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08-06-2011, 15:21
[DkR] Dark Reavers


Leader: Darkademic
Website: http://www.darkreavers.co.uk
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/darkreavers
Founded: 1999
Location: EU (UK based)
Server: Desolation

Guild Info:
[DkR] is a long established UK based online gaming clan/guild which tends to lean towards PvP whilst maintaining a strong presence in all areas of the games we play.

Although we aim to be highly skilled and thrive on competition, our priorities are enjoyment and a strong sense of community and friendship, and this will not change. Ensuring that all members feel welcome and valued is hugely important - we never want anyone to feel like they are just a name on a list or an anonymous follower.

Many of those who join [DkR] are considered members for life, and will always be welcome to participate in the clan even if they play in other clans at the same time, or if they decide to return after a long absence.

We normally only accept applicants aged 18 and older, and want members who take gaming seriously enough to play competitively, but not seriously enough to rage or get upset about it.

Our rules are mostly common sense and we ask for a reasonable level of activity from all of our members.

Head over to our website for more information or to apply.