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Jekyll Jonze
29-02-2012, 20:43

Welcome, dear reader. This is the leader of the Thievery Corporation speaking. (Wait, is it okay to call myself "Leader" as long as we're just two people? ...OF COURSE IT IS! Leader hath spoken!)

You know what? I don't want to kid you, dear reader. You don't want to waste your precious time, I don't want to waste your precious time, so let me clarify something right from the get-go: In the following couple of paragraphs, whenever I speak of "we" as a guild, I actually mean "the two of us".
As of now, we're just two people looking for cool guys and gals to experience GW2 with. We don't have a big guild hierarchy, no fancy alliance, no complex recruiting criteria, no guild parties, lotteries or what-have-you. (Wow... starting to pity myself a bit. Keep cool, keep your composure, you can DO this!) Oh, we do have a fancy website, though! Just sayin'.

So this is the deal: At the moment, following all those GW2 announcements, we can barely keep our drool from cascading down our chins like the friggin' Niagara Falls, however, trying as we might, the game's just not as fun with just two players patting each other's shoulders. We need COMPANY. And that's where YOU come into play! (Imagine my handsome finger pointing in your general direction, if you will.)

If you call yourself a nice, mature, easy-going and/or all around pleasant person to hang out with, if you enjoy PvE and the occassional trip to PvP-Land and WvW-Ville, if you are looking for a cozy family of fellow players instead of feeling like you are a member of some faceless corporation, if you like participating in guild activities and events without feeling forced to do so, and if you are European or alternatively non-European with a screwed up (I mean... unconventional, heh) gaming schedule... if you are all of the above, then why not send a PM our way?

Oh, right, you might want to know a little more about US before signing up, wouldn't you, dear reader? Well, let me elaborate:
We are a friendly mid-20s couple from Berlin, Germany, with 2+ (her) and 6+ (that'd be me) years of GW experience. We've had our fair share of fun with GW1, but wouldn't go as far as to call ourselves "pros" or "experts". We're just, you know... gamers. She's a photographer, I studied Japan Studies. We like breakfast cereals for dinner, long walks on the beach, and WHOCARESWEJUSTWANNAPLAYGW! ...Sorry, don't know where that came from. Excuse my rude outbreak, dear reader.

Anyways, in the slight chance that you actually don't feel completely bored/enraged/disgusted/repelled by this sorry excuse of a guild recruitment thread, we'd be more than happy to hear from you, dear reader! Either send a PM right here in the forums, or you can also contact us in-game (that is, GW1 in-game, obviously). My name is Arawn Bladebreaker, and my dear co-leader goes by the name of Cyril Eventide. Or via the website below!

To see our awesome, breath-taking, god-blinding webpage, please go through here: http://thievery-corporation.enjin.com