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25-05-2012, 19:52
The engineer is complex and will take time to get used to. In the spirit of understanding that profession better, I'd like to know how you played it, and/or are planning to play it.

When I played it, I aimed for a more healer role, mixing healing and dps. It'll need some tweaks but it seemed to work well. I liked being able to switch to healing when needed (though with cooldowns you can't heal 100% of the time) while being able to dish out damage without risking running out of energy.

I have not tried engineer in PvP though. I'd be curious to learn what works there.

Malhavoc Adhamar
25-05-2012, 20:52
From what I've played of the engineer, I've been leaning towards a flamethrower/elixir gun or bombs/grenades for PvE. What I like about the flamethrower/elixir gun mix is it gives me some versatility in what role I take in a group. While things are good I can be dealing the damage with the flamethrower, then when things start to look shaky, switch to the elixir gun and throw some regen/boons around.

Downside in PvP land is that kits/turrets in general lack DPS because they don't benefit from any weapon mods you might have equipped. While I don't expect to have massive DPS because of the ability to hot switch my build, I also don't expect for someone to sit in my flamethrower and treat it like a warm shower.

25-05-2012, 21:24
Oh I don't know the dps of kits... I liked the elixir gun for its healing abilities, but it's pretty bad at killing stuff. The vulnerability might be nice combined with other weapons (yours or those from allies), but I didn't play with that enough to get a good feel for it. I would assume that kits would do at least as much damage as rifle or pistol/pistol, otherwise what's the point? Grenades recharged fairly quickly so you could use them pretty frequently.

I like the idea of turrets, but in my experience they were cumbersome. I think they may be nice to use in long fights though.

12-06-2012, 11:35
In the first BWE I tried out a couple of different professions, but kept being drawn back to the engineer until I played it to the exclusion of all others. I didn't touch any of the other characters during the second BWE. I didn't have as much time to devote to this BWE due to rl commitments and while I agree that the turrets can be difficult to learn to use (at least for me), it's like any other skill. You will get better at it over time. What I like to do is set my turret up before the fight starts and sort of draw the mob in towards it. When I activate it, it does quite a bit of damage to a good number of the mob. As soon as it's cool down period is up, I set up another.

I read where someone was having issues leaving their turrets behind and I will admit I did the same early on. But eventually, I started to remember to either "pick it up" or detonate it before leaving the area after the fight.

It's odd how I sometimes will settle on a profession that when I have read about it think "I'll never play that one" only to discover that it's the one profession that I truly enjoy playing.

12-06-2012, 14:54
Managing turrets will be a skill. I'm fine with it, though I guess having a mechanism like ritualists would be fine too.

Planting turrets and waiting for cooldowns might be effective, but it might be slow as well, like ranger trapping or ritualist spirits. Ok, may the improved spirit rit was fast. Still, I tended to keep the turrets for larger groups where I was fairly confident I'd be fighting in place for a while. I would tend to dispatch single foes without turrets.

28-08-2012, 21:42
Melee Engineer. Or as I call it the Assault Engineer.

It works surprisingly well for "tanking" that is mob control. Especially when you realise that there isn't a huge difference in armor between the classes (about 6.8% increase from medium to heavy). This is an insignificant amount when you consider that at least 50% of your armor is from Toughness. So it works out to actually be less than 3.5% difference in armor.


The short of it:

Tool Kit
Healing Turret
Rocket Boots
Personal Battering Ram
Elixir X or Supply Drop (depends on your tanking style)

Weapon skills are more or less frosting. I like taking Pistol + Shield for the initial charge in. That extra Static Shield while running in is handy. It is also handy to have an "oh ****" to jump to when you need an extra blocking skill.

For traits, I stacked Invention for Toughness. You primary mode of healing is Healing Spray first then turret. Your wrench easily keeps the turret alive for the entirety of fights.

Ram and boots are excellent escape options when you need to juggle the target to someone else. You also have a large amount of disable skills at your disposal (if you remember that you can drop your kit at any time to get at your pistol skills), but really your pistol skills are mostly just used to pull and deal the initial burst of damage...

29-08-2012, 01:23
Hahah well that is creative!

Is tanking actually useful?

29-08-2012, 09:32
Well... GW2 tanking is all about mob control.

For that, a melee engineer has in spades. My personal favourite combo is Ramming the enemy away to knock them down, then leap in with either a dodge or Rocket Boot Kick (which actually also works as a charge). Between that, Gear Shield, Magnetic Shield (knockdown) and Static Shield (stun or confuse), you have some very solid disable skills.

From experience, I have no problem maintaining mob attention and staying alive. Wrench seems to do an obscene amount of damage especially when stacked with expertise. As for useful, I think it's pretty handy since it tightens up mob packs.

29-08-2012, 09:44
Personally I use pistol//shield, mostly because of the versatility of the shield. As for utility I never leave without Elixir S (the one with 4 buffs) and at least 5 points so this elixir automagically triggers at 75% health. Furthermore a single turret which is useful as crowd control and aoe and whatever kit I feel like using at the time.

Use a lot of strafing, and as soon as you hit 75%, use the elixir S skill to double stacks. That gives you a window of god mode to decide the fight. It is good for big groups since there is plenty of aoe between the 2 shield skills, electric pistol shot, turret explosion and 1 or 2 toolbelt skills. Also good survivability because of the shield, while the elixir S also gives a useful toolbelt skill that can keep you and a team alive (escort event!!). It is overall a very solid build leaving choices for which kit, turret and elite you want to use. Also traits are mostly up for grabs except for 5 points. Basically jack of all master of all.

29-08-2012, 13:59
I'm finding I use the rifle most often... I like blasting enemies away. :)

29-08-2012, 14:03
I'm finding I use the rifle most often... I like blasting enemies away. :)

Me too, but it's not so much fun when it knocks me down at the same time :) Shield blast does the same in aoe, and has an anti-ranged alternative. Far superior to rifle imho.

29-08-2012, 16:09
Dual pistol and elixir gun were my choices. I just liked them (rifle was fun too). I have no clue what was best...

29-08-2013, 20:44
My build... please criticize...

I really like using kits. I usually carry two kits with the third optional being a turret or running potion. I put mortar for WvW use, but in PvE I usually bring something else as elite.

http://www.gw2build.com/builds/simulator.php# . .