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Joxx Tinker
02-06-2012, 13:24

The bane of dragons, the nemesis of evil, The Dragonbane Order was forged in the fires of hatred for the Elder Dragons and their minions, who wreak havoc over Tyria. Stories will be told of the deeds of the Dragonslayers and their men, as they purge Tyria of every single speck of evil, should they come from the wilds, or the streets. The Dragonbane Order bears the burden of heroism and valiance, though all the founding members have their own reason for taking upon this responsibility. Some for glory, some for vigilance, others for personal reasons. But wicked or honorable intention, the result is the same.
Tyria shall be rid of it's threats, one way or another!

Recruiting status: open

Guild leaders: IC: 10 councilors, 6 Marshals. OOC: 5 admins.

Restrictions: Common ethics, good behaviour, and an interest in RP. We are welcoming new roleplayers, who we'd love to give some practice in roleplaying.

Location: Europe, Petrified Forest

Applying: create a character on our website, and put up some information on how to contact you (Skype, E-mail, anything), or join our guild chat. We will here speak of your expectations, and what we can give you. If you have skype, add Steen.Belhage (me).

Website: Tdbo.eu (http://tdbo.eu/index.php)

Hello there, ladies, gentlemen and that in between! The first thing you are thinking, might be "What is The Dragonbane Order? It just sounds like another dragonslaying group." which it is, to a certain degree. But what we do different is, that we offer more than simple heroism and dragonslaying. We offer tavern, tournaments, shady business and an extensive amount of Norn. No kidding, we are practically 50% norn, so far. Within The Dragonbane Order, you will most likely find 'dramatic' RP, as some may say. We have many plots and storylines up our sleeves, which we hope to share with you soon enough!

The Dragonbane Order is led IC by a council of 10, though it is OOCly led by a smaller bunch of people. The IC councilors have responsibilities too, but the real thinkers are the OOC leaders... Not implying that the IC leaders don't do any thinking, but you get the point.
The ranks within The Dragonbane Order are as following.
- Councilor
- Brigadier
- Captain
- Sergeant
- Footman
- Squire
You can find all the duties for the individual ranks at the bottom of the page, under 'The Army'

Let me sum up all the councilors

Joxx Tinker
The arrogant, snarky, selfish, greedy, proud and manipulative (etc) Asura, who tells more lies than he speaks truthfully. He is a deceptive bastard, who enjoys being the puppeteer, in the game of life. He became a councilor of the Dragonbane Order, because he saw his chance at money, power, and domination. Using his skills as a mesmer, he double-crosses nearly everything, and almost anything he says, is not what it seems. He will go far for coin, and even further for power.
Joxx works as the auctioneer of the weekly auction event (Look at 'What We Offer The Community')

Lucius Durant
The valiant human guardian, protector of the weak, savior of the lost, defender of Tyria, opponent of evil, and all the fancy titles you can think of! He has lost countless friends and allies to the hands of the Elder Dragons, who seem to be growing steadily in power, for each day that passes. Seeing how this is a threat against his queen and country, he sought out a way to take place in the frontline, in the battle against the Elder Dragons. He was one of the founders of The Dragonbane Order, and thereby a councilor.
Lucius works by performing ceremonies, such as welcoming ceremonies or promotion ceremonies

Bjorn Ravenborne
The mutant of the order, a beast formed in a deathly accident, he is a Norn who carries a dreadful curse, which he has yet to control. He was the subject of a necromantic ritual, in the hands of Zhaitan's minions, but as the ritual went way wrong, raw power of death became one with him. He resembles a werewolf, in the way that his curse could burst out anytime, the deathly power driving him insane, setting him into a furious rampage. He is a councilor of The Dragonbane Order, as he believes he can rid himself of the curse, if Zhaitan sees his end.
Bjorn works as the Master-at-arms, who turns the rabble into capable footmen. Expect a lot of shouting from this fellow, if you join our ranks

The druidic Sylvari, who foresaw a potential demise of the world, in the hands of the Elder Dragons. Through her skills as an oracle, she knew that this threat would consume the world, if not stopped. With nature at her side, she set out to bring balance to the forces of life once more, and therefore she was part of the founders, of The Dragonbane Order
Ciela works as the talent scout, who determines on the first glance if a recruit is fit or not

(Possible editing) Gibbi Tinker
A former krewe-leader together with Joxx, those two are like siblings to one another. She followed Joxx to the spot where The Dragonbane Order was founded, seeking justice to be served, as it were by Primordus' minions, that their dear friend, Ryll was killed. She saw this chance to get back at Primordus, but also a chance to show the world, that she was indeed superior to all other. Unbested, unmatched, she will carve it in stone, that she has no equal.
Gibbi works as the Field Marshal of the army (Take a look at the bottom of the page, under The Army)

A Norn who was goaded into theft and crime by a follower of Jormag, and therefore banished from her home. She swore revenge against the Elder Dragons for corrupting her kin, twisting the minds of her former friends and family. She was not sure how to get back at them, but once she nearly lost her life, then was saved by Lucius Durant, she saw that her destiny was to see the Elder Dragons dead and defeated.
Shadowcat works as the treasure hunter. She arranges dungeon runs, both IC and OOC

Ria Winter
The deep and emotional Sylvari, was always curious about the world outside The Grove. As she was pulled from her home, she got a nasty taste of what was out there. Her dear friend was ripped to shreds by a minion of Primordus, a destroyer, whom they got a little too close to. Confused and distressed, she dashed away, and found herself lost. She explored her surroundings curiously, yet warily, and stumbled across a band of people, who were planning to create an order, who would bring the Elder Dragons to their knees. She immediately took the chance, and offered her help.
Ria Winter takes upon the duty as a Deployment Officer. She makes sure that the battle against the Elder Dragons stand stalwart, and that we keep peace across Tyria. In other words, Dynamic Events

(Possible Editing) Einar Hallson
The boastful proud norn, who swore an oat the bring a trophy from each and every type of dragon minion he finds, to show off to his friends and rivals. He journeyed throughout Tyria to find these challenges, and found his opportunity for a great hunt, in the tavern which The Dragonbane Order was created. He seeks strife and battle wherever he can find it, but will the dragon minions be enough? Not one accomplishment is so great, that one cannot strive for better! He is now a councilor of The Dragonbane Order, as he hopes to soon face the Elder Dragons themselves.
Einar Hallson's duty is still pending

Ren Glaciem Felinus and Foibos Ignis Felinus
Former members of the Felinus warband. They were subtle agents of The Ash Legion, though through series of bad luck, and poor co-ordination, they had failed at an important mission and left as Gladiums. Burdened by the title, they split up, disbanding their warband. Ren and Foibos travelled together, though, and planned to go to Kryta, far away enough, to avoid the mockery of their fellow Charr. They stumbled across the people in a tavern, and began mingling. They saw how a new organization was being created, an opportunity to clean their name! They are now councilors of The Dragonbane Order, regaining their pride through the deeds of justice, directed towards The Elder Dragons, and their malicious minions.
Ren will work as the Public Relations Administrator, who creates alliances and truces between guilds, and other cross-guild events. Foibos' duty is still pending

This is a brief summary of all the councilors of The Dragonbane Order, though if you want a proper look at the stories, you can go the 'Personal Stories' forum tab, or you can check out the library on our website (http://tdbo.eu/index.php) (Notice, the website does not support Internet Explorer). At our website, you can also see a few other stories, for our other characters.

To my great pleasure, one of our members (I'm looking at you, Geno) has gone so far to create a very easily-understood poster, which should explain everything quite well. There may be a few flaws in this picture, but it should be quite explanatory nevertheless. Take a look:



As a member of The Dragonbane Order, the emblem on your shoulders is essential to how you behave. If you do not show respect to your superiors, you can be sure of getting a boot placed solidly between your butt cheeks... And then your membership emblem will be removed. Officially, we are a very lawful guild, which sometimes also helps in keeping the order in the cities, and may be hired to quell some uprisings. Unofficially though, there may be more what meets the eye. There may be things covered up with deceit, hidden plots and plans, and countless lies and double-crossings.

The kicking written above will be purely IC, as it would be rather annoying for a person who likes to play a criminal, to be kicked OOC from a perfectly nice guild. There are ways though, to be kicked OOC. If you do not show respect at all, act foolishly, can't control your words, or don't participate in anything, you can expect to be removed with the snap of a finger. You are also asked to check the website often for votes and forum posts, as we need everyone's word in this guild.

What we offer the community

Shaboozy's Boozy!
What could be better than a tavern in Lion's Arch, lead by three highly intellegent Asura? That's right, everything! But that's not the point. Shaboozy's Boozy is a tavern in Lion's Arch which opens every Friday and closes every Sunday. On friday, Joxx Tinker is in charge, on Saturday, Kelakzeen is bartending and on Sunday, Kelakzeen's wife is behind the desk! Everyone is welcome to join in; the more the merrier. In Shaboozy's Boozy you'll find lovely drinks, difficult quizzes and interesting rumors. Go have a look, at Shaboozy'z Boozy! (http://www.guildwars2roleplayers.com/forum/m/2737230/viewthread/3179177-shaboozys-boozy)

Weekly Tournament!
With an iron grip of order and structure, The Dragonbane Order opens up a weekly tournament in the mists, for everyone and all to join! Show off your amazing battle-prowess in the mists together with The Dragonbane Order, and maybe win a prize! It will be controlled by one councilor of The Dragonbane Order, who will make matches and start the fights under complete control. Troublemakers will be thrashed, smashed, gashed, slashed, then afterwards thrown out of the tournament for a week. Take a glance at the Weekly Tournament (http://www.guildwars2roleplayers.com/forum/m/2737230/viewthread/3094459-weekly-rppvp-tournament) for more info!

Weekly Auction!
The Commerce branch offers a weekly auction event, every Friday, in Shaboozy's Boozy! While enough people are present, Joxx Tinker will bring up countless items of value, which one can bid upon while having a refreshing drink. These items vary from exotic food to brilliant gemstones, and the occasional worn-out boot, when nothing else is present. These items are brought to the auction both by The Pale Hand and by normal trade... No questions asked about how The Pale Hand got these items. For more info about The Pale Hand, take a glance at this link (http://www.guildwars2roleplayers.com/forum/m/2737230/viewthread/3155481-pale-hand).

The Army

In every military organization, one would find something that resembles an army. Well it just so happens, that The Dragonbane Order has one as well. It is lead by the Field Marshal, Gibbi Tinker (Ironically enough an Asura), with 3 Brigadiers underneath her: Rogvar Widowfire, Bataar Banesight and Zathe Stormclaw. I would explain it all here and now, but Lucius has already made a pretty sweet explanation. (http://tdbo.eu/Docs/Army.pdf)