View Full Version : *sigh* Been Hacked.

Egg Shennn
20-07-2011, 19:51
Hey folks, it appears my guildwars account has been hacked. I had been super busy with work over the last month so last time I logged in was about 1 month ago, give or take. Upon trying to login today my password didn't work...
I was pretty positive I had the pass right, but went and reset it and tried again, and got the message my account was terminated for gold or item selling for real world money.

I've emailed support and will hopefully get my account back.

I have no idea what the hacker did using my account, hopefully no trouble was caused for the alliance.

Ugh, and IF I get my account back, there goes the collection of tormented shields I was building to outfit a set of heroes with :(

If anyone experienced any interaction with "me" in the last month, it wasn't me.

Egg Shennn
20-07-2011, 22:05
Ohferchristsakes... I went to the new guildwars support forum but can't login to it because my guildwars account is banned. Brilliant... so a person who gets hacked and gets their password reset can't access the freakin support forums...

Instead of playing guildwars I'm playing the waiting game... waiting for support.


20-07-2011, 22:27
I'm so sorry egg =(

Email support rather, and make sure you have all key codes handy dandy.

I hope you get your account back. *hug*

Sent from my G2. lulz what typos?

Egg Shennn
20-07-2011, 22:40
Thanks Raye.

I did email them right away, but had wanted to get on the support forum as well... but can't.

And weirdly, when I'm logged into my NCsoft account and check my GW in there it says my account status is "playable".

Yeah, it's "playable" if the game is try and login then read the "account terminated" message.


21-07-2011, 00:11
That really sucks Egg :(

Although a good thing that the account was banned, because that means the hackers cannot do any further damage. As long as you still have your keys you should get your account back fine.

Also, I have not noticed any trouble caused by "you" in alliance. I guess that hackers want to keep a low profile, they probably even use the "log in as offline" feature.

Egg Shennn
21-07-2011, 00:17
Well thats good Lensor, glad to hear "I" wasn't causing any trouble.

I'm glad the hacker didn't try and sell my guild at least...

Lady Rhonwyn
21-07-2011, 07:01
I'm so sorry to hear that!

And if it had tried to sell the guild, you'd probably have heard about it much sooner (we would have noticed!)

21-07-2011, 07:20
Btw Egg, if you need anything, gold, items or something along those lines when you get your account back, feel free to PM me... I probably can't offer much, but every bit should help, right?

Egg Shennn
21-07-2011, 07:51
Support asked for info to verify, I couldn't give me game keys (they're buried somewhere in storage) but gave them the rest of the info so hopefully thats enough or I have to go to storage and start digging through boxes.

Lady Rhonwyn: thanks, i'm glad you're not able to sell back guildhall additions, thats for sure.

Raye: thank ya darlin :) I'll be fine whether I have gear or not. I was probably gettin soft, growing too dependent on wearing armor and having weapons anyways. lol.

on the bright side, it would be like being a newb again, I'd be excited by any drops I got "OMG a Blue below max sword, sweet!"

Lady Rhonwyn
21-07-2011, 08:28
The one thing that hurt the most was the fact that some ******* had touched my account with its filthy claws...

And also that pieces of armour with unique colours were salvaged...

21-07-2011, 13:58
Good luck with that, buddy. I've got a bunch of greens and golds in my stash you're free to pillage from to help you get on your feet again (even if you sell them, I have no idea why I kept them as I still use /bonus items).

Let's hope for a quick recovery and not much lost.

21-07-2011, 14:53
Well, having had my account locked due to suspicious activity, I can say that because you are getting the message you are, it sounds like Anet or whoever caught the activity. Luckily when I got my account back (only took 2 days), nothing had been touched. I'm not sure what would have been done on my account for that. I'm just trying to give you some reassurance.

Egg Shennn
21-07-2011, 17:28
Well, got my account back!

I smoothly went from 700k+ in the bank, my torm shield collection, 2 dozen black dyes, almost no room on any character for anything, and fully outfitted heroes to...

Stripped naked characters, all heroes stripped of all runes and weapons even, and 3086 gold in the vault.

Ironically, my main had his birthday during the time the account was locked by Anet, so all he had on him was an upopened B-day present, which of course was a worthless white :) lol

I do have some random weapons, customized stuff they couldn't sell and a few greens I didn't have in the first place. oh, and 9 fur squares is my whole materials collection.

But at least the account is back.

21-07-2011, 17:31
Gratz on getting the account back, with at least no characters deleted (right?)

And may I ask, why did you have 700+k in the bank?!? I can't seem to keep money for any amount of time.

21-07-2011, 18:12
I'm glad you got it back eggy. Sucks they took everything =( *hug*

Also, 700k?! I would probably spend that on armor in no time hehe.

Sent from my G2. lulz what typos?

Egg Shennn
21-07-2011, 21:58
I just only ever bought armors I really liked or was forced to (for the hall) so that kind of eliminated a lot of expenditure. I used to just keep the bank full and spend everything that was above that. Till recently when I bought a few hundred k worth of consumables for Sis Ang. I used to take newbs and buy them armor to help. thats about all I used the cash for.

It's sad seeing the empty storage, I had over 600 dyes, and a full page of tomes with a few of every kind at least. :(

Now I embark on my new life as a naked Dervish who still has his dedicated Torm shield and a Cyndyr's edge I think...

21-07-2011, 23:22
Glad to hear you got the account back and that no characters were deleted. At least in GW it is not very costly to get max armors and weapons, so you will be back up to working condition in no time. Bling will take longer though..

But, as for Rhon, the worst part for me was not the loss of stuff but knowing someone had their dirty hands on my characters. Oh, and that they deleted my inventory bags and druid armor dyed original purple. Stuff like that you can never get back :(

21-07-2011, 23:37
Hey Egg, have you checked your computer for keyloggers and the like?

I'm wondering how it happened... I know there was a bit of a vulnerability with this site not too long ago where they had emails and hashed pw posted publicly online, so I guess that could have been it too?

Egg Shennn
22-07-2011, 01:53
being a computer tech for about a decade, my system is generally pretty damn secure. Regular scans with antvirus, anti-malware programs, seek and destroy etc....

So I was shocked that my account got compromised.

Still, a costly experience. 700k in coin, 4 or 5 torm shields (so around 500k value there), around a million at least for the armors that I had, (thats probably conservative), just black and white dyes were around 300-350k worth, elite tomes of every type (and loads of regulars) had to be around 300k worth at least, 10 characters who all had equipment packs of varying sizes, and whose inventories were all above half full with items of decent value, runes/insignias/inscriptions had to be at least 500k value... I had somewhere between 20-50 ectos (can't recall exactly) and a about 2 dozen shards if I recall right, stacks of other mats. jeebus.

It's daunting how much it would really all add up to.

22-07-2011, 12:01
Yes, better not to think of it...

Nowadays I spend money almost as fast as I get it, and customize/dedicate/put in HoM as soon as possible.

Egg Shennn
22-07-2011, 19:20
Yeah, I hadn't dedicated most things because I play all my characters a fair bit and would move around the torm shields and stuff, didn't want to lock some things to anyone.

On the bright side, I'm immune to theft now. Can't lose things I don't have.
Gold and platinum is for wusses!

Fumie Yamamori
23-07-2011, 01:38
I am sorry to hear this, egg! I have alot of greens if u want to use on ur heros!

23-07-2011, 03:03
Glad you were able to get your account back, Egg!
Most I could help you out with is cash and mats. So,
if you need anything, don't hesitate to give me a ding
in game. :)

Egg Shennn
23-07-2011, 03:40
Awww, y'all are awesome.

I've pretty much got armor on most of my characters and will slowly rune them when I find anything worthwhile for them. I can start farming up junk now. The hacker left me with most of my orange dye so pretty much every character I have will be dressing in fashionable fall orange tones. What more could a guy ask for? besides a six demon bag.

23-07-2011, 13:42
Egg, I won't be in-game until Monday, but I have some runes and greens also if you are still in need.