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23-02-2012, 18:10
Guild: Tainted
Website: www.tainted.co
Region: Europe
Language: English
Time zone: GMT
Focus: PVP
Recruitment: Open, all professions
Voice comm: TS3


About us:

Tainted is a hardcore PVP orientated MMO gaming community with a strong focus on non-instanced world PVP especially. That being said we do not shy away from challenging PVE content and we intend to fully explore all content whichever game we are playing has to offer. Our core is a tight-knit group of seasoned gamers and veterans of multiple MMOs ranging from DAOC, WoW and Guild Wars to Warhammer, Aion, Rift and more.

We are a mature group that range from business owners to university students and we take commitment to our guild very seriously as with any MMO teamwork is the way to success. While our members first duty is to the guild and we feel most comfortable working as an independent force on the fringe we do realize the importance of maintaining positive relationships with likeminded guilds and the general community of our server to achieve a common goal.

We do have high expectations from our members and we trust them to carry themselves with dignity in all areas of the game. Being Tainted means representing us well at all times. With this kind of commitment, we would hope that being Tainted will also come to mean being the best.

We also understand that this is a game and so to help the discipline and chain of command seem fun we have a light RP pirate theme running through our guild. This doesn't mean we are slack RP'ers but more trained killers! We could be a roaming rabble one minute and a deadly trained crew the next!


Tainted was formed in September of 2008 in Warhammer Online on the Destruction faction. The majority of our stay in Warhammer was spent on the highly competitive Karak-Norn server. With daily premade groups and full scale RVR warbands we took pride in being the most active guild in PVP across both factions as well as having our members top leaderboards in numerous categories. While high-end PVE was lackluster in Warhammer we still performed weekly clears of all relevant dungeons mainly as a means to an end to help gear up lower ranked members.

With the decline of Warhammer in early 2011 our focus turned towards Rift and upon its release we formed the guild on the Defiant side on Whitefall server which was the chosen destination of many known PVP guilds from Warhammer, Aion and other MMOs. Tainted soon thrived and became known as the most active and successful PVP guild on the server with many of our members achieving PVP related world and server firsts. Apart from being highly successful in PVP we’ve also regularly beaten all the relevant PVE content.

However, the lack of attention to PVP content from the developers soon became apparent so we decided to leave Rift behind and focus on other things. In December of 2011 we decided to join our friends from Warhammer and Rift in SW:TOR. We established the guild upon Star Wars release on the Republic side of Tomb of Freedon Nadd server mainly as a pit stop until Guild Wars 2 releases which we hope will be our home for years.

Current games:

The bulk of our members are currently exploring the The Old Republic on the Tomb of Freedon Nadd PVP server. We also have a small guild in Guild Wars mainly for sorting out Hall of Monument points in anticipation for GW2 and our Warhammer team still operates and is currently focusing on small scale PVP and scenarios. Some of our members are also taking a break from MMOs and exploring other genres or sorting out real life stuff.

Our goals for Guild Wars 2:

Our main goal for Guild Wars 2 is to be well known and respected force in WvWvW and a major contributor to the success of our world. If the Mists turn out to be a popular and well implemented part of the game that is where most of our effort will be aimed towards. We have experienced PVP team leaders and tacticians whose job will be to run and organize medium to large sized groups on a daily basis. For this purpose we expect to launch with about 50 members as we feel this number is optimal to ensure a decent sized pool of players to keep daily activities up and running.

Apart from WvWvW we plan to organize highly competitive tournament teams to represent the guild in structured PVP. These teams will be handpicked and will operate on their own schedule. We are hoping to achieve a good spread of professions and will encourage our members into becoming proficient in multiple classes and play styles so as to easily keep up with the meta-game.

We will be participating in PVE content as well with dungeon groups and larger groups focused on dynamic events especially in the early game but our main focus will remain PVP.


We are looking for mature, open minded and dedicated players that share our passion for PVP to fill our ranks. Our members must have a team focused mindset and willingness to learn, adapt and follow directions. We have a laid-back atmosphere in our day to day activities but we expect our members to know when to focus on the action. Good friendly humor is always encouraged but any type of drama will not be tolerated, there are special procedures for dealing with any sort of conflict members might have with each other.

With that in mind potential members will have to meet the following requirements:

- 21+ years old
- decent computer and internet connection
- 20h+ per week playtime
- participating in guild events
- participating on our forums
- TS3 + microphone

Visit our website (http://www.tainted.co) to apply.

01-08-2012, 13:24
Just a quick bump to let you know that recruitment is still open and we're looking for a few more players to join the crew before launch. So if organized WvW is your thing do check us out at www.tainted.co