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28-03-2012, 18:08
Imperium (http://www.imperium.co)- n. [an order , a command; the right to order, power, mastery, command]; esp. [political power, authority, sovereignty]; 'in imperio esse', [to hold office]; meton. [empire], and in plur.,[persons in authority].


Server: EU server, more TBD
Type: enjoying all aspects of the game trying to see everything available
Leader: Lanka
Recruiting: Yes
Other mmos supported: SWTOR, Rift

Imperium was established in February 2002 with the objective of providing a community that allows like minded players to enjoy online gaming in a friendly and enjoyable manner. We are an adult only gaming community and use ventrilo for voice communications.

Who We Are
A close knit community that consist of members from around the globe and from all walks of life. While we do have a few younger members (no minors, we're all adults here, we completely understand that age is not necessarily a reflection of maturity, in fact, we know from experience it isn't, however we as adults prefer to surround ourselves with other adults) our typical members are working professionals in their late 20's-40's. We are very serious about our community and our reputation within the gaming community. The fastest way to a guild kick is hacking, exploiting, or in general bringing the microscope down on us in any sort of negative implication.

Many of us have grown with the MMO genre and in general while we are experienced gamers we now have families, careers, are working towards degrees, etc. Amongst the ranks we have members who have played MMO's for over a decade and also many who just enjoy the games and the company. We have members who have experience raiding top tier content successfully, we have members who have successfully achieved top 5 server standings or better and have done so in multiple MMO titles. All of that being said none of it is important.

We want you to know that when you join us you are joining an experienced and successful group of gamers many of which have long pedigree's. However, you are not going to find yourself in an environment of elitist jerks. Quite the opposite. We are very laid back but we are highly organized. When we wipe on raids we do not whine or scream at each other in vent. We pick ourselves up and get back to it all the while enjoying ourselves and winding down from a day at work etc.

Common sense prevails here in all situations. From being a team player and putting your guild before yourself, having realistic expectations, helping and not hindering online organized events, you name it. We have a certain way of doing almost everything and if you have specific questions about what those things may be please ask and we will tell you. The goals of the guild supersede the goals of the individual. We help each other, we share, and the expectation is set with that frame of mind.

Playstyle - Casual but serious about endgame
Casual is not meant to imply almost non-existent gameplay. What we mean is there is no ridiculous schedule to meet or maintain, if you go out of town or on vacation you are not going to get booted, etc. If you can manage to play a few hours a night several times a week (as a minimum) that will work. More is of course better however we are not swinging gavels down on folks that have a consistent presence under normal circumstances where they are not swamped or overwhelmed with real life obligations.

We are not a zerg guild, and although we absolutely do not monitor members playtime we will not add members to our ranks that simply do not play or contribute.

As a close knit community, we cannot afford to have members more interested playing on other servers or in other MMO's. This needs to be your "game and guild of choice." If we find out you are also in another guild you will need to make a choice. We don't have time for players that choose to do this.

Our social goal is to provide a friendly and mature environment. We will not tolerate drama and while enjoying gameplay is important we are not here to provide fun for you. Members are expected to be self sufficient when necessary and pro-active in creating their own enjoyable experience.

We expect our members to add to the community not just reside and hang their hat in it. We want socially adept folks with a genuine interest in being here that display some sort of presence. We are casual however this does not imply that its ok to sign on here then go underneath the radar for months. Get to know people, hop in vent, be active in guild chat and on the boards. Be part of the community and we'll call you one of 'us'.

Voice Communications
Ventrilo is used and EVERYONE is encouraged to use it. Many people find their online experience more enjoyable when voice chat is available. Some, do not. Primarily we will use it simply to avoid typing. However, we will also use it to provide another layer of efficiency and organization in Raid encounters and for this reason EVERYONE who attends a raid must be on Ventrilo. Log in and just listen if that is all you prefer to do.


In order for a new player to join Imperium they must meet our recruitment criteria as laid out below:
All new members must be aged 21+.
In the event that a player is slightly below this age requirement then they will be asked to party with our members on a number of occasions to see if they would be an asset to Imperium.
All new members must register on the website prior to being accepted.
All new members will be added on a two week trial basis. At the end of this 2 week trial basis the Officers of Imperium will cast their votes to determine if the trial member is offered a full position in Imperium.
Imperium operates a need before greed looting policy in groups.
Imperium operates a DKP looting policy on raids.
We do not kill steal other players or roll on loot when there is another person better suited to the item in the group.
Under no circumstances are members of Imperium to use public chat channels to talk in a manner that could reflect poorly on Imperium or its members.
Under no circumstances are members of Imperium to conduct themselves in a manner that could reflect poorly on Imperium or its members.
Must be in agreement with our Guild Charter and Philosophy (http://www.imperium.co/forum/topic/4979-guild-charter-and-philosophy/page__pid__28443#entry28443) in order to join our community.
Must be in agreement with this Recruitment Policy in order to join our community.

Our website

Our website has always been very important to us, we actively work on it on a daily basis. Some of the nice features include:

The ability to add videos, pictures and even programs to our website.
An extensive library for our members filled with guides, FAQ's, articles and many more interesting writings
A gaming arcade, where people can beat each other high scores, for when you're bored at work or for when servers are down !
A very detailed profile for every member, with the ability to add moods, what's on your mind, etc... but you can also link your profile to Twitter and Facebook.
A very well designed Site feed, so you can always be kept up to date for new posts.
Many many more stuff but you should check it out !

If you wish to join Imperium then post your application in the appropriate section (http://www.imperium.co/forum/forum/252-gw2-applications/) of the forum.

Gaming History

Since 2002 Imperium has taken an active role in a wide variety of mmo games but our speciality is raiding and PvE in fantasy based mmo genres. We have had an active presence (Rift and Guild Wars 2 are the main games that we are currently playing or will be playing in the near future) in the following games:

:: Legend of Mir 2 :: Lineage :: Lineage II :: EverQuest II :: Lord of the Rings Online ::
:: Eve Online :: Age of Conan :: Aion :: Rift :: SWTOR :: Guild Wars 2

Further Info
If you need any further information check out our 'FAQ (http://www.imperium.co/cp/2-faq/)' section of the site which contains a great deal of useful information that has helped many interested new members or feel free to contact me.