View Full Version : How do you play find your friends/guild members in game?

Necrotic Doomsday
27-04-2012, 23:22
I understand there are different world servers. Before the beta began my guild choose to play on the Darkhaven US server. Today when the beta began 4 of our members made it in to that world, and now the rest get a message that the world is full and were stuck choosing other home worlds.

For thos members that did make it onto the same home world server though we still have been unable to find each other. We all go wait by the same NPC in the same world and never find each other. Is there some feature I'm not seeing that will allow us to map to a friend or guild mate? Seems like a really simple thing to have in the game. I know I read that in the beta the visit other world ability is turned off, but for those in the same world, it makes no sense why we can't find each other.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

28-04-2012, 02:26
At this point we have absolutely no clue. It seems like there is no way to change "channels" yet.

tapatalked on galaxy nexus

28-04-2012, 02:33
You or your friends were probably in overflow? Like Shawn said, there doesn't seem to be a way to gather in the same channel or overflow or district, whatever you want to call it.


28-04-2012, 04:03
Yeah, it got pretty annoying with me and my friend.

Necrotic Doomsday
28-04-2012, 15:19
It's really disappointing. I love the gameplay and graphics and music. They really are phenomonal. I'm really hoping since it's a beta that there is some feature for finding and linking up with friends/guild mates that is in the works and will be out for future betas and final release. It's just my guild was really looking forward to exploring this new world together and not being able to find a single person in-game even though we know where each person in the guild is makes no sense.

It feels like WvWvW really dictated the design for the servers and because they don't want people hoping from World to World and ruining the WvWvW aspect of the game those of us only interested in PvE play with friends are left out of being able to play the game with those that matter to us and instead just play with random strangers.