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20-05-2012, 15:23
Tired of looking for your new guild, only to be placed at the bottom of the ladder. Ruled over by other power hungry players and be forced to comply with what they believe is best for the guild? Structure and organization is great, but why does it feel as if joining a guild is similar to applying for a job these days?

The Sentinels of Tyria, [SENT], is a new upcoming guild for Guild Wars 2 that takes a new look on guild communities. We attempt to create more of a family than a business. Guild Wars 2 is a game heavily focused on player cooperation, and being part of SENT guarentees you a community of like-minded, easy going members to play with. SENT has been created to allow players to help other players, not play against them. This is not a hardcore guild set to "dominate the world, or else..." All members of the guild work together as a community.

What can I find at SENT?

Are you interested in making decisions that affect the guild right from the beginning? The Sentinels of Tyria is a community and as a community we make desicions. Everyone has a voice and a right to use it. "Because I rank higher" is not a valid reason to justify any decision. In SENT ranks really don't hold much power. Just because a recruit is newer doesn't mean that can't have good ideas. Be heard, right from the beginning.

You paid $60+ to buy Guild Wars 2. Why should you not be able to play the game how you want? Restrictions of playing X amount of hours or days don't exist here. We want you to play the way you want with other players that just want to play the game like you. PvE, PvP and WvWvW.

The Sentinels of Tyria is planning to be invitation only after release. Our roster is not planned to achieve vast amount of players. We want our guild to feel like family. Players should be able to jump on our VOIP server and have great time even if they are not playing the game.

Who do we want?

We are looking for leaders, independent thinkers and innovators. Everyone will have a voice and therefore we want people that can bring new ideas and thoughts. We hold no interest in members just looking for a guild to rise the ranks and hold power.

In the early stages of our development motivation and dedication are quite important. There is much work and testing to be done, and much collaboration to be had. Players that are excited and eager to do what the can are most apprciated.

What do we have to offer?

Fully self-owned website. Not a free gaming forum or template. All coded from scratch and under our control
Forums, which is also coded by us and owned by us
Mumble - VOIP server
SMTP Email Server - Various uses for email alerts and notifications
Community-type environment. Not a business model!

How to apply?

If you are still interested in joining The Sentinels of Tyria, you may proceed in two ways.

Register on our website and post an application on the forum: http://sentinelsoftyria.redirectme.net
Send me a PM and from there we can get in contact through Skype or Mumble.

There are no restrictions of age, character preference, timezone, country, etc... However, I would note that we are located in the US at Eastern Time Zone.