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25-01-2012, 10:48
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"We are Thieves, we are Knights, we are Pillagers, we are Protectors. We are the Cartel."

We are the Ashenfold Cartel. We do not align ourselves with any nation or guild - we seek to survive the onslaught of the Dragons while bettering ourselves in turn. All may join the Cartell; all may earn protection and respect within the Ashenfold...

Contacts: Shadowedsin, Toxa Vanschiver, PeriasGift

How we are known depends on where you stand...

There are many guilds within Tyria, so many that few would ever care to glance at their dealings. To the Law-Abiding Citizen there is simply the Trade Union or the Union, an enigmatic investment firm said to be located in both Divinity’s Reach and Hoelbrak. From their carefully placed investments the Union runs three companies each focusing on a particular object and purpose for their employers. To the Criminal there is the Cartel, an esoteric syndicate that moves throughout Tyria seeking to play the game of thrones and push things in its favor. What both sides to not understand is that this is simply the Ashenfold.

To Those Who Know Too Much the Cartel is a Society said to follow the motto of “Survive, Adapt, Prosper”. A simple code emblazoned on their lips as they aim to not only survive the Elder Dragons, but take what they can and turn it in their favor. Members of the Cartel may be villains, heroes, savants or simply soldiers. What unites them all is the notion of survival and the prosperity that comes in adapting to times haunted by Dragons.

General FAQ

What is the Ashenfold Cartel?
The Ashenfold Cartel is a roleplaying guild and community founded with the intent to roleplay on Guild Wars 2.

What does the Ashenfold name mean?
Ashenfold, as a name, was chosen with the word “ashen” to refer to the color gray’s neutral stance. The word “fold” was chosen to mean members within the Cartel are “all inclusive”. We chose the word “Cartel”, meaning a formal agreement between competing firms to emphasize the guilds internal conflict and changin storyline.

What type of Rp guild are you?
We classify ourselves as a community roleplaying guild, a living and breathing in-character community. We require a level of in-character reaction to what you do in game as a means to facilitate random occurrences of Rp.

How are you structured?
Our guild has an active OOC Structure and a separate IC Structure. This means that a player no matter what rank they are within the guild OOC hierarchy they always have a chance through dedication and good Rp to see their character rise to power. Now include the possibility of several different players and their characters gaming for the throne and you have the basis of what we call Dynamic Roleplay.

For this reason we also maintain a separate OOC Structure which represents the management of our community. Unlike other guilds where the Guild Leader and Officers hold power, the Officers of Ashenfold are a voluntary staff chosen to run and administer the community.

What is “Dynamic Roleplay”?
Dynamic Roleplay is Roleplay based upon the simple concept of action equating to consequence. For every action committed within the Ashenfold there is an equal and opposite reaction. Someone rises to power within the Cartel and through their actions carves out a name for themselves. At the same time they might end up alienating everyone and lose power. The result of their actions is completely up in the air as players are encourage to challenge fate and shape the guild through their decisions.

How do you plan to accomplish this?
We will accomplish dynamic change and evolution through the pusage of player driven leadership In Character and by carefully monitored Game Master storyline events. See event questions for more information.

Are you beginner friendly?
Yes, very. Our guild has its own Character Creation Guide and writes several blog entries about Roleplay. We do not reject people from our community and we try our best to help people increase their skill in Roleplay.

We also publish several guides on the subject of roleplay and lore to help newcomers get use to the world of Guild Wars 2.

Why do you have an age limit?
We require a base age of seventeen years or older, because of possible violence and content that might occur in our roleplay. We are not a cyber guild, but we do have elements you would find in an R-rated movie. You may see a lone hero take a beating or a simple villager assassinating a villain. Because of this we require the same base age cinema theaters require for seeing an R-rated movie.

How important is PvP and PvE to you?
Because of the dynamic nature of Guild Wars 2 and the systems built into it, we plan to use PvP (sPvP and WvW) and PvE as a means of enhancing the Roleplay experience. Not only do we wish for an existing presence in World Versus World, we hope to excel in both fields competitively. See event questions for more information.

What is your guild’s home-server?
Our home-server is currently Tarnished Coast. With Stormbluff Isle as our chosen overflow server.

Your guild seems pretty big, won’t I get lost in the crowd?
No, our guild is centered around member voice and player driven storyline. For this reason, although our population is quite large, we actively do our best to include all members who are willing to participate in events or just play with other members. Our guild is very friendly and we don’t limit you for two weeks before you can get into the Roleplay.

General Information

The Ashenfold was founded as a neutral organization that would hold no alignment except for that created by the membership through their actions alone. For the past two years we have continued to not only iterate our own ideas, but create a guild where members have a full say and can truly shape the In Character destiny of the Cartel itself! We are a community of roleplayers who seek to create and perpetuate dynamic Rp in the Guild Wars Universe in the spirit of Guild Wars 2.

Our Stance on Rp Styles

We welcome all styles and forms of character in the RP spectrum. Instead of lashing people to a singular guild storyline we encourage an organic evolution of story through action and reaction. Magically inclined roleplayers, Game of Thrones fans, adventurers, mercs and all the like find a home in the Cartel.

Guild Features
Separate OOC and IC Structure - Our IC and OOC guild structure is entirely separate meaning you as a player can become the IC leader of your own faction if your character can play the game of thrones!

Player Driven and Player Designed - Entrench yourself or ignore the politics of the Cartel as you have a direct choice via democratic voting to decide the leadership of the Grandmaster (Cartel's IC leader). Us player driven factions called Societies to change the Cartel's laws and structure!

RP Hubs and Businesses - Work in the upscale Social Club and Spa, or as criminal in the Gambling Den. Either being completely separate meaning Good, Evil and all in between can exist in the same guild!.

Stability and Dedicated Staff - Ashenfold has existed since 2009 and was founded for GW2!

Dynamic Rp and Roles - Ashenfold evolves with each choice of the members, and with our Role System you can define your character how you want! Want to be a bartender go for it? A merc awesome! An evil scientist mastermind, bring them on in! Through our diverse cast we tell fantastic stories and see our world evolve!

Large but tight Knit - Our community is diverse and large, but we haven't lost that small guild feel! Everyone is welcomed right away, given a seat in our community and welcomed like an old friend!

General Requirements:
Applicants must be 17 years or older. Exemptions are granted upon request and thorough consideration (our about page covers this).
Mature individuals who can abide our guild rules and accept the consequences of their actions in Rp.
We are an ESL friendly guild, we just ask that people have grasp of the basics of English Grammar and Spelling.

Guided Daggers
25-01-2012, 10:56
Sounds rather interesting. I'd like to note that certain images on your website don't load up, though. (About, Lore, Structure on the main page). I'll read up on some information though :)

03-03-2012, 01:59
After many hours of work and writing the new update is here!


With the March Update we introduce new lore including the Controller Allegiance of the Lore! Our business system is now fully in swing allowing for the creation of hub supporting RP which we aspire too! Finally we are moving towards synchronizing with our wiki as we introduce the new Unified biography!


This is a quick update on what to see next in the future!

Our forum themes and front site theme have changed! We've adopted a cleaner more professional look to make the site more accessible :) The forums can now be found @ http:// http:///forums.ashenfold.com (http://forums.ashenfold.com/).

On a slightly different note our next Lore and Content update will include the follow:
-New Lore about the Sects
-The official dictionary of the Ashen Cipher Language
-Updated Hooks and information for new members.
-New NPCs profiles :)
-New Human Lore 101 Blog!
-Much more :)

Our events officer is also planning a new series of workshops for those interested in expanding their knowledge of GW2 Lore and Rping in the universe of Guild Wars. More information on that can be found on our events page @ http://ashenfold.com/?page_id=185.

18-04-2012, 23:42
Hey everyone here is our weekly pre-beta update!

We have set up a plan for the beta meaning we are moving forward with two events we will be holding. Plus expect a blog and several videos from our news feeds.

More information can be found here (http://forums.ashenfold.com/showthread.php?tid=604)
Ashenfold Beta Events
Ashenfold is happy to offer two events this beta weekend interested in those wish to explore Guild Wars 2 and what it has to offer for the Rp community!

No Rper Left Behind!
In response (http://www.guildwars2guru.com/forum/no-fan-left-behind-team-t36890.html) to the event being sponsored by Team Legacy (http://teamlegacy.net/index/) and Tales of Tyria (http://www.guildwars2guru.com/forum/tales-tyria-t22764.html) Ashenfold is opening its mumble servers for the April beta weekend! We are calling this event "No Rper left Behind" to signify the inspiration from the "No Fan left Behind" event. However, our event will focus on exploring the game not only from a PvE and PvP perspective, but also from a roleplay perspective. For this reason we are not only opening our mumble servers to our allies, but to all of those who might be interested in the game and those wish to learn more about it!

During the weekend our mumble server will be active 24/7, and anyone wishing to join us is free to join at their leisure! We only ask that you refrain from offensive or violent language and try not to disrupt any discussion going on during the beta. Information about our server can be found here (http://forums.ashenfold.com/showthread.php?tid=490).

This event will start one hour before the beta weekend begins so we have time to deal with any technical issues that might arise!

The Aekart Foundation Banquet
Ashenfold is holding this event on Sunday, April 29th @ 3pm PST / 7pm GMT / 9pm CET on the Tarnished Coast server.

-Written upon a poster found all over Divinity's Reach-

Dear Sirs and Madams,

You are cordially invited to an open air banquet being sponsored by the Aekart Family Foundation in the central plaza. There will be drinks and free food to all comers! A time of dancing and merrymaking to be had. Just make sure to tell the bouncers the word "Aekart" and you will be free to join us!

All roleplayers and those interested in roleplay are invited to partake in one of the first party events thrown in Guild Wars 2!

We also were recently mentioned here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7Qzvoa4kVk&feature=player_embedded#t=1961s) by Tales of Tyria on youtube!

23-05-2012, 03:20
Mid-Mady Update:
-Our new update can be found here (http://ashenfold.com/?p=333)!

Our new content includes:
-New piece of technology, the Signet rings of the Cartel.
-New secret artifacts, the Rings of Relocation.
-The ever increasing guide on the Charr by our own events officer,Glaive.
-New phrases in Ashic.
-And we've revamped to help unify the sects even more!
-Finally we are conclude the first part of our ongoing story saga, the Night of the falling Axe!

04-08-2012, 07:34
Early August Update: The Old Way
Hey everyone! Over the past month the staff of the Ashenfold Cartel has worked away at preparing for the upcoming Early Access and Launch.

Our update includes the follow:
An update in our ongoing player driven plot. The Night of the Falling Ax has ended and new players have arrived current update intoned The Old Way (http://ashenfold.com/august-2012-ashen-word-the-old-way/).
A new simpler tier system (no more high and low) that makes ranking clearer! Note we have updated the concept of Favor so it is clearer how members can raise their own up through Rp and create new stories!
A redux of our business and legality concepts so you can be a simple worker in a social club, or a secretive member of the society of the Cartel!
New roles means new character types!

26-10-2012, 11:38
October Expansion: The Aekart Fall!
So much has been going on in the Ashenfold Cartel these last few months and because of that we've been kind of quiet. After a bit of silence it is time to update everyone as to the goings on of the community!

With our last update we slimmed down the Sects from Five to three to make it easier to manage. After this last expansion we focused on making things clearer and cleaning up some confusion that had arose over the past month.

Here is a full list of the updated features:
The expansion includes the full release of the newly founded The Trust (http://ashenfold.wikia.com/wiki/The_Trust) Sect which was established in the Aekart Fall (http://ashenfold.com/the-aekart-fall-a-short-story/) short story.
We have updated our In Character Structure (http://ashenfold.com/test/2-the-sects/) to feature the new Grandmaster position. Grandmasters are elected on Quarterly schedule elections which are more fully explained here (http://ashenfold.wikia.com/wiki/Electing_a_Grandmaster).
Participate in open ended weekly to monthly player driven events called assignments (http://forums.ashenfold.com/showthread.php?tid=2483). Where the outcome and what happens is based on the members themselves! Assignments often Rping out dynamic events, doing community based Rp investigation, missions into the mists, delving into dungeons and much more!
And our new bi-weekly Initiation Events (http://forums.ashenfold.com/showthread.php?tid=2484) are proving to be a good source to RP people into the guild!

Our Timeline has also been updated with recent events from the past few weeks that have shaped the structure and power players of the Cartel.