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15-04-2012, 06:33


Who We Are:

<Cynical> is a [PVX](EST) semi-casual guild focusing on PVE and PVP. Cynical formed in Feb 2011 by a group of like-minded players who wanted to see end game content, but still maintain a casual atmosphere within the guild. Maintaining a fun and safe environment for our members to interact in is our top priority. Our Officer team is always willing to hear concerns/suggestions, and Cynical is constantly evolving because of this.

Cynical recently hit the 80 member mark, and we will soon be closing recruitment! If you are still looking for a guild before launch, now is your chance!

Our core raid members and officers have vast experience in a number of other MMORPG's, including WOW, Rift, Aion, SWTOR, L2, GW, EQ, etc.

What we Offer:

Fully Functional website with calendar, private messaging, forums, and more!
a 35 slot Ventrilo voice chat server
Inter-guild crafting
A fun and friendly community of mmorpg veterans
Structured PVE Events, Questing, and dungeons
New Guild member mentoring
Structured Pvp and WvWvW Groups
Guild contests and Prizes

What We Ask of Our Members:

that our members treat one another with respect and dignity, and remember that when dealing with other guild members, real life takes precedence over game time.
that our members use Ventrilo voice chat whenever they plan to group with others, in order to help facilitate the group.
that each member of Cynical refrains from making racist or sexist remarks on ventrilo or in guild chat, and keep in mind that not everyone has the same sense of humor.
We respectfully ask our guild members NOT to have characters in multiple guilds, as we believe this can cause a conflict of interest.
We encourage members of the guild to be active on the guild forums, as it is a great place to schedule events and interact with other guild members, as well as a great place to discuss strategy in PVE and PVP.
Above all else, we ask each guild member to have fun!!

We are looking to make new friends and meet old ones at Launch, and we would love for you to join our wild and crazy family! If you would like to be able to start on launch day with good friends and leveling partners, then we invite you to come apply to our website!

15-05-2012, 20:41
<Cynical> is growing every week, and we are about to hit 50 members! We had a great time meeting everyone during BWE and Stress Tests, and look forward to being able to meet even more people during the next BWE! If you are still looking to be a part of a team that will focus on structured PvE Pvp and WvWvW events, then come check us out!

08-06-2012, 04:39
<Cynical> is all set for a fun and fantasic BWE #2! If you are looking for medium population guid that will host structured PvP, WvWvW and PvE events, then we invite you to come tag yourself to Cynical on Sea of Sorrows server this BWE! Feel free to Message ChaosX for an invite. We wish you all a great Beta Weekend!

23-06-2012, 00:52
Another round of big warm welcome's to our latest members, Shikari Okmor, Maerius and Matron Laylie! Cynical is fast approaching 60 members, and we want YOU to be a part of or family! Come check out our website and be a part of the structured PvE and PvP action!

06-07-2012, 19:17
Cynical has hit 65 members and counting! Welcome to our newest members IceStormy, Shadow8888, Ozimoto, Cromix and MassHysteria21! With less then 2 months until GW2 officially launches, have you picked a guild yet? If not, consider Cynical! www.cynical-gw2.guildlaunch.com

05-08-2012, 21:35
Cynical recently hit the 80 member mark, and we will soon be closing recruitment! If you are still looking for a guild before launch, now is your chance! Welcome to our latest members Zelon, overlordz, Deathmonger, Cutekhaos, Bad Wolf.7126, and Artap!