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24-04-2012, 22:15
Finding yourself alone in the coming beta events? Do you or your friends have some questions about the game you need answered quickly? Are you a guild without a TS?

No Fan Left Behind!

Tales of Tyria (http://www.guildwars2guru.com/forum/tales-tyria-t22764.html) and Team Legacy (http://teamlegacy.net/index/) is partnering up with a host of guilds to promote the "No Fan Left Behind" initiative for the coming Beta Weekends Events. With this drive, we are providing an open invitation to our community Team Speak server for guilds, individual players, you and your girlfriend, whoever!

In the Team Speak for these weekend events, we will have volunteers from the Guru community and various guilds sporting a "Ask Me" icon next to their name. You are welcome at any time to send a message to these guys (and gals) - no matter how simple it may seem. They will get back to you as soon as possible, and make sure you don't waste any more time browsing the internet for your answer.

Confused? Ask anyone with this icon -> http://i.imgur.com/tTwwA.png

Lastly there will be a "Help Me" channel located towards the top of the channel list in Team Speak. This channel is available for those needing more than just a quick answer. When you are seen in this channel, one of the volunteers will pop in and help you kick some butt.

Structured PvP

We will have a heavy focus on structured PvP. In the Team Speak, you will find "Looking for Group" channels and "SPvP 1, 2, 3, etc". If you decide you want to start some organized PvP with others, simply pop into the "Looking for Group" channel and ask around. Once you get a group formed, simply pop into any of the available SPvP channels.

World vs World and Public Events

Another obvious advantage to this (and the one we are promoting the most) is being able to collaborate and play the game the way it was meant to be played - - with other players. If you are wanting to have a good time in WvW, or perhaps take down that PvE event with some help, we are sure there will be plenty others in the TS who also share your passion for glory.

Special Note:
World versus World Events and Public Events are open to everyone during the BWE. However, due to the way servers work, you will need to be in the channel for your server. Make sure before rolling on a server, that you first check with your friends/guild to make sure what server they are on first. Team Legacy will be announcing the server we are on as they come online via TS. This is not important unless you want to concentrate on experiencing World versus World.

Private Channels

Lastly, for the smaller guilds, or groups of friends who are still figuring out something for voice communication, we will provide (per request) private or public channels with your desired name.

The main goal here is to promote communication and coordination with others, and therefore allow everyone to enjoy the game to their fullest. Guild recruitment for any guild (including Team Legacy) is banned from the TS in BWE.

Live interviews

We will be doing live interviews with random people in Teamspeak for our Tales of Tyria podcast. As you are playing, you just might get asked to say a few words about your experiences. We will be covering many of these answers and more on our Tales of Tyria (http://www.guildwars2guru.com/forum/tales-tyria-t22764.html) episode Monday. You just might find yourself in the spotlight :)

Team Speak information:

We are still looking for volunteers to hang around this weekend to become "Ask-Me Guides". If your're a fast learner, and don't mind sharing your information to others, post a reply in this thread and next time I see you in TS, we'll get you setup. We'll be sure to give a shout-out to those helping out in the coming podcast episode.

Hope to see a lot of new faces this coming weekend, and more importantly, plenty of 15+ man groups running around having a blast.

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28-04-2012, 22:16
If anyone is still looking for a guild or groups of friends to hang that actually know what they're doing, we're still running this event!

We've met over a hundred community members from GURU who have had a blast. We've answered over 50 or so questions and are still giving advice and direction if you need it. Just pop in and don't be shy. We want everyone to have fun.

What an amazing showing TL has already had, ~12 hours into the Beta! Freelancer did a fantastic job giving leadership, so much cooperation among such a large group got it DONE! I was very grateful to be apart of it, and so glad that you open your TS server to guests. The efficiency that came into play when the server reset happened was incredible. Definitely one of those moments in your gaming life you will never forget!

On a personal note, my in game character name was DAYVON, and it was great following the directions and conquering keep after keep with TL. I was hoping to not get just lost in the crowd. I've been a Tales Of audience members since original ToH, and I'm glad Bridger and TL are working together cause that brought me here!