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Shadowlord Pain
08-03-2012, 18:25
PainTrain is recruiting both new and experienced players alike! We are looking for quality people to fill out our roster. Visit us at http://ptx-guild.com Here's a little bit about us.

Pain Train is a competitive, organized and democratic based PvX guild made up of veteran gamers located throughout the United States and Canada. Our staff group is primarily over the age of 25 with an average of eight years gaming and P.C. experience each. Consisting of everything from retired professional gaming CAL-I / WSVG champions to gaming mod and application developers. Our guild is skilled, seasoned, fun to game with and be around. We invite you to check out our communications to get to know us a little better. Most of the time we can be found on our Teamspeak server. If you’d like to join us, please do so.

In Pain Train, we take having fun seriously. Our guild focus is about letting the member choose how competitive or casual they would like to be with the games they like to play. The only thing we ask is that our members show consistency in their gaming habits, use the social forms of communications we provide when playing and conversing with us as well as displaying common gaming sense and mutual respect.

We believe that competitive gaming is through strong positive community ethics, member consistency and proper implementation of strategies and techniques. Our commitment to this philosophy allows us to create the highest level of productive output and unity within the guild. We ask that all of our competitive members adhere to these qualities and understand that this is a commitment to our atmosphere.

Gaming is our passion and creating a relaxed, entertaining environment catered to social gaming camaraderie is what we want to provide. We ask that our members maintain a positive ethic and standing within the guild. We plan on a heavy guild event calendar so whenever our members are online we have something planned for them in cooperation with the guild. Our current goals consist of recruitment, leveling, mastering abilities and trade, as well as group PvE, Ops Raiding, PvP/WvW and crafting/ability workshops. Above all, we strive for an organized community while having fun doing it.

We ask that our members maintain a standard of attendance and communication that keeps a healthy guild culture. Being a regular members means being online consistently and staying involved with our activities. All of us work, have families and some of us have social lives outside of gaming. That is perfectly acceptable with us as long as you have a practical balance, playing with us.


• Website
Like any organized guild, our website is the hub for feedback, operations and participation. We ask that member sign up for the website in order to fill out the membership inquiry and be properly placed on the guild membership roster. If you have an Enjin account, you're almost there. Being signed up also gives you access to forums, news and events.

• Teamspeak
We require potential members to have Teamspeak prepared to use during the membership interview process and thereafter anytime they are online and playing with us.. TS helps us teach and convey strategy during guild events, lets us get to know you and you get to know everyone else in the guild and our community. A mic and Teamspeak is required.

Skill Achievements & Contribution
We want all of our members to get the most out of the MMO’s they participate in. We provide lessons and workshops on gaining a competitive edge in the games we play. Guild staff are designated to particular areas of their expertise to provide these assets to our members:

• PvE & Rare Attainment
Understanding how Damage/Control/Support (DCS) vs. the traditional Trinity rotations work in a group, reading game environments, story elements and group questing strategies will be a big part of what we do. Sometimes the best loot and abilities require some searching. We will provide puzzle and rare item attainment tours to those who want to know how to get ahead with their characters.

• Ops Raiding
Keeping our members up to speed on how group operations work and the role they will play is key. Members that have a strong grasp of combat situations and the abilities to deploy them, will be invited to boss and harder content raids on a regular basis. We will also be showing members who wish to participate, how we function through workshops.

• PvP & WvWvW
Competitive Player vs. Player and World vs. World will be a mainstay for PTX within the coming weeks after launch. We will have event coordinators and instructors provide PvP/WvW players the tools and skills they need to stay with the group and play a vital role during PvP sessions..

• Class/Skill/Crafting Abilities
Getting the most of any good MMORPG means understanding the structures from which players benefit from it. We will provide workshops for members who desire a greater understanding of how their character classes and skills work, crafting/gathering/market deployment, game mechanics how to benefit and contribute from them.

Commitment, Communication, Coordination, Positive Ethic. We are PainTrain.

Shadowlord Pain
10-04-2012, 18:32
PainTrain is growing quickly! Our community is expanding and our forums are ON FIRE! We are a very organized guild looking for more players to share this great experience with. We will be covering PvE, PvP, and WvW! If you want to be a part of a good, mature, fun guild, come check us out at http://ptx-guild.com/ You could also hop in our Teamspeak server and chat with both leadership and members. I hope to hear from you soon!

Shadowlord Pain
18-05-2012, 04:30
PainTrain is proud to announce that we are a member of the Ascension Alliance! Our alliance is made up of Team Legacy, Resonance, Edge Gaming, and of course, PainTrain! We are dedicated to dominating for our server in WvWvW gameplay! If you have a guild and have intrests in joining our alliance, please contact one of the guild leaders of our alliance guilds.

PainTrain[PTX] is currently recruiting a few more players for our guild. If you are interested in joining a fun, organized guild with a healthy gaming environment, PTX is the guild for you! Visit our site or stop in our TeamSpeak server and join in on the fun!

Shadowlord Pain
13-06-2012, 02:23
PainTrain had a very successful BWE2!!! PTX and the Ascension Alliance dominated the opposition! We controled 90% or more of the map all 3 days. If that's not complete domination, then I don't know what is! Haha! I'd like to acknowledge both Zander and Blankspace for their efforts in WvW. Blankspace, our WvW Officer, lead and organized our WvW teams and streamed our annihilation of all of the opposing servers from start to finish! Zander, one of our Guild Leaders, led groups and crushed any and every enemy in site on his way to taking objectives. Good job guys!

PainTrain is recruiting players for our PvE side of things as well as for our sPvP and WvW teams! We really take having fun seriously here in PTX. Come see why our members love us and why our enemies hate us. Visit our website and put in a application or stop into our TS server and chat with our members and leadership. You won't be disappointed!

Follow us on Twitter: @PainTrainTX
Follow Blankspace on Twitch: RealBlankspace

Shadowlord Pain
04-07-2012, 16:40
PainTrain will have our recruitment doors open for 3 more weeks! If you're looking to join a fun, friendly, organized, and structured guild, come check us out today! PTX has spots open in both WvW and PvE. Visit our site and put in a application or stop in our TeamSpeak and chat with members and leadership to see if we are what you're looking for. You're more than welcome :)

Shadowlord Pain
09-10-2012, 02:35
PainTrain [PTX] has moved to Fort Aspenwood!!! Join us on our new server and help us dominate the competition! We are now looking for more WvW gamers to add to our ranks. We are a active, mature, competitive guild wanting to add like-minded people to our guild. Visit our website http://ptx-guild.com/ to fill out a application or pst Shadowlord Pain or Nytelight in game.