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31-05-2012, 17:43
This is the dedicated thread to all the news that will be out there concerning the second public beta weekend for Guild Wars 2 from the 8th to the 10th of June, 2012.

Please post all stuff you want to comment, contribute or things you have noticed changing from last beta and the [Basics] threads here.

Unlike the wish from the past thread, please post videos here too, as the long [Media] thread gave trouble to some browsers and was closed down because of that. I will move YT links to the GWOnlineTV section later.


I will play my Human Elementalist a little bit, but I want to take some time playing other professions this time. Perhaps our Fantastic Fansite Friend Redean will have something special about the Ele.

PS: Playing with Glyph of Renewal or Gale during the beta? Share your thoughts on the Skills of Interests about those two.

The following changes if really implemented could effect the Elementalist:


02-06-2012, 10:33
OK, I found the first indication that trait tiers are in, limiting the available Major Traits (for all professions)

http://i.imgur.com/pnJFj.jpg (from a PC Gamer stream of beta gameplay (http://www.pcgamer.com/previews/guild-wars-2s-gendarran-fields-has-centaurs-pirates-zombies-and-filthy-lying-apple-vendors/): )

This means that builds currently discussed need to be revisited, as certain traits might not be available to players who do not add a certain number of points to a trait line.
10pts = 1-6; 20pts = 1-10; 30pts= 1-12 (whether 5, 15 and 25 points correspond to other numbers can not be verified right now)

Conditions & Boons have swapped spots with the dodge endurance bar, too. Conditions & boons also indicate now when they will expire (although both pieces of info are not Elementalist specific)

The ability to combo with a field will be limited to 5 cross skill combos, which will effect the Ele's ability to combo as they provide a lot of field effects for others.

05-06-2012, 20:53
Hmm... "how awful" will skill tiers be?


Not so bad perhaps. To unlock skill tier 2 you need 5 skills and they are cheap! Arcane Blast, Glyph of Storms and Signet of Fire are skills you would have bought early anyway and just gaining two more skill points to get access to tier 2 isn't a lot. Tier 2 skills got cheaper (e.g. the Signets, which you sure will get). After getting the GoLE and the three signets it is a matter of personal choice what to unlock next.

I will have to see the distribution of traits among the tiers 1, 2 and 3. Perhaps that might not turn out that dramatically too.

PS: Trait tier will be...

6 possible major traits in tier 1 (Adept slot)
4 possible major traits in tier 2 (Master slot)
2 possible major traits in tier 3 (Grandmaster slot)

As tier 3 holds the most powerful traits, you can only take one of them, not the two best as it was before.

Also, the skill points will be re-funded (according to the Q&A on Reddit)

08-06-2012, 21:52
OK, BWE has started and I will have a look at the changes to the Ele every now and then. I will try to post a Change Log here and also make changes to the threads right away.

Change Log

Tornado is now called Whirlpool under water - No skills, but you pull foes closer and do massive damage
Under water Rock Blade & Forked Lightning now shoot three blades/bolts, so you can hit close targets two or three times.
Burning speed reduced in range to 600.
Magnetic Grasp now has the Immobilize corrected in the description.
Flame Grab deals 166% more damage to burning foes (it was 150%).
Curning Earth does one stack less Cripple (4 instead of 5) now.
Swirling Aura is back to 6 sec duration
Gale has just 2 sec of knock down now
Magnetic Wave removes 3 conditions and not all now
Recharge of Phoenix has been increased to 20sec
Shatterstone lost its ability to be a Blast Finisher
Arc Lightning does now "three stages of damage"
Dust Devil lost its ability to be a Whirl Finisher (taking the only Whirl Finisher away, that the Ele had from normal weapons)
Flame Burst does burning damage like it says in the description and not direct damage now.
Lightning Flash has a small damage radius now, range 900 clarified.
Duration of Glyph of Elemental Power clarified to 30 sec.
The trait Internal Fire is back in the list
Descriptions changed many traits (no functionality change) see [Basics] thread for details
Renamed One with the Wind to One with Air
Soothing Winds only transfers 5% of Precision to Healing and not 10%
New Trait called Obsidian Focus that grants toughness on channelling skills
Earth's Embrace now triggers Armor of Earth at 50% health (not 25%), but has a 90 sec cool down
Geomancer's Freedom changed, so that now every Conjure skill breaks stun (as Conjure casts break stun anyway)
Geomancer's Alacrity has a 15% recharge factor now (previously 30% ?)
New Trait called Final Shielding that creates an Arcane Shield when you reach 25% health

I have also added the "Radius" information to all skills. I can't comment on old values of those, as I had not gathered that info before.

Trait tiers are done and I have added all the changes to this list here. There are a few things that are still unclear, e.g. if Deep Freeze does Immobilize (looks like it, but does not show the condition) and if the burning streaks from the environmental weapons are Fire Fields as well.

11-06-2012, 15:31
I only did some city exploring with the Elementalist this weekend and some WvW, which went more smoothly althouhg I only used a D&D weapon combo and had to go right to the heart of each fight. The lag in WvW was a bit less so I had the chance to see something and could react most of the time.
From what I can read on the official forums, the wailing about the skill & trait tires is less than I expected, after favourites like Written in Stone were hit hard as a tier 3 trait.

The problem with the slow unlock speed of skills remains and has not been dealt with yet. I still see that as a problem to make the Ele enjoyable from the beginning. Lets face it: Slow unlocks mean less available skills = more difficult to kill (which is necessary to gain an unlock advancement). Not sure if rewarding 70% of the XP to the attunement that was active when the kill happened and 10% to each other inactive would work.

News from the official forums:

This is definitely a problem that we would like to address. While it only happens once per play through on a given character it still feels a bit unwieldy on Elementalist. - Jon Peters

25-06-2012, 14:36
I want to ask you to post noteworthy things from this week's stress test here and not in a new thread. The DAT files had been patched last week, but I do not expect a lot of changes for the Elementalist any more. So far no "leaked" patch notes" have appeared (unlike last time), so we will have to discover anything new.

27-06-2012, 20:46
A few things I could cover:

>> Attunement swapping reduces the cool down 1 sec/5 trait points
>> Skills seem to be untouched by any changes
>> People asked about Glyph of Storms, but it does not cause any conditions