View Full Version : PvX: RH Gaming-- HUGE NA/EU guild expanding to GW2, <RP,PvP,WvW,PvE> Hardcore or Casual

11-05-2012, 20:44
RH Gaming
First off, RH Gaming is the largest SC2 and Diablo guild in NA. With 2,500 members behind us we have been able to form a nice community that is dedicated to staying interactive and helping one another out. With the No.1 streaming diablo channel, we keep our members entertained and included at all times. So you see we are not just another guild, we are a dedicated community that is expanding to GW2 and the following are reasons why you should join us.

1. Well mannered, mature, always active community that focus on the enjoyment of the game no matter what your style is.
• We are an 18+ clan that focuses on mature gamers having fun, joking around, but when it is time to become serious can do it as well. Younger kids can apply but you will be interviewed beforehand because we have noticed maybe 1-100 kids under 18 are mature enough.
• There are ALWAYS people on TeamSpeak, it is rare when there is not 40 players talking and having fun while on TeamSpeak.
2. We’re everything, PvP, WvW, PvE, RP… Whatever your game style is you will find a home here.
• We want our community to be so large you can find your clique within the community at all times. You can be a Hardcore PvP person and there will be others that want the same. You can group on TeamSpeak in your own personal channel or join others on different channels. This goes for any other game style you might have in mind, PvE, RP, and WvW. Your involvement is up to you and there will always be people to play with if you want.
3. More than just a gathering place.
• Our Guild offers more than just a place to post a couple forms, we have in guild tournaments, podcasts, streaming, and many more features that people leave out when creating a guild. Entertainment is key for people and if you are going to be on a website why not enjoy it.

I can go on and on how great this community is and how fast it has grown, but that would take too long when really you can just go see it for yourself. We will be streaming LIVE game footage of the beta for anyone to see, so if you were on the edge of purchasing but want to see what it has to offer more than you can drop on by and check it out.

Reasons to join the largest community in 2 games?
• Always active
• Thousands of fellow members to talk to
• Almost 50,000 posts
• No.1 Diablo stream, and starting up a GW2 streaming
• TeamSpeak server for everyone
• Wide variety of people to play with
• A community more than a guild.

So if you interested in us you can head over to our website: http://www.rhgaming.com
You can check it out before you sign up, and if you want to apply for GW2 click the “Apply now” button that is placed in the banner on the left side. NOTE: we are kick starting the division today so on the application where it says, Diablo or SC2, put GW2.
Once it’s all done don’t be shy to jump on TeamSpeak, join me and others in the GW2 lounge and we can kick it off and stay laid back.