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13-04-2012, 00:28
Guild Stats:
Leaders: Gwendabell, Shadwitz, & Epsilon.
Website: beforethestorm.enjin.com (http://beforethestorm.enjin.com)
Type: PvE/PvP
Server: US
Current Size: 100
Voice Chat: Raid Call
Age: 18+ only please

About Before the Storm:
Before the Storm was created specifically for Guild Wars 2. Our general philosophy is to have fun in a safe environment. All of the leaders have prior guild management experience in other MMORPG's. We are extremely ambitious in being apart of the Guild Wars 2 community. We plan to participate in every aspect that Guild Wars 2 offers. This includes (but is not limited to): events, dungeons, structured PvP, and WvWvW. We are extremely dedicated to pushing forward and expanding.

Before the Storm benefits:
So, you want to know what you get out of the deal eh?

Structure-Before the Storm offers structure and organization. Our guild website is hosted by enjin. Not only is it beautifully designed, but it is user friendly. Our website also has a forums section. Raidcall is the service that we use for our voice chat client.

Environment-The environment of Before the Storm is always friendly and enjoyable. We don't keep our members under an iron fist but we do expect them to act decently. We have members who have different ideas of gaming such as min/max'ers, pvp'ers, pve'ers, lore hounds, and fanatics and it blends together well to create a well rounded atmosphere. You don't have to worry about joining a guild where there are cliques or bossy people.

Brotherhood-At Before the Storm we treat each other like family. If you join you will be received as such. We're a community with a mutual passion for Guild Wars 2. Don't wait till release to try to find a group of people you will be comfortable with.

Recruitment & Applying:
We are currently recruiting players for all races and professions. We ask that applicants be at least 18 years of age or older (this may be broken for family/friends of current Before the Storm members.) You must be available to play on a US/North America server. If accepted you will be expected to join the guild once it is made in game. To apply to before the storm just follow the link on you websites home page that says "Yes, I wanna join!" in the "Want to join us?..." box. Then just answer the application questions.

Where will you be Before the Storm!?!

21-04-2012, 14:08
100 member milestone reached, join Before the Storm today and help us grow