View Full Version : PvX: -Gehenna - is recruiting gamers of all stripes

10-05-2012, 01:21
Gehenna plans to set up on the Ehmry Bay server, and will be active in every aspect of the game. Our goal is to become one of the server's premier guilds, a name that everyone knows, and the first guild you expect to see whenever our server scores a great victory in PvP or PvE. We are playing mostly in US timezones, but we are split pretty evenly between the east coast, west coast, and in between; we certainly aren't limited to US players, and invite members from anywhere. We play virtually all hours of the day and night, between us, so most players probably won't be lonely. And we invite players from all over the spectrum, from casual to hardcore and PvE to PvP (we're not very big on RP). We have a place for just about everyone. We only have a couple requirements.

-Members should be mature. We don't strictly have an 18+ requirement, but especially immature players, or loud and obnoxious kids will find themselves kicked out pretty quick. We expect that, in public chats, people will represent the guild well.
-On the other hand, you should be fairly laid back. We do not like to have a lot of draconic policies. For example, we don't limit cursing in guild chat (although it gets old if it's over the top), so people who are offended way too easily might not fit.
-Players should have a good sense of humor, but take the game seriously to a certain degree, too. Joking around in-game is great, but if we're fighting bosses or something we do want to make sure they get done right.
-Just be friendly and we'll all get along fine!

Gehenna's core of old-timers are mostly hardcore gamer types who have been gaming together in various venues for over 13 years. We have had a strong endgame presence in a couple different MMOs, especially FFXI and WoW, and we're now moving just about our entire core over to GW2. So there is definitely a place in Gehenna for hardcore gamers, the types who like to take on the toughest challenges a game has to offer. Our plan right now is to have regular guild events (hopefully the game will allow for us to do this on a regular schedule), where we tackle the most difficult PvE content available as a coordinated guild. We also want to have a strong presence in WvW and competitive PvP, so gamers with these interests will definitely be in good company.

At the same time, we want to encourage casual gamers to join up, as well. We don't have attendance requirements, so players with busy lives can feel at home; most of us are pretty busy, ourselves, so we can definitely sympathize when real life has to take priority, and that's just fine! We are really excited to bring in casual gamers who 1) want to get into the more hardcore aspects (we love to teach!) or 2) just want to stay casual. We're always down to help out our guildies, so don't be intimidated if you're on the casual side; we want you, too!

Please come check us out! Our website: http://gehenna.enjin.com/

We also use Ventrilo. A mic is not required, but use of Ventrilo will be for guild events, at least just to listen.

We're still working on getting all our members registered on the new website, but it's gradually coming to life. Any questions about our guild can be posted in our public forum, there, so don't hesitate to drop in, say hello, and ask any questions you might have. And then, fill out an application! And then, while we wait for the game to come out, feel free to join us on other games. These days we're playing a lot of MW3, but we play other stuff too.

Thanks for reading, we hope to hear from you soon!