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09-04-2012, 00:22
Death Revealed (http://www.gw2tools.com/skills#n;aNaSp;aaaeXaaaacaaWXU;bbcX;ZbYhb)

Type: Damage (Pressure)
Profession: Necromancer
Focus: Solo (any)

The Gist
The starting point is to make the most out of our Death Shroud. On the one hand there are a lot of traitable benefits when entering or being in Death Shroud, of which we will pick up a good amount. Besides raw power this also increases our longevity, which we will further extend with the right traits and skills. At last our already strong disposition towards conditions and crits will help us to maintain a good killing speed.
Beyond the core mechanics we have a spec that works very well under water, as we rely rather little on any particular weapon. We also show with this spec that a necromancer can well function without minions, if so desired. At last he have a highly customisable framework with many options to specialise even further towards survivability or add a good amount of support.

Build is 30 Soul Reaping / 15 Blood Magic / 25 Curses using Dagger / Dagger main and Scepter / Focus second.
Read full version with detailed explanations. (http://paradox.enjin.com/articles/m/4577678/article/679344)

09-04-2012, 04:33
Sounds pretty cool.