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07-05-2012, 04:45

Who are we?
Sonata is primarily a pvp (this does not mean we do not indulge in pve) based guild that strives to create and maintain a friendly yet, competitive community with the purpose of becoming one of the most well respected guild's in Guild Wars 2.

Things you should know:
I like to run things in a formal structured fashion but, this does not mean that your input does not matter. In fact it is quite the opposite. During my experience as a guild master and founder I have learned that although the master and his administration team runs the guild, you, the members of the guild are what makes it or breaks it.

You may be wondering, Why Pvx, if you have a 'Pvp focus?'. Two reasons: One is influence, you can acquire it from pvp but, not nearly as fast as Pve. Influence is, essentially, everything (excluding member count) that gives an advantage for your respective guild. This includes political gains (guild vanity, perks), Pvp buffs (dmg inc., faster siege weapon creation, etc.), and Architecture (Guild vaults and workshops). The second reason is we're not elitists. Once in a while, we will need a time for respite and Pve does just that.

My History:
In the past I've lead under a different name in an mmo called Aika (mass pvp mmo). The guild's name is Amaterasu, in the nation of Alethius. My ign was TsubameSora (Sniper DPS class) and my officers were Yanagi (Saint Support/DPS) and xMrRogersx (Templar Tank). During my time in Aika I had managed to raise a completely unknown guild to the top of its nation in the Lord Marshal Alliance (Alliance that leads its respective nation. There are only five nations total). After this goal was achieved I retired from guild leadership due to the game's P2W nature and passed on leadership to my successor (Yanagi) who then moved onto Aion passing on her leadership to the next successor (xMrRogersx). I've also indulged quite a bit in Vindictus. The game inspires teamwork and coordination to achieve daunting tasks which will be essential in Guild Wars 2 WvWvW. I could go on but, you did not come here to read my biography did you?

What we look for from our members:
Feedback. As a new guild, mistakes will be made. We in Sonata will want to hear from our members. How we can improve or things you like about the guild, these are things we would like to know.

Community. Just as we would like to hear from you, we want you to participate in discussions! Being in a guild means to work as a team and being able to debate or discuss various subjects can help us bond and become a single cohesive unit.

Guild Commitment. It's the guild the ultimately comes first. Being part of a guild means to promote and represent it in a positive manner. Remember to be in a guild is to be part of something larger than yourself. However, we do realize that you may have real life commitments and we respect your judgement on how you choose to run your life.

Common Courtesy. Be polite. If you honestly think you are better than someone else then help them out! We are not "elitists".

Healthy Competition. Be competitive! Adversities are what helps us grow as a guild. Remember: constructive criticism is the best criticism. Don't be afraid to ask what you believe you are doing incorrectly; we will help you as best we can.

Teamwork. You are not alone. This is a guild, and as such we would like to see you all work as a team.

We look forward to all future applicants.

Thank you,
ExDivinity (aka: Influenza in Sonata)
Guild Founder


Guild Regulations


28-06-2012, 05:13
Guild update!

Sonata's growth is moving at a steady pace. We would also like to announce that we have made an alliance with Emerald Fang. Furthermore, applications will now be required to join Sonata. Should your application be accepted you will need to agree to our "Rules and Regulations" thread before you will become an official member of Sonata.

Our official server will be the US server Eternal Grove

The guild's time zone is: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Guild Update 5/16/2012!

We have aligned with a couple more guilds that you may know: Glory In Ashes. Recruitment has slowed however, we have expected this to occur due to the game being still in its beta stages. We were also fortunate to participate in Monday's Stress Test! In the WvWvW area we had done much exploration and documentation and will soon be conceiving potential stratagems for our future plans in Pvp. We are also holding an alliance meeting this Friday to address any issues or suggestions that will be brought up during these concessions.

Guild Update 5/31/2012

Things are heating up in Sonata, we've added another guild to the alliance, PRiME. With the upcoming June 8th BETA even at noon PDT or 3pm EDT we're looking to expand our horizons by doing a little more in-depth cartography which may provide us with some invaluable information (information not found on your basic default already explored maps!). So, why explore the maps? You may think this is a PvE venture but, this process (grueling or enjoyable as it may be) is meant to increase the efficiency of our future prospects. "Your explanation is vague!" you may say. However, this is prevent individuals from stealing our ideas (similarly to how artists place watermarks on their works!). If you really want to know whats going on in Sonata and the Alliance don't hesitate to join our guild. We are once again holding an alliance meeting this Friday to inform or address any issues or suggestions that will be brought up during these concessions.

Guild Update 6/28/2012

The previous BETA Weekend #2 was quite a journey for us. The alliance as well as ourselves indulged in various aspects of WvWvW including: Sieges, Castle/Tower Defenses, Small Skirmishes, and even skill point completions (although some were bugged...). We also took some time for respite in the large PvE world of Guild Wars 2. From map area completions (and its nice rewards) to the end of the BETA weekend #2 event. The dungeons in PvE were somewhat disappointing but, with all the feedback everyone's provided we're sure it'll change. Lets face it, Guild Wars 2 is filled with areas to explore, jumping puzzles to solve (don't fall, it can hurt sometimes trust me...I know.), enemies to dispatch and even eavesdropping on NPC conversations to do. With all these items to tackle we're absolutely psyched for its official release. See you in this Wednesday's Stress Test!

On a side-note: We'd also like to add that Ping Pong Posse and BIO (Bloodthirsty Immortal Outcasts) have joined our alliance. With our newest additions that makes the a total of 5 guilds plus Sonata in our alliance.

We look forward to all future applicants.

Thank you,
ExDivinity (aka: Influenza in Sonata)
Guild Founder