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26-05-2012, 15:48
Wooting the Woot for the Woot [WOOT] -- www.wooting.nl


Main focus on PvP
WvWvW on regular basis
Structured PvP taken seriously, will own server
PvE supportive role
Organized dungeons
No zerg guild
18+ yo, English speaking, have teamspeak + headset and show mature behavior but evenly pleasure for gaming
Open to casual, hardcore and commercial gamers

Join us on:

Teamspeak (http://www.teamspeak.com/invite/
Guild Website (http://www.wooting.nl)


Thank you for taking interest in [WOOT], hopefully I can convince you to join our awesome guild and you can start being part of [WOOT]!

Wooting the Woot for the Woot [WOOT] is a fully loaded guild name that seems to make no sense! Well I can tell you that every member of [WOOT] will tell you otherwise.

They will tell you that [WOOT] represents unity, entertainment, fun times, awesome experiences and winning of course! After all [WOOT] is not only a shout of joy but actually the abbreviation for We Own the Other Team.

[WOOT] is a organized guild focused on the PvP aspects of the game, meaning that we will actively be arranging WvWvW activities in order to become the dominant guild on the server and cast fear in the eyes of our foes. On top of that we will strongly focus on training and organizing strong 5v5 structured PvP teams.

To briefly come back on the latter, we will take 5v5 structured PvP quite serious and therefore also be maintaining our own dedicated server. Everybody with dedication and hard work will be able to join in these activities but it's not a requirement for joining the guild.

However, we believe that the PvE of guild wars 2 is an unmissable experience which should not be ignored. Therefore [WOOT] also allocates guild resources to the PvE aspect with focus on dungeons, team play and especially relaxation.

We support these activities by actively maintaining a twitter, Facebook, blog and YouTube feed with milestones, raid videos, e-sport videos, build instructions and much more. On top of that we maintain a constant live gameplay stream of our guild members. We highly welcome members that want to participate in these activities, as we want to give every member the opportunity to contribute to the guild. Other than that we mainly communicate with each other over Teamspeak and forum found on our website.

[WOOT] is by far not a Zerg guild, in fact we will be very selective with our member-base once the game releases.This doesn't mean we maintain a power control guild, in the contrary the [WOOT] solves problems in a mature matter and believes that every member has a voice in the guild.

The basic requirements we ask from our members is that they are 18+ yo, English speaking, own teamspeak + headset and show mature behavior but evenly childish attitude for gaming pleasure. You can be either a casual, hardcore or commercial gamer, in all cases there is a fitting place for you in [WOOT].

With the exception to the Beta we will openly invite members to share our experience of guild wars 2, however when the game releases members will be reviewed and filtered based on our guidelines.

So if you are looking for an organized, mature, English speaking, fun and PvP oriented guild with a PvE off-balance that will actively support its activities. Then look further, because you just found it.

If you are interested please check out our website on http://www.wooting.nl and fill in the application!:

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Twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/GuildWooting)
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YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/GuildWoot)
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