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26-03-2012, 23:00
Visit Our Site - (http://www.mirthandmerriment.org)Mirth & Merriment (http://www.mirthandmerriment.org)

Mirth & Merriment is a newly formed guild that was founded by a core group of experienced gamers looking to move forward and expand in Guild Wars 2. We are looking to do a bit of a different take on guilds in that we are not focusing on one game mode, but rather on building a community where people enjoy logging in just to hang out with their friends. We are all veterans of many different games throughout the years and come from various backgrounds including hardcore raiders, easy going casuals, and competitive PvP players. One thing we all have in common is a great sense of humor and a positive outlook at the future of this game and guild. Maturity and respect are major themes for us and we would like to maintain a tight-knit community that caters to all aspects of Guild Wars 2 without sticking to one game mode all of the time.

We are looking to run events in PvE, PvP, WvW, and even some social events just for the fun of it. We are currently accepting applications but not all applicants will be approved. We like to run a “trial” period to make sure that you fit well in the community as well as making sure that you feel comfortable in the guild. We are all looking for a fun place to hang out as well as a guild so personality will always come first! In other words we don’t care if you’re not that great at the game, just don’t be a tool!

Murdernickle – Mostly raiding and PvP background through many games and genres
Raeannon – Mostly casual with an emphasis on story and social events

• Mature and respectful community that focuses on having a good time no matter the game mode
• Private Mumble server for communication during events, dungeon runs, or just to relax in
• Diverse group of friendly players with a wide range of gaming backgrounds
• An actual functioning forum (You would be surprised how many of them aren’t functional -__- )
• Non-judgmental attitude towards casual and hardcore players alike
• Planned events for all facets of the game so you don’t need to be stuck in one game mode forever

How to Apply:
• Head over to our website at Mirth & Merriment (http://www.mirthandmerriment.org) and make sure to look over the information on the site.
• Go to the “Apply” page.
• Fill out the application form and submit it.
• Wait for contact from one of the leaders! Ya, it’s that easy.

Thanks for your interest in Mirth & Merriment! We can’t wait to get into Tyria, but until then we can’t wait to find some new and interesting friends!