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28-04-2012, 18:17
The Infinite

We are a Guild Wars 2 guild looking for active members who are going to play GW2. Our guild web site is at tingw2.shivtr.com

PvE with end-game Raiding/PvE
English, US CST/EST (East)
Moderate game play (10+ week)
Voice chat reccomended (raids/pvp)
Must be 16 or older
Forum and website usage required

In The Infinite we expect you to read and stay up to date with events and etc. We don't ask that you spend a lot of time on the forums since we all have lives outside of gaming. And besides we are here to play Guild Wars 2 not to search the site for every bit of information.

We are a newly formed guild looking for active members as said above. Active doesn't mean you have to be on the game everyday, but if you do that's fine too. By active we mean to participate in guild events like WvWvW groups and dungeon or elite dynamic events (notice: elite doesn't mean you need the best gear skill etc. it means that it requires lots of players).

We are a 16 years or older guild, however if you are a parent who likes to game with your family and have a child under the age of 16 we do admit them. We do not accept immaturity and we may talk about adult situations sometimes so if you don't want your child to hear/see these things we recommend not letting your child be in the guild. If you are a parent of a child under the age of 16 you must speak with me, Grant, about it through message or chat.

Apply to us at: tingw2.shivtr.com
click the "Apply to guild" link on the right of the page under the navigation.