View Full Version : GWO Alliance invites all to join us in Vabbi or Steamspur Mountains this BWE!

26-04-2012, 14:40
UPDATE for BWE3: Apparently Steamspur has been scrapped, so it is suggested that US people join Crystal Desert in stead.

UPDATE: We need a character name to invite you. Also, Guilds work cross-server, so there is only one GWOnline Alliance [GWO] Guild :smiley:

UPDATE2: For some reason no one of us understands, the guild tag is now [gwAl]. Weird. So if we cannot figure it out, you will see us wearing that in stead.

GWOnline's resident Guild Wars 1 alliance have decided on making one huge alliance guild for the very first Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event, and all of you are invited to join the fun!

PvE, WvW or structured PvP, we will do it all!

On the European servers you will find us in Vabbi, and on the North American ones we will grace the Steamspur Mountains.

If you want to join up you can either ask anyone you see in game wearing the [GWO] tag, or you can leave your character name/Gamertag (I think people are invited by character names but better to include both to be safe) in this thread. We will also post some contact people once we get going.

See you in game!


26-04-2012, 15:07
Is that the gravy train?

w00t w00t!!

Art Y Mori.8497


26-04-2012, 15:10
Char name: Tirsa Tirmat
Gamertag: Shrandar.8524

That would be on Vabbi

Oh my, I am looking forward! :happy:

26-04-2012, 15:36
Yes!! Can't wait!


26-04-2012, 16:02

you can certainly expect me at Sunday, Friday is on 21:00 IF the server isn't making queue's and Saturday at the earliest on 19:00

26-04-2012, 16:04

Don't forget this thread! http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?502801-GWO-Alliance-Meetup

26-04-2012, 16:14
For casual observers Qanar's thread points to a private forum for the alliance. This thread exists because he organised a behind the scenes group within the alliance. I believe all are welcome, post here or keep an eye out for people sporting [GWO] tags during the beta.


26-04-2012, 17:29
Well, I'll be playing on Gandara. My display name is Mehtis.3402

27-04-2012, 00:55
icarus.7316 tag
arden oakheart human ranger

27-04-2012, 00:59

Likely names:
Alaris Mystique (Human Thief)
Alaris Almighty (Norn Warrior)

I'll be in the US server (Steamspur Mountains).

27-04-2012, 01:41
Not sure where I'll end up yet


Guided Daggers
27-04-2012, 08:40
Awesome, count me in!


Not sure of my character name yet though. Edit: I shall be named 'Lorelthin'


27-04-2012, 12:20
OMG i can not wait for this to start......

27-04-2012, 12:44
I'll be on the Steamspur Mountains (US) server and would like to join the GWO guild for the BWEs (at least).

User ID - OutOfMyMind.9613
Going to try and get OutOfMyMind for my toon name and starting with a human necromancer.

27-04-2012, 13:16
Day Zero ladies and gents! Get ready at 3PM EST 12 Noon PDT (right?)!

Blood Avenger
27-04-2012, 13:51
Day Zero ladies and gents! Get ready at 3PM EST 12 Noon PDT (right?)!

It's actually 3PM EDT (not EST) and Noon PDT. But yes, it's at 3pm if your on the American East Coast. We went forward an hour in March to enter into Daylight Savings, so it's Eastern Daylight Time. In November, we'll fall back an hour and go to Eastern Standard Time.

Sir Jack
27-04-2012, 13:55
Guess I'll be picking Vabbi then...SirJack.4760

Erring Ryft
27-04-2012, 14:17
Hope to see ya'll.

The Artless Dodger.2314

27-04-2012, 14:27
Im fairly new to this forum, but I'll be on Steamspur for the beta- Probably making a Guardian called Chady/Chadi/Godian
I'll hit you guys up

and so begins the longest 5.5 hours of my life...

27-04-2012, 14:32
Welcome to the forums! If you see any of us, feel free to tag along! We'll all be noobs figuring stuff out together.

Quintus Antonius
27-04-2012, 14:50
Quintus Antonius.5314

My character name will be "Octavius Antonius Stolo". (If that is too long, it'll probably just be "Octavius Antonius" or "Antonius Stolo".)

Can't wait to play! I'll be on Steamspur Mountains server.

Lady Rhonwyn
27-04-2012, 15:26
Quintus Antonius.5314

My character name will be "Octavius Antonius Stolo". (If that is too long, it'll probably just be "Octavius Antonius" or "Antonius Stolo".)

Can't wait to play! I'll be on Steamspur Mountains server.

The names have a maximum length which is the same as in GW1.

Sir Jack
27-04-2012, 15:39
So it looks like 4chan's /vg/ also picked Vabbi for the BWE. Any idea on world capacity, because GWO + /v/ + random logins might be troublesome.

Lady Rhonwyn
27-04-2012, 19:02
GWOnline Alliance [GWO] has been created on Vabbi... Any that want to join, just give me a whisper, my IGN is Rhonwyn.

Quintus Antonius
27-04-2012, 19:37
My character name is "Vel Antonius Stolo"

27-04-2012, 19:43
My Char name is Broc Saoi.
I look forward to seeing everyone in Vabbi :-)

Quintus Antonius
27-04-2012, 19:51
How do we create our guilds in this game? It doesn't seem to be working for me, which leads me to assume Blade and Rose has been created by someone else already, although I do not know by whom.

27-04-2012, 19:54
BTW, I was able to log on to GW2 and play an hour early (I just tried an succeeded login in). The Charr starter area on Vabbi was a lag mess and I the client crashed 3 minutes ago.
I still think we should all get to Vabbi/Steamspur M., but perhaps get out of the hotspots fast

Austin Arcana
27-04-2012, 19:57
Char Name: Ashely Arcana
Gamertag: Arcansons.2956

ill Be in Steamspur Mountains(US)

27-04-2012, 20:12
I'm in Steamspur as Satomz. I already saw a few of you around :smiley:

Lady Rhonwyn
27-04-2012, 21:03
So, whispering across servers is possible at least...

27-04-2012, 21:13
Is there anyone from Dii online?! I think I'm the one of the only ones from Dii in steamspur atm, Gene Azure, add me, also on vent server!

27-04-2012, 21:24
Anyone find out if guilds are per server or across servers? Would anyone like to add me to a GWO alliance guild :grin:?

27-04-2012, 21:28
This is chaos and madness. :laugh:

Seems like a lot of people are kicked out and cant get back in. Hopefully it will simmer down when all the Americans get back from work. Heh.

Quintus Antonius
27-04-2012, 22:48
This is the most chaotic game I've ever played.

By the way, guilds are cross-server! I have BaRites playing in several different servers, and they can all be in the same guild.

27-04-2012, 22:50
Good to know. Now only if the guild chat could work (it didnt the little bit I got to see of it). Also, interesting that one guild then can play against itself in WvW! (I mean, ANet can hardly bar people from playing WvW for their home world, right?

Lady Rhonwyn
27-04-2012, 23:33
Good to know. Now only if the guild chat could work (it didnt the little bit I got to see of it). Also, interesting that one guild then can play against itself in WvW! (I mean, ANet can hardly bar people from playing WvW for their home world, right?

It does since the mass kick earlier...

28-04-2012, 00:01
Just an update from Rubi, free and unrestricted world transfers until Saturday 18:00 PDT: http://www.facebook.com/GuildWars2/posts/10150753199269209

I might try to switch servers a little, with a vague hope that it's not as troublesome to log in. Vabbi is pretty populated as of now... But world transfers didn't seem to work when I just tried, and from the official forums a lot of other players are also having the same problem.

28-04-2012, 00:28
Everyone who provided a valid character name before this post has been invited. If you didn't and still want to join us, please make a new post so you are not overlooked, thanks :)

28-04-2012, 01:01
Morkar Kendred or Kenrad Kendred!


28-04-2012, 01:19
Thea Cybele is my character!

28-04-2012, 07:58
Xeno Piperi

Carpe Diem
28-04-2012, 08:22
Can someone add me please... Ronin Chi

28-04-2012, 14:32
Grondella the angry ign gw2

28-04-2012, 15:43
icarus.7316 tag
arden oakheart human ranger

well it appears someone stole the name so its arden heartwood

Lady Rhonwyn
28-04-2012, 15:56
Grondella the angry ign gw2

That name couldn't be found...

Austin Arcana
28-04-2012, 16:29
I never got an invite.

IGN: Ashe Arcana

28-04-2012, 18:30
Made a toon, her name is Mayana- Im on the steamspur server, blam.1294

28-04-2012, 21:22
Marius Luthien on Steamspur.

29-04-2012, 00:29
GW name Ethrikk Smith [TRUE]

GW2 name Belar Ursanrage

Steamspur mountains

Belarus beargod.2703

Thanks!!!! :)
Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk 2

29-04-2012, 00:59
Invites sent to all whose names could be found.

B Batu
29-04-2012, 09:51
invite me:

30-04-2012, 23:24
Heh, didn't see this before the first beta or I'd have joined one of those servers.

For the next beta though (if I have time to play it that is.) I'd love to join you however, assuming that there are server transfers available and I have enough gems.

My tag is Combatgoat.5398

Lady Rhonwyn
01-05-2012, 07:45
Heh, didn't see this before the first beta or I'd have joined one of those servers.

For the next beta though (if I have time to play it that is.) I'd love to join you however, assuming that there are server transfers available and I have enough gems.

My tag is Combatgoat.5398

We had people in the guild from all over the world, in various servers. So, thankfully, that wasn't a problem!

01-05-2012, 13:10
...For the next beta though (if I have time to play it that is.) I'd love to join you however, assuming that there are server transfers available and I have enough gems...
For the end of the first BWE they made server transfers free and unlimited. I suspect and hope they will do the same for the next BWE.

02-05-2012, 01:30
Otherwise I'll just have to buy some gems. Not a problem. :)

06-06-2012, 14:46
Just an update that we will of course be in the alliance guild again this BWE. So if you want to play with the rest of us, do leave your CHARACTER NAME here (at least last time just the account handle was not invitable). :smiley:

Oh, and your character(s) are not wiped from the last beta, which should make things significantly easier to manage.

06-06-2012, 15:08
Alaris, or if it's taken, Alaris Mystique

Swan Song
08-06-2012, 21:16
Swan Lake but both servers are full :(

Lady Rhonwyn
08-06-2012, 21:33
Swan Lake but both servers are full :(

At least you can join the guild, no matter the server...

Chained Evil
08-06-2012, 21:59
I would like to be added to the GW2 Guild please:

Acct name:Fear of Unknown.6789
Char Name: Fear of Unknown,Devils Puppet


08-06-2012, 22:14
Invites sent!

09-06-2012, 06:24
Dad In Battle

16-06-2012, 13:45
Oh, right, didn't see the bit about the char names. Well, for the next BWE (if they don't wipe the characters for it) I'm:

Character name: Sadie Everdark
Account: Combatgoat.5398

...And even if they do wipe the existing characters, I'll make a Sadie Everdark again anyway :)

Lady Rhonwyn
03-07-2012, 09:35
Question, will we stay on these two servers (as our main servers) for release?

03-07-2012, 09:46
I'm hoping they'll make an announcement essentially confirming the Worlds they'll have for launch. It would be a good idea for them to do so whether they add more or not.

To be honest, though, I have no opposition to keeping the ones we had; I had nothing negative on Vabbi, after all.

Early morning thinking FTW and FTL; hopefully I'm sufficiently coherent. ;)

Lady Rhonwyn
03-07-2012, 09:56
I'm hoping they'll make an announcement essentially confirming the Worlds they'll have for launch. It would be a good idea for them to do so whether they add more or not.

To be honest, though, I have no opposition to keeping the ones we had; I had nothing negative on Vabbi, after all.

Well, we have less than 2 months to decide (and ANet less than 2 months to announce!)

Especially because of that stupid (well, that's an understatement) decision to drop alliances, I think we should stay at least together on the same servers...

Early morning thinking FTW and FTL; hopefully I'm sufficiently coherent. ;)

Are you ever?

03-07-2012, 10:24
Personally I am thinking that we as an alliance should maybe try to make our permanent homes in slightly less populated servers, to allow for growth. But I have no strong feelings either way.

Lady Rhonwyn
03-07-2012, 10:56
Well, guilds are world-wide (not stuck on a server), so at least that's one thing they did right.

More populated server will be more fun for those people that like to play WvWvW, I think.

On the other hand, we could spread out to all servers and have friends on all servers so we can be guested! (the people that like to play PvP will stay together on one server...)

03-07-2012, 18:04
Flip side is it might be easier to grow on more populated servers, if our new members primarily come from in-game instead of via forums.

But flip side to that is that members that come from in-game tend to be less forum-posting than those recruited via forum (duh).

03-07-2012, 21:54
If you keep flipping, Alaris, the food will never get cooked!

And...um... yeah, I'm at least coherent to myself Rhonwyn. Except when I've just dragged myself out of bed. Such is the nature of insanity, I suppose. ;)

Anyway, I figured they would probably have an update about servers maybe a month before launch (or *I* would were I them... but if that were so, there are other things that would be different :P) to at least announce new servers added to the fray. I would think they'd be adding servers for the launch, after all, to accommodate for the larger number of players (I wonder how they'd handle it if they needed more servers say a year down the line... temporarily make transfers free to encourage spread?).

It would be nice (never mind that it would also be interesting) to be able to see how populated various servers were during betas to be able to have an educated guess more than a stab in the dark.

04-07-2012, 01:58
I think making a choice is less about picking a side, and actually considering the pros and cons of each side first...

I'm happy with either choices though, as long as I am with you guys.

04-07-2012, 20:21
Aw shucks, I'll be happy to be with you, too, Alaris. :love:

06-07-2012, 23:12
What we may discover is that we will need to heavily rely on our forum to keep our alliance together regardless of which servers we end up belonging. While I know that many in-game players never visit a forum, those of us who do can make plans for events or to group up and then post the information in our guild announcements.

There may be pro's and con's to being or not being on the same server. Can't say as I have any information that might be useful in recommending one server over another, either, so I'm not particular about which server we're on.

06-07-2012, 23:51
I really like Lensor's idea of a main NA server (which is also the PvP and WvWvW server) and an EU server, similar to what we had in beta. The questions are how populated a server and which one (when they are announced).

It also sounds like popular opinion is that we go back to individual guilds for most activities, but still have an alliance guild that can be used for LFG or Alliance events.


18-07-2012, 06:49
With the character/server wipe, do we keep these servers?

18-07-2012, 18:43
Well, Vabbi is still around for BWE3, but Steamspur has gone *poof*.

For the NA server, any suggestions?
Darkhaven is standing out for me, but I don't know why. I'll be looking for where other groups are aiming to land this weekend.

18-07-2012, 18:47
Eeeek. Quick, someone tell me where everyone will be so I know where to login.

18-07-2012, 19:01
Well, I might know why Darkhaven stuck in my mind. Because everyone and their cousin flocked to that name over previous beta weekends. :)

As much as I like a well-populated server, I'm leaning toward Stormbluff Isle for MVOP unless there are any objections or better ideas.

18-07-2012, 19:02
I think TRUE is rolling on Crystal Desert, so that's where I'll be. We're voting on it, it's not final, but that has the most votes (all of them) at the moment.

18-07-2012, 19:09
I was going to suggest either Jade servers, but hey, I'm a pushover. Just tell me where to go.

The King of Dust
18-07-2012, 22:19
I was on Henge of Denravi during the last beta. PvE community was nice, or at least I didn't encounter any rude players. WvW was somewhat dead though. Not sure how it'll change now that there's fewer servers.

18-07-2012, 23:10
It'd be nifty to see some folks I know from GW1 during the BWE. Peachy, even.

So let me know where to make a character -- I have zero real preference on where it is.

19-07-2012, 00:02
I used Steamspur Mountain last BWE but I never saw anyone I knew from GW(1) - except for Sparky for about half a minute. And I think that was on an overflow server...

19-07-2012, 02:32
Does this mean that the alliance is splitting up a bit? =/ No likey. I want to be able to play with allies still, even if alliance chat is gone.

19-07-2012, 03:34
Agreed, Raye.

The good news is that, even if we "split up" for BWE 3, we can still reconvene for launch. I don't speak for the whole guild, but the intention in TRUE selecting a server wasn't to create distance or even to get our way; it was simply so we could have a sever to play on. The last time we (as an Alliance) tried to pick a server, the thread went on for several pages before we even ever got to a list of potential servers to choose from. At that time, TRUE decided on a server and then announced where we were rolling. Same thing here.

Believe me, I want to play with all of you guys and not just with guesting. I want to get WvWvW groups together and steamroll ish. I want to have PvP groups and pwn n00bs. I went to go into keg brawls and team up. I want to send all my crafting items to someone else because I hate crafting. I don't speak for the whole guild, but I'm quite sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

19-07-2012, 05:00
Well, considering that this isn't Warcraft, with different servers providing different things (such as PvP or Roleplaying servers), I think just choosing one server should be pretty easy. Personally I don't care one way or another what the server name is, as long as I can find friendly folks to muck about with. I'm not sure why there would be a lot of discussion on it, honestly. The server could be Putrid Cyst and if there were still a lot of the alliance around it shouldn't matter. Right?

Maybe there's more to it that I'm overlooking.

19-07-2012, 05:03
No, that's about it.

People just want the best sounding name I guess. "Join me on Sorrow's Furnace" sounds a bit better than "Come play with me on Putrid Cyst."

19-07-2012, 05:04
Well that's the thing, I want to be in the same server as the alliance, but that doesn't quite work out if all the guilds go to their own server =P

19-07-2012, 05:11
I don't reckon so Nkuvu, It' just the way groups are.

We'll either end up on Crystal Desert or there'll be a a huge hum-drum and then we'll all end up on Crystal Desert.

To be absolutely fair to everyone in the alliance; we kind of beat the ratio of how the general public works and will, with very few qualms, end up on whatever server everyone agrees on together.

We seem to be a group which communicates well and makes things clear to each other and over the years have become ardent in our group spirit.

Here's to whichever server we eventually end up on!


19-07-2012, 05:13
Well then I guess we'll just have to follow them there, seeing as they've already picked out a server while we were all like "which server name represents me as a roleplayer and a person, yet also says "I have a tough side and like to play with black dye," while simultaneously makes me nostalgic enough for the equivalent gw1 location?"

RD and Art say Crystal Desert, just follow them and they'll have to fend off the TRUEbies being like "omg why did you tell them, now all those scrubs are going to join and probably fail so many events!"

This is how it plays out in the fantasy world in my mind anyway.

19-07-2012, 05:22
Ok then... Crystal Desert it is for me. =)

19-07-2012, 05:29
I'd like to point out that I was second to suggest Crystal Desert, and Ardee was third.

Santa Clause is all I'm saying.

Well, the tooth fairy a little bit too.

And maybe the Easter Bunner!

But I'm no rat!!


19-07-2012, 06:17
I say we have the guilds in the alliance hold a mini GvG tournament with the winning guild choosing the server. From what I've seen during our little attempt to do Heroes' Ascent, it would be pretty fun to see a bunch of PvE people duke it out in PvP. ^_^

Auntie I
19-07-2012, 11:51

I'm just saying...

absolutely nothing!

19-07-2012, 12:18
I'm not sure what servers will be available at release but I'm hoping that this information will be provided before release so that we can select one - as an alliance.

As far as differences between servers, from all my reading I've gathered there isn't any. Where the difference is created through those guilds who have certain interests, such as PvP (or WvWvW or RP or whatever), deciding to select a specific server.

Now TRUE has a few member who are really into PvP and are planning to join guilds who more focused on this. This doesn't preclude them from being members of TRUE or from guesting with us when they want a break from PvP. I would think the same would apply for our alliance guilds. Yes, TRUE did make a choice for this BWE. It's the final BWE before release and I guess - once we realized that Steamspur wasn't going to be offered and that our accounts were going to be wiped - we just acted before popping over to the alliance forum to get a consensus. It wasn't meant as a slap in the face to the alliance or indicate that we are no longer interested in remaining an alliance.

Change happens and we are going to have to adapt. However, as far as my personal preference, I don't have any - other than I'd rather not be on a server that caters to mostly PvP oriented guilds so there are fewer people with which to party for PvE.

19-07-2012, 13:58
I think most are trying to look at it from both keeping guilds together as well as alliance. It makes sense, as a result, that discussions would be happening on both levels. It is a little chaotic. I certainly find no fault in TRUE for trying to nail something down for this last beta and get some stability, independent of the alliance or not. I know in Dii we've been having discussions on the topic, too.

I do hope we get a final tally of the servers more than two days before pre-launch. This last-second update really isn't fair (though, it is a Beta and isn't a permanent choice so in the macroscopic view, who cares?).

Personally, I want to be able to play with alliance, including by just randomly running into them in the world. I plan to do mostly PvE with WvW thrown in. While I've never been one for PvP, I'm not going to dismiss the potential that WvW could open the door that way. It would be awesome to have the best of all worlds (no pun intended for once).

All that taken into consideration, the name of the world doesn't matter much to me at all. The promising thing about the server update is it increases the capacity for the alliance to remain together, at least in one or two worlds (depending if we ultimately want to go with NA and EU or stick to one).

So, really, my preference is also pretty much none... I'm happy with whatever world lets us stick together, or at least maximize that capacity. Face it, it's nice to run around doing stuff in the world and see a character with a gold tag running toward you simply by chance... (even if they end up turning you into a crystal monster! :P) ^.^

And adapt we must, at least until they decide what they're going to do to deal with the complaints about alliances being dropped. C'est la vie.

19-07-2012, 16:17
So, Crystal Desert for this weekend, then? Is that how the vote turned out?

Edit: Posted Crystal Desert for MVOP. We'll see how it goes. :)

19-07-2012, 17:52
Having been relatively new to the alliance compared to most, I have to say, I have never enjoyed playing with such a fine group of people as much as I have with the GWO alliance. That being said, i'm hoping we all can flock to one server, as I enjoy talking and playing and generally being awesome with y'all.

19-07-2012, 19:09
I'm not sure if I'll be playing during the weekend and if I do, for how long. Mostly I'll be testing if GW2 runs on my bf's laptop :P

20-07-2012, 06:06
Hey there old GWO friends!

I'd love to at least chat and network with some of you this BWE 3. My character name is/will be Osseous Ephemeral (rowntree.1837) so if you can I'd love an invite. Unfortunately, I can't be on until after 9pm PST Friday cause of work but guaranteed I will be on until I can't see strait after that :wink:

20-07-2012, 06:20
Another Portlander \o/

Carpe Diem
20-07-2012, 20:07
Ronin Chi.6824 if you please... And yay, wider camera angle :D

20-07-2012, 20:23
Well, I'd still like to hang out with you guys, so my current info it this (if you'll have me :))

Account: Combatgoat.5398
Character: Ravena Delacroix

20-07-2012, 21:33
Just a heads up that the GWO alliance guild (as well as every other guild) was wiped for BWE3. I am actually not 100% sure if the guild has been remade for BWE3, hopefully someone can update on that.

Personally I did not have the time or funds to make GWO alliance guild yet (it apparently cost a silver to make a guild now).

20-07-2012, 22:32
Mmm I can do it if anybody haven't yet...

I will not be online for a while - I have a "Honey To-Dos" list to do beforehand

Chained Evil
20-07-2012, 23:27
Need Invite Please,

Game Tag: Fear Of Unknown.6789

TYVM see you in BWE3

21-07-2012, 00:48
If I recall correctly, Lady Rhonwynn isn't going to be back until tomorrow. Perhaps an officer would want to start one for the time being.

21-07-2012, 03:01
did someone go through and invite everyone? I had an invite when I logged in for the few minutes. Much appreciated :grin:

21-07-2012, 04:07
I didn't get an invite to the alliance guild, I can haz? Raye Lestrange.1834

21-07-2012, 04:19
I haven't seen anyone from the alliance. I also please need an invite? dpshort.6830

21-07-2012, 04:29
I didn't read it; it was Dii. I am not smart.

21-07-2012, 04:58
Crystal Desert is FULL.

21-07-2012, 05:06
good thing i got in on CD then.. btw i could use a re-invite as Bailey Scarr, not sure if the guild was auto-disbanded because nobody had any characters or what..

21-07-2012, 05:33
Yea, i'm thinking Crystal Desert might not be the best server for launch.

21-07-2012, 05:34
I joined Maguuma.

21-07-2012, 06:39
Has anyone made the alliance guild yet?

21-07-2012, 10:35
good thing i got in on CD then.. btw i could use a re-invite as Bailey Scarr, not sure if the guild was auto-disbanded because nobody had any characters or what..

All guilds were wiped for BWE3, and I don't think anyone actually got around to making GWO alliance again. Re-inviting everyone is quite the task but if anyone feel up for it just go for it. (My play time turned out to be quite limited this weekend so I do not think I will be able to, I am lucky I even was able to invite all the Dii people to our guild :embarassed:).

About servers, server swaps are free still, so I would suggest that those who are not able to get into Crystal go to Vabbi in stead. Sure it is a EU server, but at least you will find some allies there and from what I hear the lag is actually not really noticable.

21-07-2012, 12:35
Turns out I spent a few hours in a guild I didn't know I'd joined. They never said a word to me. Apparently selecting, "ignore invite" means you accept it.

Or maybe being busy fighting things means you automatically accept? No idea.

Very strange. Anyway, they never spoke, so I left them.

21-07-2012, 17:56
If anyone wants a temp invite to Dii for the purposes of the beta, pm in game (Raye Lestrange) and i'll shoot an invite your way. [At least until the GWO alliance guild is made and stuff]

27-07-2012, 13:54
I found a nice list of which guilds and communities will be on which server over at guru (http://www.guildwars2guru.com/topic/32389-world-choice-guilds-and-communities/).


Anvil Rock
Your Math Teacher

Borlis Pass
House Fexdrion (PvE)
The Guild Hall 2
Imperials (PvX)
Yak’s Bend (Gw2Guru Hub)
Covenant of the Phoenix
Khazad Fundinul (PvX)
HFBoards Guild (PvX)
Ovejas Verdes
Mormon Battalion (PvX)
Ecks Di (PvX)
New Age Samurai (PvX)
Thoughbludgeon (PvX)
Sunder Military Gaming (PvX)
Lemon Flavored (PvX)
The Older Gamers (PvX)
Henge of Denravi
Guild Wars Reporter
Noble Honor (PvX)
Dark Order of Caine (PvP)
The Everlasting Sacred Path (PvX)
Knights and Heroes (PvX)
Charter Vanguard (PvX)
Knights of Eminence (PvX)
Sages' Lost Intrigues (PvE)
Armored FIST (PvP)
Meeting of the Lost Minds (PvE)
The Royal Guard (PvP)
Starfleet Dental
Sorrow’s Furnace
VexX Gaming (PvX)
Sponsored by Nike Airz
Descendants of Honor (PvX)
Drunken Dragon Punchers (PvX)
The District Nudists (PvX)
Outcry (PvX)
DAoC Vets
Forever First Blood (PvX)
The Border House
The Asian Invasion (PvP)
Ultimate Legion (PvX)
Obscurity (PvX)
Nightmare's of War
Team BallSac (PvX)
Ardent Company (PvX, Rp)
Shadow Crusade (PvX)
Jade Quarry
End of Discussion (PvX)
Fort Aspenwood
Penny Arcade
Legit Guild (PvP)
Gutbuster Brigade (PvX)
Onyx Continuum (PvX)
The Brotherhood (PvX)
Dont Tank the Dragon (PvX)
Empire of the Red Hand (PvX)
Geek Me Softly (PvX)
Warsworn (PvP)
The Forgotten Army (PvX)
Ehmry Bay
Allied Races Coalition (PvX, RP)
Geezer Guild
Darkhaven (Reddit switch)
Almost Famous (PvP)
The Old Ones (PvX)
Elder Gods (PvP)
Pax Paesidium (PvX, RP)
Swindlers Luck (PvX)
Finding It Really Easy (PvX)
Ironfist (PvX)
Ascendance (PvX)
Iron Fist (PvX)
Ascendance (PvX)
The Professionals
The Gathered (PvX)
Sanguiphoria (PvX)
Order of the Compass (RP, PvX)
Crystal Desert
Hearts of Chaos (PvX)
Evyl Gaming (PvP)
Xen of Onslaught (PvP)
Killerbees Gaming (PvX)
Aggroculture (PvX)
Tarnished Coast (RP Chosen by gw2roleplayers.com)
The Gentlemen's Club
I Swear She Was Eighteen (PvP)
Lion's Vanguard (Rp, PvX)
Wolves of the Silver Mysts (PvX)
Ashenfold Cartel (PvX)
Ascendant Entity (PvX)
The Pathforgers Institute (PvX RP)
Foefire (RP PvP)
Fairy Tail (PvX)
Isle of Janthir
Boons & Conditions
Order of the Silver Dragons (PvX)
The Guardians (PvX)
For Nornia
Lords of the West (PvX)
Sea of Sorrows (Oceanic Community)
Something Awful
Aurora Australis
Eon Nocturne (PvX)
StormCrest Legion (PvX)
Star Curse (PvE)
Ping Pong Posse
Generation Gaming
Grey Legion (PvP)
The Wine Conspiracy (PvX)
Eternal Grove
Under the Pale Tree
Talk Tyria/Deviant
Emerald Fang (PvX)
Execution (PvX)
Bloodthirsty Immortal Outcasts (PvX)
Metal Sun (PvX)
Sanctum of Rall

Stormbluff Isle

Gate of Madness
Mature Gamers' Alliance (PvX)
Four Elements
OZ Clan
The Stygian Vanguard (PvX)
Decisive Action (WvW)


Gandara(Gw2Guru-EU Eng Hub)
Futilez (PvP)
Get Stomped (PvP)
The Guild Hall 2
Friskyttarna (PvX)
(Turkey) Reaction (PvP)
Minions (PvP)
(Greek) Heaven and Hell (PvX)
(French) Team Baka (PvX)
(Finnish) Winter
Deadly Sinners
The Vasburg Armory (PvX)
Beyond Control (PvX)
Hitmen Society
Timeo Danaos
Astral Riders (PvX)
Simul Proficimus (PvX)
The Black Forge (PvX)
The Oscure Brotherhood (PvX)
Dark Saga (PvX)
Boneblack Brigade (PvX)
International Fuzz (PvX)
Kodash [DE]
Dragon Season
Mystic Spiral
Dutch Sunshine
Nerdy Bookahs
Ennui (PvP)
Demashi (PvP)
Midnight Mayhem (PvX)
(Polish) guildwars.pl
(Polish) GuildWars2.com.pl
(Russian) goha.ru
(Russian) guildwars-2.ru
The Autonomy (PvP)
Cult of Outlaws (PvX)
ParadoX (PvP)
Atop Beacon's Perch (PvE)
The Omen (PvX)
Fissure of Woe
(Italian) mmorpgitalia.it
Blade and Quill (PvX)
Tempus Omnia Revelat (PvX)
Portugal in Tyria (And other Portuguese guilds)
Ashen Gates (PvX)
Portugal Para Sempre (PvE)
(Russian) Yin-Yang (PvP)
Espirit De Corps
Ring of Fire
The Bulgarians (PvP)
Working as Intended (PvX)
Far Shiverpeak (FarShiverpeaks.com)
Norse Oil eXpedition
Ragnarok of Primordus
Semper Danica
Three Crowns
Wolffestar Clan (PvX)
Limburgse Jagers
Ice Cold Elements (PvX)
Team Awkward (PvP)
Fly Agaric
Nine Worlds (PvX)
(Dutch/Belgian) Heroes on Socks
Tunnel Vision
The Legendary Few (PvX)
Howling Voids (PvX)
(Dutch/Belgian) Lowland Lions (PvX)
Ancient Reign (PvP)
Hypochondria (PvX)
Dutch Doom Brigade (PvX)
Guild Wars Heroes (PvX)
Nesulotas (PvX)
United (PvX)
Ruthless (PvX)
Crisis (PvX)
Jade Sea [FR]
(French) The Visitors (PvP)
Rogues To Riches (PvX)
The Dark Reavers (PvX)
TheTyrianOrder (PvX)
Semper Dius
The People's Front of Tyria (PvX)
Sovereign (PvX)
Hakuna Matata (PvX)
Trix Lorena (PvX)
Somnium (PvX)
Destiny's Edge
(Finnish) Unseelie Court
(Finnish) Frozen Dawn
(Finnish) Frozen Banner
Full Hand (PvX)
Another Bites the [Dust] (PvX)
Insanity (PvX)
The Older Gamers (PvX)
Whiteside Ridge
Imperium (PvX)
Boon Control
Order of the Rose Croix (PvX)
Raven (PvP)
7Kingdoms (PvP)
2 Big Portuguese Guilds (PvX)
Fort Ranik [FR]
(French) Canard pc
(French) HFR
(French) Memorium (PvX)
Ruins of Surmia
(Spanish) Guild Wars 2 Spain
(Spanish) Guild Wars Latino
(Spanish) Guild Wars 2 Online
Seafarer's Rest
Siege Turtles (PvX)
ST Alliance (PvX)
Twice Avenged (PvX)
The Order of Chaos (PvX)
Sanctuary of Legendary Heroes (PvE)
Aurora Glade
(Czech) The Dragonguards (PvX)
(Czech) Lex Mortis (PvX)
(Czech) Legends of the Mists (PvX)
(Czech) Black Angels (PvX)
(Czech) Slzy Osudu (PvX)
Riverside [DE]
Rivers Run Red (PvP)
Forest of Frog (PvX)
(German) Atrox (PvP)
(German) Awaken (PvP)
(German) Demons (PvP)
(German) Vintersol (PvP)
Forest of Fog (PvX)
Deus ex Machina (PvX)
Team Akward (PvX)
Dusk (PvX)
Croatian Maniacs
Elona Reach [DE]
(German) Onlinewelten and Wartower Community
Augury Rock [FR]
(German) gw2.vanion.eu (PvX)
(French) Univers Virtuel
(French) Luna Atra
Gunnar's Hold

Boreal Station

Umbral Grotto

Lakeside County
Halcyon (PvE)
Abaddon’s Mouth [DE]
(German) [GiGa] (PvX)
Piken Square

Boreal Station


Sir Jack
05-08-2012, 14:47
So did we already decide on the final EU and NA servers the alliance will be on?

I know Vabbi was a good server during the BWE's, but it seems it's been chosen as the Russian Community's server of choice, as well as some 4chan and Reddit guilds, DVDF and some other guilds. Not saying we should pick a desolated server, but this one is getting quite crowded, and Russians aren't really known to stick to English in chat.

05-08-2012, 15:44
DVDF does state that a few Russian guilds have chosen Vabbi, but that the majority of the Russian guilds have chosen Blackwater Tide as their "unofficial" server.

There is an on-going discussion about servers in the private forum.

05-08-2012, 15:57
I was on Vabbi in the last BWE, and I didn't see any Russian chat. I don't think I saw chat in anything but English. And the DVDF-folks are friendly in my experience :smiley:

05-08-2012, 15:58
Is it true that Russian players equip their characters with dash cams?

Nightfall Crescent
05-08-2012, 18:05
Sorry to jump into this discussion. I am not a member of your alliance, but I have always found the people on this forum to be very friendly. I'm in a small guild myself, just a group of friends. And we came to Vabbi, after Far Shiverpeaks became to crowed. We even played with some of the people of this community waaaay back in Factions (to long ago to remember names sorry. I'm sure you won't remember me either :p ) and it was a very friendly experience.

As such, it would be an honour to be able to play with you people on the same server again.

Allow me to list of the reason why we thought Vabbi was an interesting server:

*True European server. Unlike other servers which have be 'claimed' by certain nationalities, Vabbi is a home to everyone. I have met some people from UK, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Russia. It is true that a Russian alliance has made its home there. But I don't think that has to be a negative. It's just a medium sized alliance, not a Russian invasion. Russians can be fun players too :) Besides they are mostly interested in WvW anyway.
Surprisingly this mixed nationalities did not result in too many foreign languages being spoken in chat. Sure there is some French and Polish, but the majority of chat was still English. This is my experience however. Other players said that did have problems with foreign languages. IMHO, a little foreign talk can't hurt. If you are at least a little bit tolerant of other people, this shouldn't be a problem. In fact, the Russians alliance made efforts to communicate in English in WvW. So that's positive.

*It's a medium sized server. It seems like most people are flocking to the servers that have been claimed by certain nationalities. As such a server like Vabbi is a little left out. The server was never 'full' in BWE3, I don't think it ever reached 'high' in BWE3.

*Middle ground WvW. As it stands, Vabbi is not going to be a WvW powerhouse. To me this is preferable to the large semi-pro WvW servers (Far Shiverpeaks, Desolation, Augury Rock) where some huge alliance dominates. We found this to be a problem on Far Shiverpeaks, a few mega guilds do all the work and smaller guild and individual players are just 'along for the ride'. Where on Vabbi, while less organised and 'weaker', does give the feeling that even a small group of people can make a difference. What I'm trying to get across is that we as a small guild had a lot more fun on the more casual Vabbi server. What about the Russians then you might say? Well first they are not that numerous. Second, they seem to be playing on different times then us (Belgium time).

*Even in PvE most people on the server feel more casual and fun loving. Although, this feeling might have something to do with the fact that it's a medium pop server. I'm sure as more people start playing, especially on release, there will be a healthy dose of hardcore PvE action.

*The 4chan thing? I have never seen anything 4chan related. Other people have stated the same. If you didn't know the server was 'picked' by 4chan you wouldn't even notice it. If you ask me, the while thing is nothing more than a false rumour.
And Reddit? Aren't they on Whiteside Ridge?

Of course those are just my personal observations of the server.

The most prominent guilds I have met on Vabbi are DVDF, MARA (a very large mature UK guild) and BloS (which is an surprisingly large Italian guild I believe. These guys are actually very friendly as well). Those seem to be pretty good companions for future Guild Wars action. :)

Hopefully this community will stay there as well? It would be fun to have some more friendly people there.

ps: sorry if I sound like I'm trying to sell Vabbi to you :D

edit: Just read that MARA has joined an alliance on Boreal Station.

Lady Rhonwyn
05-08-2012, 18:10
We're still debating our server choices. And we're also in contact with DVDF as we would like to share servers with them. We still have almost 3 weeks, and ANet still hasn't released the official list of servers yet.

We'll keep you posted!

Sir Jack
05-08-2012, 19:00
ps: sorry if I sound like I'm trying to sell Vabbi to you :D

Oh, I wasn't trying to get us to leave Vabbi either, so sorry if anyone thought that. Just been spotting a few server claims lately and noticed GWO/GWAL/... didn't "officially claim" a server yet, so I mostly just wondering about it and sharing what I learned about Vabbi recently. I had also been following the 4chan /vg/ GW2 thread and noticed they chose Vabbi as well, had seen a few of their players during BWE and they were pretty nice, like most people I encountered in the BWEs. Didn't notice any Russian but I heard they chose Vabbi after BWE3.

BTW, dunno if anyone knows the site, but it's pretty handy to get a general idea:
Lists the different servers and any registered Guilds that already made their choice, and which servers are considered "unofficial language" servers.

05-08-2012, 19:56
YIKES! I checked that db and see TRUE left the GWO Alliance! That's what we get for allowing Alaris to make the TRUE entry.

05-08-2012, 20:00
I did what now?

Nightfall Crescent
05-08-2012, 20:21
I had also been following the 4chan /vg/ GW2 thread and noticed they chose Vabbi

Just read a bit on there as well. Apparently they are starting to leave because of the Russians. Since MARA left for Boreal Station and they seem to think DVDF left too, they reason there are no more English guild left. :( If that's true that would certainly put things in a different perspective.

You know. As a small unaffiliated guild it's pretty hard to pick a server. Since we can't form a community by ourselfs we have to follow the bigger boys around. In this case YOU. Hope you don't mind us tagging along.
We are less than 10 people so we won't crowd the place :p :D

Also: It's pretty funny to read on 4chan that they should avoid the Russians because the Russian community is stupid :p