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25-12-2011, 20:12
Who are we and what are our goals?

Rogue Element Gaming is a brand new International Esports Club. We're using Europe as our location and will be using GMT+1 times for our Practice & Tournament schedule. We're currently focusing on the Structured PvP mode in the upcoming game Guild Wars 2. REG is not only a guild planning to play ladder&tournaments but also aim at making a living out of this. We are already aware of today's offers when it comes to big prize tournaments in Guild Wars 2, but we still believe that Structured PvP will become a successful Esport with the time and are therefore willing to give this 100% dedication. Our Ultimate goal is to travel around the world compete with the best, make a living out of something we love and give ourself an experience we never will forget.

Rogue Element Gaming will also be working towards the goal of become a professional Esports Organization with both sponsors and economy which could assist us with sending our players around the world to compete in big prestigeful tournaments and series.

We are planning to practice atleast 5 hours everyday. A more specific schedule will come closer to the release. But you should expect atleast 5 hours.

What are we looking for?

Rogue Element Gaming is looking for the perfect mix of skilled and competitive players.

In order to find this perfect mix of players have we set up several requirements that will be expected fulfilled. The picked players will also need to sign a contract shortly before our practice starts which will happen between beta and release of Guild Wars 2. Here is a list of our current requirements:

*You must be 18 years and magisterial.

*You must look at this as a job and work just as hard as the rest in the team in order to reach our goal.

*You must have a lifestyle that supports our goals and practice hours.

*You must speak, write and understand the english language (you won't have time to look up in your dictionary when the game is on)

*You must be able to travel to tournaments no matter where they are located.

This also means that you would need to have an updated passport available and enough money for the trip.

*You must be highly motivated and should assist the clan in motivating co-members.

*You must be a person who likes to interact with other people and are not afraid of calling your teamates your new best friends. (No, this doesn't mean that you'll have to get ridd of your old).

*You must be easy to reach by communication. (phone, skype, messanger.)

*You must have an up to date computer that would not have any fps or lagg issues.

What are we NOT looking for?

*Self obsessed people who believe they are in charge of everything. Example: (Going out on cinema during practice since he/she is "more important" than the rest of us. Leaving the practice randomly because he/she couldn't perform or wanted to watch a movie. Refuse to join voice communication server because he/she cba to listen to his/her teamates and would rather listen to music while playing).

*People who got issues with their computer.

*People who spends more than a day to replace a keyboard/mouse/headset with something that atleast works untill the new tools arrive. We really can't afford cancelation of a week of practice because someone got broken equipment.

*People who's not willing to play another profession in order to create a good counter built for a team. (We will assign 3 professions to each member where 1 will be prime character and the 2 others will be combination fillers).

*Who are not interested in learning the game inside out.

*People who gets issues with their familly by following our schedule.

*People who don't have the patience to watch through replays and analyze the match.

Why should you pick Rogue Element Gaming?

*Because we can actually offer you a regular spot in our team without rotations. But you must be able to be there at all time, unless there are unusual circumstances that simply makes it impossible.

*You get to become a part of a 5man core team

*You will get a few new friends.

*A team that are planning to travel around for tournaments.

*A team with good structure

*A team that will also try to become an Esports Organization which could give the team benefits.

*A team that are seriously thinking of making a living out of Structured PvP.

We are currently 3/5 players.

If you have any questions concerning any of these requirements or any question at all.

Please add; everdark47 on Skype or send us a mail to rogueelementgaming@gmail.com

You can find an application form at http://rogueelement-gaming.com