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01-05-2012, 21:44
Greetings all my fellow Guild Wars 2 fans, players and those "like myself" who are totally stoked about GW2!

Bedlam is now seeking those who want to be with a great minded, adaptable and VERY easy going folks like yourself.

Bedlam is doing something different than MANY guilds are planning. While not to discount or attempt to be negative, what our plans in WvWvW are: instead of massive, epic raids against main Keeps. We are going to focus on the smaller targets such as Supply bases/caravans, forts and even towers. While it is without a doubt a requirement that taking the Keep is an epic battle of epic importance, what we noticed during Beta weekend was: MANY ignored the smaller outposts.

Whether Bedlam has a guild of 50 or 100 or even 1000, we will attempt to work in 8-12 man teams where the focus is on taking these smaller targets with lightning speed and efficiency. We then will be ensuring that adequate supplies are carried with our group so that defenses are able to re-built along with upgrades and then defended by a small group. Our end goal is such that not only do we take the location, that we will hold it and the enemy will be forced to throw many, many more of their characters against us, which will give our allied guilds the ability to focus more on the larger targets.

Guild Wars 2 in our opinion is so dependent upon guilds and groups working together that we created a guild just to further help our world to have dominance and to ensure that their manpower is focused upon the task of taking those large Keeps.

PvE'ers, we FULLY support you. I will be very blunt here when I say: PvE in Guild Wars 2 "at least in Beta" was a truly enjoyable and great experience overall, I and all members of Bedlam had an incredible time playing PvE and to deny PvE to our members is not and will NEVER happen...in fact it is encouraged.

Crafting it seems will be a very useful experience in GW2, where some MMO's have had a broken/useless crafting system. It would appear and seem that Crafting in GW2 is both useful and beneficial to everyone. Coming from a SWTOR player, I assure you that this is more than just a breath of fresh air. :tongue:

If you are wondering about our "Rank" system, we do not have 5, 10 or20 "Ranks" to climb through the guild. I personally have found only issues and drama that arise with ranks and such, what our members and myself have only wanted was: a group of people that enjoy each others company, treat each other with respect and consideration.

Where some guilds have many rules and initiations procedures to go through, we have taken the: Let's try to get to know the person applying and see how they do method. One thing that I have learned is: someone who is GREAT at PvP in "x" game, may not be as great in "y" Game, anyone can surprise in any game and as long as your attitude is good, then we are good with having you on our team. Experienced, in-experienced, casual or hardcore. Everyone has their place in Bedlam and all are welcome

MMO's are a game and games are supposed to be fun, they should be your "escape" from your day to day life, they should be your "way" to relax and unwind when the kids are asleep, homework is done or a project for work finally reaches its conclusion.

Are you ready? Are you excited? Just click the link and help Bedlam become the friendly and fun guild that it is designed to be, surrounded by fun loving individuals just as yourself.

Bedlam, "Bringing chaos, confusion and disorder to our enemies."
Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

5Tone/The Great Blain