin's Shell (Green Shield) - 500g

Milius' Pillar (Green Earth Magic Staff) - 1k

Alem's Remedy (Green Restoration Magic Staff) - 1.5k

Vanahk's Staff (Green Blood Magic Staff) - 1.5k

Prismatic Rod (Green Energy Storage Wand) - 1k

Forgotten Sword (Green Sword) - 1k

Havok's Maul (Green Hammer) - 1k

Candy Cane Sword/Staff - 500g each

Peppermint Shield - 500g

Gingerbread Shield/Focus - 500g

Elite Dervish Tome - 2k

11-10-2010, 08:31
I can buy all the party items (although you may have to wait for the weekend for me to catch you online if that is ok).

12-10-2010, 13:56
I'll take the elite derv tome.

IGN: Tavmaster T

17-10-2010, 01:25
Alright, the party items have been sold to Lensor and I'll sell you the Elite Derv Tome the next time you're on, Tavmaster.

19-10-2010, 05:02
I now have in my possession:

r9 Command Stygian Defender - Green DoA Shield
r9 Spawning Power Stygian Scepter - Green DoA Wand
Mallyx's Savagery - Green DoA Scythe

They'll be 2k each if anyone wants them.