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04-12-2011, 20:47
Greetings to all,

On behalf of the guild, I am proud to present to you…Unlimited.

Keep in mind as you read that all of the leaders who put this guild together are full-time professional adults with families, friends, and other real life commitments/responsibilities. While our aim is to find people who already have a great deal of confidence in their PvP abilities, we do not expect this game to become “life.”

Guild Philosophy
For some, the overall enjoyment of the online gaming experience is amplified by the company they keep, to the point where it trumps the game’s content itself. Unlimited is dedicated to building a guild around the quality of players we invite, rather than the need to be the most or best “anything”. That’s not to say that our practices will not include a competitive edge; in fact, we see ourselves in the top tiered PvP ranks of Guild Wars 2. Unlimited members are players who seek to explore the extent of their ability and perform beyond them. Steady progression and skill improvement are important, parallel to community relations. Being skillful at something should not be a license to put others down, rather to be a leader among peers to help steer them toward the same achievement you have reached.

Guild Expectations - Our full code of conduct can be found here (http://www.ugmrz.com/content.php?15). Some key points:

Be active and participate.
Be mature, be friendly, remain open-minded, and excel in a progressive environment that aims for PvP excellence.
Love the Challenge
Value and respect fellow players – We want people who enjoy the company of others and consider “game friends” an important piece to their online gaming experience.
Play within all ethical guidelines of gaming set forth by common sense and the Guild Wars 2 EULA

Breaking Borders - Server Unity
We are not "The stuck-up Elite". Unlimited will strive to improve the gaming experience of its members as well as the overall server community. WvWvW offers a wonderful opportunity for guilds to combine their PvP efforts and we will take every moment we can to work on our relations with the server to ensure that we are all successful.

We’re Not Just PvP!
Just because PvP is our focus does not mean we will not appreciate the PvE content that Guild Wars 2 has to offer. With the same vigor, we will approach and dominate PvE content.

Are you interested?
There is still plenty of time for people to look for guilds, so we won’t ask you to join us. Rather, take a look at us, join us on our forum/teakspeak and get to know us. Find out why Unlimited is not only a guild that will intrigue you and want to follow, but one that you’ll want to roll with on the release of Guild Wars 2.

Website: http://www.ugmrz.com
Teamspeak3: ugmrz.com

Have questions?

Visit the website and ask away on our forum, private message me, or drop an email to our leaders: leaders@ugmrz.com

Thanks for reading.

Update (1/22/2012): Unlimited has gone international!

As things had gotten underway, and Unlimited began to take shape, the majority of our members have been North American. Our tag on fansites such as this one have been labeled "[NA]" to boot. Undergoing a recent growth spurt we have taken on members outside of the North American bracket and have decided it's time to shred away the "[NA]" tag. Our doors were never closed to those outside the North American circuit, however, we've just not had such vested interest shown until now. So with our new members from Europe we push out of our norm and are besting international lines.

Our intention is now to fill that bracket of time with international players, and North American players who play during the set times that someone from the GMT time zones will be participating. To be very clear, we are not initiating an international side to Unlimited. On the contrary we are looking to only expand our horizons. The international population will mesh just the same into our community, our family, as anyone from North America would. We are strongly opposed to segregation within our ranks, thus those who join us from across the seas will take up arms with us under one banner, "Unlimited".

We encourage anyone, from anywhere, looking for a guild and considering Unlimited to take the time to speak with us personally as the number of spots is filling up; don't miss the opportunity to be a part of something competitive, team (family) oriented, and dedicated to excellence in Guild Wars 2.

Update 3/3/12:
Unlimited is forming an alliance, but what makes the alliance we're trying to create unique?

You may not know this, but Unlimited was created by random individuals with a shared vision of a guild that could approach competitive PvP with an edge that does not rely on the constraints of a guild designated formally as a "hardcore PvP". The success of our endeavor is clear through our members, who share that vision with us, and eagerly await Guild Wars 2.

This approach to creating a guild is one that we hope to utilize in the formation of an alliance; bring random guilds together that have a shared vision and common goals. Among these principles is the understanding that Guild Wars 2 brings a whole new perspective to competitive gaming; no longer is it the success of an individual guild that should be the focus of attention. Rather, the success of an entire server rests in the unity between those guilds and the members of the community.

Unlimited continues to follow its principles and seeks to create an alliance that will resonate positivity within its server community. We will not falter in our beliefs of what is important and ally with guilds because we believe their group will bring us success. We will not compromise our goals by allying with guilds with no purpose and no direction.

We hope that every guild out there is looking for allies, as this should be the way of guilds in Guild Wars 2. We believe that there are no individuals who will make or break a server. We believe that there are no "hero guilds" that will run servers and dominate the WvWvW scene. We know, that now is the time for everyone to begin their search and find guilds with similar values and join forces to help promote the server unity that is necessary for everyone's' success.

Perhaps Unlimited is the guild you've been looking for. We invite you to join us now, as a member among our ranks, or to help form this alliance through which we will make the server something to talk about, not our guilds something to talk about.

21-04-2012, 15:59
On April 15, 2012, Unlimited held its third guild meeting. As usual, the leaders had the intention of keeping the meeting brief; to the point and with little off-topic discussion so people could go on their ways. The meeting focused on the status of the guild/recent strides as well as an open discussion of important topics that may impact the future of the guild as we approach beta, and into release.

No forum thread was posted declaring a mandatory meeting on said date and time. At most, the normal header read: "While we urge you to attend, we understand people have work and other obligations. Please do your best to be there." The meeting welcomed a bit over 3/4 of the guild's population through the evening, with a majority present the entire duration. The meeting lasted 2.25 hours with fluid open discussion promoted by the membership rather than the leaders. Even after adjournment, members continued these discussions with each other and the leadership, all with one goal in mind: the betterment of the guild. Crucial decision-making for the entire guild became a shared discussion through which the leadership was able to acquire valuable insight from the members to further their own discussions.

This is what it means to be in Unlimited. Our members are hand-selected, one by one, for the purpose of housing individuals with admirable personalities, experienced minds (in life and the gaming world), and commitment to their fellow members and a community beyond their own. It's hard to believe that any kind of meeting can be enjoyable, but even when we are serious, our time shared is enjoyable...invaluable. The other 1/4 of the guild who did not make the meeting anxiously awaited the upload of the meeting recording. The self-proclaimed guild scribe included, who without prompting, diligently listened to the notes, and prepared a summary for all (Props to you Ashy!).

We are more than capable gamers with proven histories. We are friends to the community beyond our own. We are ready for Guild Wars 2. We are Unlimited.

Nearly at our roll-cap, the time to look, is now. http://www.ugmrz.com

30-05-2012, 12:57
It's finally upon us! BWE2 has been announced and Unlimited can't wait to get back into the game. In the first BWE, Unlimited took to the battlefield with the intensity promised by the members to the community.

We've decided to reopen our recruitment doors and invite others to join our close-knit family to follow our determination further down the path we've become very comfortable on. We will continue to use the same level of scrutiny as we being to recruit again; ensuring that the constitution of each new member is of the highest standard, proven in worth, and capable of helping push Unlimited, as well as the entire server we roll on, forward.

We don't encourage you to rush and apply, nor register on our forum. Rather, we invite you to come speak with us and learn about the guild and who we are, straight for the mouths of our members, let alone the leadership. Everyone here knows what we're about, and you don't need a leader to tell you. The relationships that have been formed on TeamSpeak, our forum, and in "time-passing games" strengthen bonds needed for intense and competitive play. We implore our guild members and the passersby in the community to make and strengthen these connections daily. Only after you've learned what we're about, and the kind of family you can potentially be a part of, do we recommend you join us.

We’ve done our very best to put together a group of highly skilled, competitive players; we’ve done one hell of a job as a guild. With the BWE’s coming and going, release is on its way. Now is the time to find your niche, your ideal community, your place to call home during the time ahead of us.

Arenanet has placed an incredible game at our feet. Do you have what it takes to make the most of it?

30-06-2012, 14:26
Now that the Guild Wars 2 release date has been announced, the time to find brothers in arms is running out. Here's why you should check out Unlimited if you haven't already:

Activity: Since Unlimited began recruiting, all members have been actively playing games together and getting to know one another on the guild forum/Teamspeak. There are no strangers and new members are welcomed immediately and by all.

Personality: We have lots of it; the members are mature but laid-back with a thirst for prominent PvP achievement

Experience: Our members have gone through a detailed application process to ensure that no one falls below our expectations and that upon release, are ready and able to move the guild forward.

Community: We do not carry elitist attitudes; our goals are shared with peer groups, and we expect to share our determination throughout the server we roll.

Discipline: We are organized and precise with our actions in-game. The word "zerg" is not in our strategic vocabulary.

Visit our Website for More: http://www.ugmrz.com

Allegiance to our cause, Determination toward victory, Domination over our enemies, and Perseverance through strife.

15-07-2012, 16:46
Join Unlimited (http://www.ugmrz.com) and The Titan Alliance (http://www.titanalliance.net) in the 3rd Beta Weekend Event.

Learn how a guild that was created specifically for Guild Wars 2 can hold its own on the battlefield, united with, and fighting against, organized PvP Guilds that have been playing together for years.

Experience unity within a guild to the point that you know every other person you are playing with, their play-style and what their unique contribution is, to both the battlefield and the team atmosphere.

Discover what it's like to play hard and succeed in organized, competitive PvP, without forfeiting the good times to some crazed leaders who believe that louder and longer they scream at you, the better you'll do.

Unlimited offers a unique experience thanks to the contributions of the individuals who make up the guild. It's time you found your home. Join us for BWE3 and see what you've been missing (http://www.ugmrz.com/showthread.php?1789-Join-us-for-BWE3).

03-08-2012, 00:30
We're coming to the final weeks before the launch we've all so eagerly awaited. It's never been more pressing of a time to secure a place in a guild you want to call home for the long future this game has in store for us. Unlimited offers a guild that is guaranteed to sustain itself through release and a place one can easily call home.

Where We Stand
Perhaps you are unaware, but Unlimited formed in November of 2011, and officially went public in December 2011. In just 9 months, Unlimited has grown, focused on Guild Wars 2 in an effort to create a unique team of capable gamers who truly appreciate the company they keep, while consistently focusing on the competitive nature of gaming. Since our inception and formal opening, Unlimited has grown steadily, carefully selecting members who contribute themselves as more than a number to the guild. Our activity is seen daily on Teamspeak, as well as on our forum which has erupted into a constant line of communication between members.

Expanding Our Recruitment Focus
With our foundation set, Unlimited is pleased to expand our recruitment focus so that we can invite additional members who are capable of standing at arms with us, but lack the time commitment that we expect from our core. Unlimited will not now, nor ever, compromise its intentions of quality of quantity, nor will we allow growth to the point of members becoming numbers. However, we do realize the potential for members with limited availability to become more available over time, and vice versa for our current members. We will closely monitor our numbers and group cohesiveness to ensure that members of this rank do not feel over-underwhelmed as they mix into the fine core we have.

Want to know more?
Read our charter and learn what we are about. Jump into our Teamspeak (Details to follow) and get to know the unique personalities of Unlimited. You will be welcomed as a friend, regardless of who you are, or what your intentions (Careful of Quenta...he bites!). Even if Unlimited is not the right guild for you, you will be welcomed, but we hope if it is, you'll check out our recruitment process (http://www.ugmrz.com/content.php?29-Application-Process) toss in an application (http://www.ugmrz.com/forms.php?do=form&fid=2).

Teamspeak Server Address: ugmrz.com (no port required) - Or Click Here to Join us in Teamspeak! (ts3server://ugmrz.com)


02-10-2012, 17:06
Update: Unlimited has a new home and is expanding!
Due to the retirement of the Titan Alliance, Unlimited has chosen to transfer servers to Fort Aspenwood where the WvW queues are much more manageable. We are looking for new recruits who are active, talented, and dedicated to join us immediately to continue WvW domination from our new home.

Launch has come and gone and Unlimited has made its mark on the Guild Wars 2 community. As we continue our success in WvW, we find ourselves being hunted on the battlefield by more and more foes every day. For that very reason we are starting our post launch recruitment efforts. We are looking for people who are hard working and dedicated to domination in WvW, while maintaining a close knit, mature gaming community.

From Unlimited, you can expect a friendly environment that knows when it's time to get down to business. Expect to be part of a finely tuned machine with excellent coordination that knows how to win.

If you have what it takes to be part of something amazing, come by and check us out. Read through our charter here (http://www.ugmrz.com/content.php?15-Charter) and we invite you to join us in Teamspeak and get a feel for our community.
Website: Unlimited - Home (http://ugmrz.com)
Teamspeak 3: ugmrz.com

If you have questions feel free to check out the forums or hop on Teamspeak and ask a member. You can also look for our Recruitment Lieutenants in game:

On our first night on Fort Aspenwood we decided to retake Garrison with a minimal number of people. Here is how it ended:


We look forward to playing with everyone on Fort Aspenwood!