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24-03-2012, 11:58
The Hawke Company is recruiting!


www.HawkeCompany.com (http://www.hawkecompany.com)

In early March 2012, a small community of friends from all across Europe decided to unite once more under a new banner - and under a new game. Not all of them used to play the first Guild Wars, but they all shared one trait: Rampant excitement about the upcoming sequel! Old bounds were reforged, new ones created and they all worked together to create something from scratch - the Hawke Company was born, stronger than ever!

Now we are looking for people to join our community!

What we are

We are a humble community of people who enjoy socialising and playing games together, this is as simple as it gets!

What we will be

Our company is looking to become a well-established member of the Guild Wars 2-community, as well as a successful competetor in both PvE and PvP.

What we stand for

In Hawke Company, we believe in the individuality of our members. While we are looking for new souls to join our ranks we do not wish to become the largest guild on our server, which is why we employ a certain standard when deciding on new members (see "Join Requirements").
We stand for a mature and friendly environment where our members come first.

What we offer

We offer an experienced "full-time admins" staff in command, who will provide all the ressources needed to be a successful community - our own Website with forums and our very own Teamspeak3-server with 32 slots!
Our guild features a complete Constitution (http://www.hawkecompany.com/constitution), which was specifically written to allow a clear insight on how our guild is run.
We bring you a chance to join a fun and unique international selection of members, who would love to welcome you in their midst! We want you to feel like being a part of something instead of merely tagging along!

What we are looking for

We are looking for loyal and active members for our growing guild, who would like to accompany us through the period of waiting for Guild Wars 2 to actually be released. We are looking for more people to socialise and have fun with, to fill our brand-new forums with life and, ultimately, to roam the lands of Guild Wars 2 with!

Join criteria

You must be at least 16 years old
You must register on our page and submit an application
You must use Teamspeak (Microphone not mandatory)
You must adhere to our rules (1 of our constitution)

Join us!

Does any of this sound like something you are looking for? Is the aforementioned criteria not a problem for you?
If so, head straight over to our website at www.hawkecompany.com (http://www.hawkecompany.com), register with your Email-adress and fill out our simple application form ("Join Us! (http://www.hawkecompany.com/join)")! We hope to hear from you soon!

How you can reach us

Questions? Suggestions? Need to talk?

You can reach us by either submitting a ticket through our website's contact form ("Contact Us! (http://www.hawkecompany.com/contact)") or by talking to us on our Teamspeak3 Server with the following IP:

We in Hawke Company are looking forward to welcome new additions to our guild!

Kind regards,

Deathstar, Captain of the Hawke Company

24-04-2012, 17:02
Greetings everyone!

As you all know, the beta event is coming closer each day, it is actually less than one week now until we will be able to play together for the first time. To shorten these days even further, we now have a very own Minecraft server as well!

Our numbers have increased as well, we now are more than 27 players waiting together for the grand opening! If you would like to be a part of our lovely companionship, head over to our website at www.HawkeCompany.com and post an application through the "Join Us!" section!

We also appreciate company on our Teamspeak-server at!

Griff, Lieutenant of Hawke Company

03-05-2012, 11:19
Hello and a happy, belated International Workers' Day to those of you who celebrate it!

It is time for an update again and I am happy to announce that things are going splendidly. Just now we have elections running to choose some more officers to fill our ranks with and the reception has been tremendous! Everyone in Hawke Company is still very excited after getting to play the Beta last week and we are all looking forward to the next event, which just cannot be soon enough.

Have you played the beta? Did you find playing it alone to be boring and uneventful? Give Hawke Company a shot and check us out on www.HawkeCompany.com (http://www.HawkeCompany.com) !

08-06-2012, 15:08
The second big Beta Weekend is finally here and we in Hawke Company are looking forward to breathe in even more of the experience than we did last time.

Playing together is the most enjoyable way to play, which is why we continue to invite people to join our community and prepare for the next events as well as the release.

On this note, we would also like to mention our Grand Competition (http://www.guildwars2forum.com/threads/4117-Grand-Competition-for-a-GW2-Copy-%28By-Hawke-Company%29?p=43330#post43330) - we are giving away a free copy of Guild Wars 2! The ultimate chance for those of you who still have not gotten around to buying it yet.

Have fun playing the beta - and if you are not in have fun watching the football European Championships starting this weekend!

18-06-2012, 09:28
The second Beta Weekend is over since Monday, the servers are closed. This does not mean we have become inactive, though. A large array of other games we play together sweeten our time while waiting for the next announcement. This is the perfect time to get to know each other and prepare something.

If you would like to get in contact with a sociable community check out our page: www.hawkecompany.com

Also: We are still hosting our Grand Competition (http://www.guildwars2forum.com/threads/4117-Grand-Competition-for-a-GW2-Copy-%28By-Hawke-Company%29?p=43330#post43330), be sure to check it out and submit an entry! Deadline for new entries is the 30th of June!

19-07-2012, 15:22
The third big Beta Weekend is finally here and we in Hawke Company are looking forward to breathe in even more of the experience than we did last time. With the announcment of Asura and Sylvari being playing playable this beta weekend is sure to be great fun.

Playing together is the most enjoyable way to play, which is why we continue to invite people to join our community and prepare for the next events as well as the release. I'm also glad to announce that we have hit the 60 members mark!!!!

Have fun playing the beta

05-08-2012, 11:25
Hello everyone!

As mentioned, not much Guild Wars related stuff is going on currently, but we continue to kill the time until release socialising on the forums and playing other games. As always, we are inviting YOU to join us and become a part of our loving community.

Check out the OP and head over to our website at www.HawkeCompany.com .

18-08-2012, 18:17
One week before release and we are as busy as a colony of ants. The final bits of planning are being done and we are preparing to kickstart all those bits currently inactive in our constitution.

This week will also be the last chance for you to apply and skip the trialist-phase, as our full roster is going to be in effect shortly after launch. Not just this should encourage last-minute-deciders, but also the fact that a lot of the planning mentioned before will require a lot of participation on the members' side - it is your chance to design the last bits of our relatively young guild!

We have also reopened our guild's Minecraft server. Check us out on our homepage, you can find all the details in the original post!

24-08-2012, 17:47
The time is nigh - less than 15 hours seperate us from what we all have been waiting for so patiently. Our last preparations are coming to a conclusion tonight, we will decide for a server to play on, clean up our roster, say goodbye to our loved ones and stock up on energy drinks and junk food. Some of us will spend this last night praying, others might be killing time playing Minecraft, but we will all see each other again in the morrow, the Final Dawn, the Beginning of a New Era.

If you are amongst those who are still looking for a community to play with tomorrow, make sure to check out the OP. I am sure some of our members will have bought one or two extra bags of crisps to share with you!

See you all tomorrow!

09-09-2012, 19:54
Hey everyone,

we are just about two weeks into Guild Wars 2 now and things are slowly starting to pick up speed and look more refined. We have had a few new additions to our roster and, as of today, are announcing three additional officers to bring more structure into all of it.

As always, we are still looking for more people to join our social and active community, check out the OP and head over to www.HawkeCompany.com to have a look!