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20-04-2012, 14:27

About Us:
The objective of the Ridge Reapers is simple. To be the best guild in Guild Wars 2. Ridge Reapers is a new Guild formed last year for GW2. The creators of Ridge Reapers is a group of friends who have been playing MMORPG's together for 3 years. Some members have been playing up to 8 years by themselves and not with our full guild.

The Ridge Reapers plan is to be well organized, prepared, and to be the best guild possible. Our main objective in GW2 will be PVE and PVP. We will be selecting for a A-Team for PVP, so be on your game and get ready to be at the top of the server ranks!

Recruitment Strategy:
Our recruiting will be based on ur history playing MMORPG's. There will be an application for this guild that is accesable through our navigation button called "Join The Team". We are looking for highly disciplined members that will also be fun to raid with. If you are new to MMORPG's or just started getting into them than dont be discouraged thinking that you wont be able to join. As long as you answer the questions on the application truthfully and well thought through you have a high chance on entering the guild.

Ask yourself this. Are you sick of being in a disorganized, unprepared, and in a guild full of straight up Dicks? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions than come join us at http://www.ridgereapers.com/
How to Apply http://www.ridgereapers.com/jointheteam/