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13-03-2012, 13:47
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Welcome to the Advocates Of Death we're an Oceanic based guild getting prepared for the launch of Guild Wars 2, we range from casual to hardcore to no life gamers, we are a good looking group of mates who love to play games so ladies are definitely welcome. We're looking for players that we can have allot of fun with and that are serious when the time comes, we wish to expand our guild before the launch so that we are recognised as one of the top guilds.


- A great website to use that has everything your heart desires for an MMO
- Communication- Ventrilo and Mumble whatever your preference
- A fun and friendly environment with players of all styles
- Most of all choice, we don't wish to be one of those hardcore guilds that force you into doing what we want you to do, we want you to explore all aspects of the game and have fun doing it, but also having the option to have a crack at all the hard stuff


If you have any further inquiries about our guild please don't hesitate to ask us, to apply for our guild simply click this link and fill out a short application form >>http://advocatesofdeath.enjin.com/recruitment<<

To contact us you can use this link here >>http://advocatesofdeath.enjin.com/contact << or one of our admins email >>Mrvasaly1@gmail.com<< :grin: