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Danika Del Ray
25-04-2012, 20:57
http://www.mafbguild.com/images/armsheader.jpg (http://www.mafbguild.com)

In 2006, the Exitus Draconum (http://www.mafbguild.com) guild was inspired by a local United States Air Force base of the same name. Initially conceived as just a rib against the base, the mission of Exitus Draconum turned serious when a Mercy Flight medical transport helicopter crashed outside their destination.

Our guild leader, Fullmana, re-dedicated the guild's purpose to help others without question or payment. Exitus Draconum would be there to help those who needed it. The guild's cape and colors - red and white - are the colors of the helicopter team, while the golden Pegasus logo symbolizes Exitus Draconum's commitment to riding to the help and rescue of those who in need.

Exitus Draconum continues this philosophy by helping new and returning members in getting prepared for the upcoming Guild Wars 2.


So why adventure with Exitus Draconum? Meet new players, and forge a path to greatness with like-minded adventurers. We offer a site featuring:

Regularly updated Guild Wars news
Opinion articles written by fellow members
C3 communications in-game and external voice chat
Podcast (upcoming)
Raiding calendar (upcoming)
Brand new forums
Facebook alliance for social outreach
Videos covering Exitus Draconum guild activities and gameplay
Exitus Draconum Connect network of links

And this is just the beginning. We plan to roll out more features as we develop into a strong and diverse guild of active players. The beginning starts with you. If interested, please visit www.mafbguild.com to register, and pledge yourself to Exitus Draconum for the coming GW2 launch!