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06-04-2012, 01:05

Lucent Gaming is a fun and competitive gaming community that participates in many different genres for both competitive e-sports as well as for fun and entertainment. We were founded in Aion on Siel West where we remain one of the top 3 Guilds in PVP. We're looking forward to migrating to Guild Wars 2 in order to make our presence known in World vs World and Structured PVP. Most of our members are from the US but we have many from EU as well.
Website: www.lucentgaming.com (http://www.lucentgaming.com)

"We're not for everyone."
If you're an applicant looking for a simple 'Hardcore PVP' experience, then you should probably try one of those little b**** guilds that was just scraped off of Lucent's collective boot because the term 'Hardcore' does not even scratch the surface here. We're a PVP based community that is looking for skilled TEAM players. If you're a sensitive carebear, please do not apply. If you're an emo lone wolf that would rather solo than group with guild mates, grats champ, but please don't waste your time or ours. If you're thin skinned, this isn't the community for you. Emotions can and do run high during intense PVP, so voices might occasionally be raised and your tactical choices may even be called out. Keep in mind, we want to be the best PVP community, and in the end, a heated conversation is the result of the high expectations we place on ourselves to run as tight a unit as possible. If you're the type to shutdown emotionally when getting yelled at to do something differently than you're used to, Lucent is not for you. If you like working with a team to get the job done and accomplishing the unthinkable, Welcome to Lucent.

We expect our members to have fun but know when to stop the joking around and concentrate on the tasks at hand. We encourage our members to improve through unsolicited constructive critiques, as well as speak up if another member needs those critiques. If you don't like taking advice, do not apply. We are all constantly learning and improving so don't take constructive criticism personally.