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13-11-2011, 01:53

Click Here for our Website (http://www.getstomped.com)


Guild Introduction
GetStomped is a guild that is 80% focused towards PvP, that includes both Arena and World type PvP's. As a guild, we work together to achieve what only others dream of. We are very organised, and yes we do have a website (above) along with a TS3 server. Not are we only a PvP guild but we do enjoy the odd bit of PvE as a group now and then, obviously in order to level you must PvE. I'm talking about PvE in a group environment. Like I said, we are organised, and group events happen very often as we have seen already on Guild Wars 2.

The register page has been fixed, I accidently forgot to generate new CAPTCHA keys.

New feature on the forums that is available to all those who sign up, also if you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask, fire away!
How we work
There are 5 teams, Ranging from the First team down to the Fifth team, the idea of this is that the better players can be together, encourage each other and literally become the best. Players are sorted by their abilities, not only their PvP skills, but their personality, group potential and leadership. The essential one thing that guilds need to be great is trust, without trust comes hesitation, and then comes loss. Yes losses always happen, and you learn from them so you do better next time. Here at GetSomped you will always be bettering yourselves.

Talk more PvP
Guild Wars 2 announced that they will be introducing an arena type lobby system to the MMO game, our plan is to take it by force, by climbing the ladders until we reach the monthly tournaments, if we are good enough to win the monthly tournaments, then we will definitely be taking on the annuals. This i where the teams come in too, the teams can practice against each other, providing a nice calm and fun dynamic for all the players, lots of banter and bragging rights to be won, the guild leaders will be keeping a close eye on players judging their character so they can develop themselves as players.

You've said a lot about groups, more?
Having groups makes the guild strong as not only will you make new friends, you will become good friends with your team (assuming your in one). If something isn't right or you don't get on too well with someone, then the teams can be switched around, it's that easy! In-game the guild as a whole will be constantly communicating and having fun, it will defiantly be a friendly atmosphere. People need to be able to learn group dynamics and adapt easily, learn everyones play styles and knowing what other people are capable of, aka "Trust".

Ok, What about Organisation?
Myself being a University student, I have to be organised, therefore I'd like everything that is done around me to be organised, I have took the time to build the site from SCRATCH, everything on the website is completely dynamic and improvements can be made all the time. The forums can be dreading for some people, that is why I took the time to develop a "Match Display" page, which will display all upcoming matches, allowing you, the player to also be very organised.

You mentioned PvE?
Of course, with every game comes PvE, some players prefer this approach and please, just because we are a guild focused more towards PvP, that does not mean in the slightest that we won't be won't be doing PvE, with the forums, players are able to rally their own group to do instances together, or level together, what ever your heart desires, you make the topic, ask people if they would like to join and there you have it, you have your own unofficial group.

How do I join?
It is so simple and so easy! Head over to our Website (http://www.getstomped.com/register.php) and register there, fill out an application form and thats it! You will receive an email when your application status changes. You may also be asked to be interviewed on Teamspeak incase your application is too hard to believe :)

The register page has been fixed, I accidently forgot to generate new CAPTCHA keys.

New feature on the forums that is available to all those who sign up, also if you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask, fire away!

22-12-2011, 11:22
We will begin to prepare for the game, as the closed beta is out now, open beta will be out in about a month I'd say.

23-01-2012, 02:48
670 Unique views, 25 users registered, 3 teams ready to go, whats not to love? We are organised, and prepared.

17-03-2012, 03:26
Bumping thread + We have all 5 teams full and 80+ users now. We are moving along well and it would be stupid to miss this!



We have switched to the new CSS theme if its not already state you know now.
The new Team format has been implemented.
There is no longer a maximum limit on how many teams there are.
Team leaders now have a lot more power.
Teams are now able to compete against one another
And of course a lot of new admins shtuffs for us :)

As always, you know where to apply. If you are interested. Dont miss out.

27-04-2012, 02:45
New Video has been added.

06-07-2012, 10:14
No one is more excited for the release than us, well, there probably are a few people but nonetheless we are pretty damn excited, join us on the road to release by applying today!

15-07-2012, 15:19
Final beta weekend soon! If you want to hang about with us on Gandara you are more than welcome, you will always find us in the Mists :)

27-07-2012, 02:44
Hope you all enjoyed the beta, we certainly did, couple of new features on the site, a few new faces and a few kicks to some old ones. Looking forward to what's ahead!

11-08-2012, 01:38
Enjoying the stress test? Come and have a go with us, join us on TS and well, get involved :) Teams are filling up so dont miss out!

17-08-2012, 17:51
A week left until release! Last chance to join before teams are filled and ready to start stomping!

This thread is officially reopened due to the changes in the rules.

23-09-2012, 01:22
Almost a month gone! Man this has gone quick. Be sure to catch up with us and check us out with a simple search on Google or YouTube!

19-10-2012, 12:46
All teams are preparing for the paid tournaments! Get ready to watch us rise!