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gillian treehugger
07-05-2012, 07:45
Guardians of Flame are recruiting new members for Guild Wars 2. We have members from all over Europe playing on the Gandara server.

Formed back in January of 2006 as a GvG guild for Guild Wars 1 where we fought with the best of the best. We do not follow others, but prefer to innovate and develop our own play style to suit our members and the skills they bring to the team.

The guild has always been very casual friendly and will remain so in Guild Wars 2. We all have family, work, school/college and other commitments in a thing called life.

If you don't want to be a faceless member of a large guild, but want to be in an active medium sized guild were everyone gets to know each other and works together to build team work, then GoF could be the place for you.

Even though we are casual based, we have a professional approach to the way the guild is run and how we approach the game.

We are active in all aspects of the game including working together to complete dynamic events and also getting involved in PvP(WvW & 5v5).

If you are interested then please visit our website at www.guardiansguild.co.uk (http://www.guardiansguild.co.uk)or PM me here with any questions.


gillian treehugger
04-07-2012, 06:43
GoF is growing but still looking for more members.

We have moved to the Olafstead server and working of all aspects of the game.

Last stress test we had a great time with full guild teams in WvW.

Come join us for the next Beta and on to retail.


gillian treehugger
06-09-2012, 16:23
We are on the Gandara server.

Still looking for more casual members for PvE, WvW, PvP and dungeons.

If you are looking for a atmosphere thats like a group pf friends playing than GoF could be for you.