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09-04-2012, 11:17
The Peoples Front of Tyria is European Guild Wars 2 Guild, we are a social guild which doesn't care how high level you are. We are open to all members regardless of how much time you can put in, All we ask is you are friendly to our members and the rest of the game world and take part in our Community. We will be doing a fair bit of WvWvW but don't require everyone to join in and we want to see as much of the PvE stuff as possible. We like to have fun while playing, our name is inspired by Monty Python and we have a wide range of ages. If you have any questions i will be more than happy to answer.

Play Style
We are primarily a casual or social guild. we don't expect anyone to put in 5 hours a night or 20 hours a week. you can play your own style as much or as little as you like. We'd like you to take part in our community of course as it makes the experience better for everyone. We will be doing PvE and WvW and likely some PvP too. If you are looking for a hardcore guild full of elitist people then we are not the guild for you. we don't tolerate elitist attitudes. We understand everyone has real lives and they should come first.
We won't impose profession/class/race limits on anytone, play your own way and have fun with us while playing

Very Brief history
Some of us have been playing MMOs since 1999 (Played EQ1, WoW, DAoC, LOTRO), For some of us Guild Wars 2 will be their first MMO. We're looking for Players of all abilities and are looking for players who will help shape where our guild will go. We were for a while the largest guild on the Tribunal EQ server, had over 250 active members and ran a server wide trade fair in Freeport once a week. We aren't looking to become that large again but we are looking to grow and we have some great experience and we're looking to have fun.

Alliance - We are part of an alliance with 2 other like minded guilds, Enigma and Hakuna Matata.

Pre-Purchase - Several of us will be pre-purchasing Guild Wars 2 and will be playing during the open Betas.

Age Restrictions - We don't have any age restrictions. all we ask is you act mature and you will be welcome within the People's Front of Tyria.

No Discrimination - We don't allow any discrimination in the guild.

Voice Chat - We use Raidcall for our voice chat. Its good quality and free and low latency

Website - visit http://peoplesfront.net

Want to join? - Message me or visit the website above.

Anything else? - Please ask