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14-06-2012, 22:25
The Order of Dii [Dii] is open for applicants!

You are:

A friendly 18+ person who likes to play PvP and/or PvE. You can be casual or hardcore (we have both types in the guild), as long as you have respect for other people's play styles. You like a good laugh, are no stranger to the occasional dirty joke, and do not throw a hissy fit if your team "fails".

You can be from any country, and play at any server, preferrably in the North American data cluster due to no cross-regional guesting, although if you want to get access to organized guild WvW you would have your home at Kaineng.

We are:

One of the oldest Guild Wars guilds in existence, 8 years old last November - yes that is from before Guild Wars 1 went live. We are a generally friendly and drama-free bunch with a pretty flat hierarchy. We are very understanding of real-life obligations and do not have any requirements for activity, donations etc, although we do appreciate if our members interact on the forums as well as in-game. Both to spread important information and to build our guild's community.

We are an international guild with members from all over the world, with the largest groups being in NA and EU. We have members playing both PvE and PvP, but our main focus is currently PvE. We are a part of the site's GWOnline Alliance of Friends, and will do our very best to maintain this relationship going forward

Our home server is Kaineng (NA) where we just moved and where we are currently building all our perks back up. We also got all guild perks on our previous home world Stormbluff Isle. Other than that we got members on half a dozen other worlds.

Application process:

Once you have accepted the invitation you will recive the "Quaggan" status in game. There is no real difference between an "Quaggan" and a "Member" in game apart from stash access, it is mostly a way for us to get a quick heads up on who are new so we can make sure to get know you a bit better.

As said above we do not have any activity requirements, nor do we demand that you represent us all the time, although we do ask that inductees try to be active in the guild community during the inductee period (in-game and if possible at the forum) so that we get to know you and, just as importantly, you get to know us.

After two weeks we will have a vote for full membership, which if successful will earn you access to our private forum here at the site. And then you are ours!! *Muhahaha* :evil: (Oh wait, one can be in several guilds in GW2 right? Darn :laugh:).

Please do not worry overly much about the vote though, it is mostly a formality and as long as you have been reasonably active and behaved reasonably well you're in. :smiley:

Finally, I would like to mention that we actively discourage inductees from donating to the guild. We will never directly or implicitly ask for donations (influence letters/guild stash etc) and any such donations will not be taken into consideration when voting. That is just the way we roll, and it has served us well so far. :heart:

Please format your application like so:

Character name:
Account tag:
Home world:
Region/Peak timezone:
Short blurb about yourself:


Dii's community (http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?91-The-Order-of-Dii-Dii) site (http://dii.enjin.com/) over at enjin (+ private subforum for voted-in members)
ArenaNet's "Guild of the Week"
(http://www.guildwars.com/community/guildweek/gotw-2005-11-01-orderofdii.php)Guild Wars 1 Wiki
(http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Guild:The_Order_Of_Dii)Guild Spotlight at GWOnline (http://guildwars.incgamers.com/blog/comments/guild-spotlight-the-order-of-dii-dii)
GWOnline Alliance of Friends (http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?210-GWOnline-Alliance)


14-06-2012, 22:51
Character name: Mehtis Mahtava (That's Mehtis the Great in Finnish. I was that original with my first character name. And the others.)
Region/Peak timezone: EU, GMT+2
Short blurb about yourself: Look at my post count. Look at it!!!


I'm friendly and like to do stuff with not too much srs face on. Meaning that I won't get angry if I lose. I'm looking to expand my circles (of friendship. It's magic.) for GW2 thanks to the multi-guild feature. I have a guild I'll be joining from GW1 but I like the environment and people here at GWO. Besides, you have all the cool spammers. I do hope there will be a possibility of having two guild chats open or something. For next BWE, I would try to have your guild chat open for most of the time, if possible.

I do PvE and some PvP. I really liked WvW, but will probably choose my server based on my previous guild. But maybe I can get them to come to your EU server :wink:

Short blurb long: I'm fun and have a high post count. What more can you want in a member?

15-06-2012, 00:21
Oh ohhh

Character name: Morkar Kendred
Region/Peak timezone: NY / Eastern
Short blurb about yourself:
You guys know me from all my awesome posts here. I have pretty good grammar, but I don't really proofread my posts, so sometimes it might seem like I type with my feet. I'm also in TRUE, I think I'm over a year at this point (not that I play GW 1 anymore, though...). Sometimes I babysit the two kids when Shawn and Raye need a night away from all the madness. Whiskers doesn't like me very much, though.

15-06-2012, 06:22
Mehtis is a poopiehead

But that's okay.
... Because so is RD.

That's right, if you can't take that kind of joking, you're gonna have a bad time in dii. Luckily I know you guys have tough skins, so your names have been listed in the "under consideration" files in our super secret forums.

20-07-2012, 19:46
With BWE3 just started I'm going to go ahead and make use of the one-bump-per-two-weeks rule and give this thread a nudge.

28-07-2012, 15:52
Shawn is making me do this.

Character name: Friendship is Magic
Account tag: kokabel.5728
Region/Peak timezone: UK, GMT, evenings.
Short blurb about yourself: I'm a scrubby scrub who likes to pretend they know a lot and know how to play well. I'm actually pretty bad but I enjoy playing with teams more than wandering around alone. I enjoy PvP, probably too much. I'm usually fairly well behaved in public and in guild situations. I'm pretty chatty and friendly towards people, and can share in a good joke. Please love me.

28-07-2012, 17:13
Yay kokabel! =D

Just posting to say application has been noted.

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15-08-2012, 17:30
Character name: Something with either Joe or Goober in it.

Account tag: JoeKnowMo.9325

Region/Peak timezone: USA / Central

Short blurb about yourself:
I'm looking for a super-serious guild with a focus on solo farming. A guild should encourage conformity and adherence to the best builds only, which will result in the most efficient return on our efforts. I believe Dii, which stands for Days In Inventory - an accounting term - is a beacon of this sort of thinking, since most of you must be accountants. Together, we can control the GW2 market with insider trading, tax dodging, and offshore accounts.

Like most of you, I don't like people either. I hope Anet implements an offline mode for GW2. In the meantime, we can pretend that others are bots without feelings. I do this in real life and it works pretty well. That may sound offensive but since you're a bunch of bytes without emotions who exist in a virtual world of my imagination, it shouldn't be a problem.

I was in Servants of Fortuna and GWO but they were too social and constantly wanted to team up. They left me no choice but to set fire to their guild halls. The Festival Hat Keeper dropped a few Halloween masks that I sold for a tidy sum of keys on TF2.

I used to play a monk in GW because I enjoyed calling my heals by holding down Ctrl. People like to know they're being healed. It gives them a sense of security and it makes the experience closer to vintage DnD which is always a plus. I also enjoyed letting people die when they got a good drop or if they criticized my monking skills or my "informational healing" methods.

I think I would be a good fit for Dii, as I pay close attention to Days In Inventory in all MMOs. Gotta sell stuff while it's hot, amirite? My anti-social proclivities, lack of humor, and general lack of hygiene seem like qualities that your current members possess. We both also know that social bonds must be exploited to their fullest. Friends are just people who haven't figured out that we're scamming them *wink*wink*. I won't post in guild chat, organize or participate in events, share items, or do anything that might be considered social so as not to disturb the fragile solitude of your oh-so ronery guild. We can be alone, together.

15-08-2012, 18:05
I've been kind to Lensor since she took over Dii and not made any ninja raids like I did when Alaris and I were guild leaders, but it's time for me to get back into form:
Raids coming soon

15-08-2012, 20:52
Yay bring all the awesome people into Dii \o/ (posting to acknowledge the application)

Dom, you hush, shoo shoo :3

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17-08-2012, 23:39
Character name: TBH I don't know yet...I have a page full of names to narrow down still.

Account tag: Cartoonhero.4936

Region/Peak timezone: USA / Central

Short blurb about yourself: I'm a veteran of GW1 that played from release until around EoTN regularly. I have had the unfortunate pleasure of knowing Shawn for most of that time. Kidding aside though he's the one that taught me how to not fail at PvP. I was a ward ele for a good while and then I discovered monking. There is no greater joy than knowing someone wants to punch you through their monitor because they can't kill you in RA. I'm back for GW2 and intend to enjoy both sides of the game equally (Who am I kidding I like killing other people) - I'm dragging my husband with me this time(never could get him to try GW1 D: ). His name is also Sean. He doesn't really PvP (don't hold that against him). The end of my GW1 career was spotted with guilds whom I never really felt at home in, I'm looking to change that.

I also enjoyed letting people die when they got a good drop or if they criticized my monking skills or my "informational healing" methods.

I like you already.


18-08-2012, 00:28
Application acknowledged =D


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Edit way later to add:

Dii will be running in:
Stormbluff Isle (NA), which is our primary WvW server.
Aurora Glade (EU), which primarily focuses on PvE.

25-08-2012, 07:00
Is it too late to join this guild? I hope not, it looks great. ^^

Character name: Yeah, I don't know yet. Probably Oliver if I can get it!

Account tag: skee.7608

Region/Peak timezone: USA, or Pacific.

Short blurb about yourself:
Welp, I'm a newer GW player, started at around 2009 - 2010, played a year, and kind of quit until now. I'm not a good PvP player, so I mostly do PvE; actually, I've never really done any PvP, so I've no experience whatsoever. I've played several free mmorpgs but only found one guild I enjoyed, which was called Scavengers, but it broke apart after the guild leader went on hiatus. I've gotten into too many guilds in GW 1, but not a single one of them were helpful or fun. I'm usually a goofball, as well. I love to get along and know everyone, too. Hope you guys will accept me last-minute! Sorry for being so late.

25-08-2012, 07:15
Invite sent!

25-08-2012, 21:35
Lost as to where to apply for GW2 invite. So posting here for an invite for Stormbluff. Ivon Yarbuti (Norn Guardian) & Phylum (Sylvari Ele) please. They are on the same account. not sure if you need separate invites for each char. Thank you.

Bob the Angry Smurf
26-08-2012, 19:27
Forum Name: Bob the Angry Smurf
GW Primary: Bob the Angry Smurf
GW2 Primary: Septimus Bob
Region: Americas

Highlow Dii members! You may know me from the brother guild Embers of the Flame [PHX]. I had taken a couple year break from Guild Wars but am looking to jump back into the fray with the release of the sequel. Dii looks like it has a strong sense of community and I find that great in a guild.

In RL I enjoy playing and watching sports (namely Basketball and Baseball), animals, philosophy, fantasy/science fiction, and goofing off. In game I mostly PvE but I do occasionally PvP and WvW looks like an absolute blast... also goofing off.

My availability is approx 2:00PM-8:00PM weekdays (central time), and pretty much any time on weekends. (Central time)

27-08-2012, 01:42
Forum Name: Kuuma
Primary Character Name (GW2): Kuuma
Region: America
Usual Playtimes: Evenings/Weekends (Eastern Time)

(This is for GW2)

I've never played the original GW, but I have played WoW for a while (stopped last year). I'm probably going to be playing fairly casually, but I hope I can be a helpful member anyway.

I'm looking for a guild with kind, respectful members and without any requirements that I have to be on at certain times (or the attitude that real life is always more important), as well as a guild with as little drama as possible. This guild seems to fit the bill. Also, my boyfriend is a member, so I've heard good things from him.

27-08-2012, 09:37
GW2 application posts moved here from the GW1 thread, and everyone's applications acknowledged. :smiley:

31-08-2012, 15:17
Forum Name: Hersir
In Game Character name: Hansir (Norn Necromancer), Aurora Glade.
Region EU, Sweden
Most evenings from around 2000 CET.

Old fart of 39 who started in the EQ and Asherons Call betas. Never really joined a Guild but always saw the appeal. Enjoys banter and exploring. Dungeons are fun with the right people. Speaks fluent english with a Norn accent.

Playstyle is relaxed but with style and I like challenges that are there to be overcome. Tend to do a bit of Banzai-rescuing of unknown players. Enjoys being the firebrigade (or Marine Corps if you prefer that anology).

I have raided the forums a bit lately and I enjoyed the coomunity so I stayed and the members of Dii does strike me as a likeable bunch.

Best regards,


31-08-2012, 15:33
Heya, will send your invite when I'm off work (8 hours or so sadly...) unless someone beats me to it :3

see ya in game!

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01-09-2012, 02:43
Character name: Jaasau
Account tag: Jez.4709
Region/Peak timezone: Nova Scotia, Canada. Generally from 6pm EST to 2am EST

Short blurb about yourself: I've lurked here for a while and I'm not sure what my posts say about my personality. I know Shawn, not intimately however. I can be a bit of a completionist and alright I find what I'm doing in game can be summed up with the word distractions. I like helping people and conversations as well. I also like long walks on the beach under the pale moonlight with the light shining off your eyes. I'm a non-smoker so if you are a smoker, I don't want any... I think I've meandered away from the original topic but I've heard this game has guilds and I'd like to be in yours. Not because of Shawn, just cause I know he has high standards... for some things. Alcohol on the other hand...

01-09-2012, 02:46
Invite sent!

Rena Kyrae
01-09-2012, 18:36
Character name: Rena Kyrae
Account tag: Rena.9837
Region/Peak timezone: USA/Eastern
Short blurb about yourself: Raye & Yarr invited me. I have been playing Guild Wars for about 6 years. I am a quiet person at first but I will open up soon or later.

01-09-2012, 18:42
Thanks for posting :3 Rena is already invited in the game (just to note that we are not leaving someone hanging without an invite)

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06-09-2012, 00:00
Character names so far: Aranyaka (norn ranger) & Taruh (sylvari elementalist) - more will follow...
Account tag: Nazdika.6419
Region: Europe, playing on Stormbluff Isle though, Peak timezone: umm, 18-21h? Whichever hours I am currently not dead asleep. Can't keep that up though, prolly CET in the future.
Short blurb about myself: I like multi-cultural surroundings, with the different cultures being appreciated. I like different opinions and points of views, and to hear, and exchange them. I like to work in a group, to help each other. I like making friends, preferably of different cultures. If you are swiss, and open-minded, that is ok too, though :)

I am playing Clan Lord since 12 years. That game is very much about community, and working in groups. I miss playing in groups in GW2 bigtime. Exploring stuff with 1 friend >>> me and my pet alone. I really would like to find a "home", friends to hunt, and explore with in GW2. Dii looks like an awesome clan, friendly, mature, funny :) So yeah, I would like to join :)

06-09-2012, 03:06
Invite sent. Being on Stormbluff is a major plus! We look forward to seeing you in game.

06-09-2012, 21:08
Hello to everyone at Dii

Forum Name: Naz
Primary Character Name:Darkxrox
Region (Americas, EU, Asia-Pacific): EU
Usual Playtimes: around 18.00-24.00 (6.00 pm - 12.00 pm if im correct :p) GMT+1

I've been playing GW since the lauch of prophecy campaign and have completed all campaigns. I am a casual player, and prefer PvE but occasionally PVP when im bored. i like doing Dungeons and Missions for story wise and to get gear. would like to do this with like minded people who dont mind having a laugh and your guild looks like a friendly group of people who are interested in doing this and like to get to know more people to have fun with :grin:

looking forward to playing with you people if you accept my application.

08-09-2012, 01:50
Invite sent!

09-09-2012, 11:08
Character name: Kvinne Kriger
Account tag: stygian.7164
Region/Peak timezone: USA/ Central
Short blurb about yourself: I am the current co-leader of ULGG in GW2. I am watching over the Henge of Denravi server. I hve played GW1 with the alliance as a ULGG officer for many years. I enjoy doing group wide events with the alliance and guilds and look forward to mingling with the alliance guilds again wherever possible.

09-09-2012, 11:30
Hey there! Invite sent. There are relatively few of us on Henge of Denravi though, so once guesting is up and running, you'll have to guest over to Stormbluff Isle occasionally, since that's where most of us are.

17-09-2012, 05:54
Character name: Valac Forcas
Account tag: Tonez/1762
Region/Peak timezone: USA/Central
Short blurb about yourself: Well i played Guild wars before the expansions. I eventually got pulled into world of warcarft by family and some friends. I have know Bearsfwd for about 10 years when we played first person shooters. I am usually quiet.

17-09-2012, 20:36
Invite sent by Bears!

27-10-2012, 06:58
Character Name: Sunhild Raudahar (I spend most of my time on her)
Account Tag: RabidCoqui.1983
Server: Jade Quarry (would probably move to Stormbluff)
Region: NA Eastern
Short Blurb:
I've been having fun on GW2 and have been looking for guild to join... and the folks here seem like my kind of folks. I'm mainly PvE for now but will be moving to WvWvW and sPvP eventually. If you have questions, ask away.

27-10-2012, 10:06
Invite sent by Alaris :3

25-11-2012, 12:19
Character Name: Wethospu
Account Tag: Wethospu.6437
Server: Aurora
Region: Europe
Short Blurb:
I have played mostly PvE dungeons. Small amount of WvW or PvP. Hopefully they implement guesting soon.

25-11-2012, 12:23
Invite already sent. And also looking forward to that guesting! :smiley:

Tyris Requiem
24-12-2012, 20:13
Character Name: Tyris Reqiem
Account Tag: Tyris.8437
Server: Stormbluff .... B made me move :O
Region: Europe
Short Blurb: I like cats.

24-12-2012, 21:57
Invite sent. Hope you don't find us TOO insane :P

13-01-2013, 20:03
Character name: Kryss Blackthorne, Elsa Jade, Ashen Rohk, Irae Solonor, Remnos Flintlock
Account tag: Twaddlefish.2179
Server: Gandara, but would obviously move to Stormbluff/Aurora to play
Region/Peak timezone: GMT, UK evenings and weekends.
Short blurb about yourself:

Played since Factions. Have 80 Ranger and Guardian, and looking for a more active guild to play in as I joined together with friends from GW1 and would like to be in a more active guild. I'm an okay player, certainly not a burden to any team and usually do mid-front line DPS and the occasional bit of support. Exploring the world and gathering dungeon tokens while waiting for the scavenger hunt. And of course, would love to chat ideas through with the GWO team!

15-01-2013, 12:56
Just posting to say that we've seen the application, and I will send an invite as soon as I get in game (unless someone beats me to it).

[EDIT] Invite sent by shawn!

25-01-2013, 15:14
Character name: Scout Master Syra
Account tag: alcopaul.2156
Home world: Kaineng
Region/Peak timezone: NA/EST
Short blurb about yourself:

Hello. I played Guild Wars 1 since its very first beta. One of the founders/leaders of MATH, which is now retired. Tried to revive the guild in GW2 but it can't even survive. So after sticking to the guild as a one of the few man member, I finally decided to join other guilds. I'm currently in a Sanctum of Rall guild which i joined recently but i can feel the "generation gap". Yes, I'm older and wish to be with people with the same age/gaming background as i am. I grew up with GW1 (first played it when I was 24) so wish to belong to same batch of people who did the same thing as i did. I know Dii since before and its one of the premier old school GW1 guilds. So i decided to apply to your guild.

But I'm not that active gamer anymore. My interests are diverse and gaming is now a fraction of them, unlike before.

Laid back, patient and relaxed. Maybe it comes with aging.

In-game activities: Fractals, AC, WvWvW, a little hotjoin 8v8.


26-01-2013, 02:12
Heya scout. Invite sent, excuse us for the mess, we are currently moving. :grin:

19-03-2013, 13:21
A wild bump appears!

We are still open for applications.
We would especially like to see more people on Kaineng based in the EU time zones and/or people into WvW, even though regular people will do too. :grin:

27-03-2013, 19:35
Guys.. Hi, guys.

Character name: Second Place
Account tag: vana.5467
Home world: Stormbluff currently. Hoping to change soon.
Region/Peak timezone: EU, GMT +1
Short blurb about yourself: I've barely played since the week after release. Now I'm back. I like WvW. It's cool.. nifty. Short enough?

28-03-2013, 16:26
Invite sent!

14-04-2013, 18:45
Character name: Vraska Korozda/Tinkerer Lezuma
Account tag: Cratos.7654
Home world: Kaineng
Region/Peak timezone: NA/Central
Short blurb about yourself: Hey, I'm friends with Azuraah and Amuricah, I just started playing again and have been doing WvW (with Chipsy a few times) and PvP. I would like to do fractals and other PvE but I am content with WvW.

14-04-2013, 18:51
Invite sent!

23-04-2013, 23:25
Character name: Ser Aveline/Amon Entreri

Account tag: geezy.3501/jeffm.3259

Home world: Kaineng

Region/Peak timezone: PST

Short blurb about yourself: Um, well as you can tell, this is a 2 for 1 application! XD My bf & I play together and are looking for an active primarily PvE guild. I'm 23 & he's 25, and we mostly play weeknights from 6pm PST until whenever we get tired and weekends. We enjoy dungeons, mainly CoE and CoF. He mainly plays on his thief, while I go from my warrior-guardian-mesmer. I suck at writing things about myself/us, so yeah. Thanks! :D

24-04-2013, 04:05
invite sent ^

05-05-2013, 20:47
Character name(s): Danyyle(Main Toon), Xanthoas(Heavily Used),Danieru yosefu(Side"situational"Toon)

Account Tag: Abraxius.6429

HomeWorld(Server): Kaineng :wink2:

Peak TimeZone: USA(Tennessee) Central

Blurb: I am a experienced player been around since a week after launch, I am all round enjoyer of the game, i enjoy all 3 phases of the game i probably would say im most active in PvP, but i love to get my WvW on. I have been searching all around for a guild that is a close knit, very experianced guild to join and stumbled across ur forum page and was insta-amazed by the history of yall (lml). I am a victim of the free transfer exodus lol(meaning i was the leader of 35+ guild that never got to grow due to the influx of guilds to kaineng and my guild forced to part ways). So having said that i just would like to settle down find a guild i can just login and enjoy the game with fellow mates^^. I would be honored to be considered and learn some new tricks from you guys. thanks for the read

05-05-2013, 21:51
Invite sent! :smiley:

11-05-2013, 15:27
Character name: Gresh Steelfang
Account tag: Sigilscrye.1459
Home world: Kaineng
Region/Peak timezone: Central
Short blurb about yourself:

I play a loveable, kind, generous, and umm furry char engineer that any guild would love to have as their own. Honest! I only started playing GW2 maybe 3-4 weeks ago so I'm primarily into the PVE aspects of the game right now. However, I'm not adverse to a little mayhem in WvW and will definitely be participating in that aspect a little later on. Unfortunately, it's the busy season at work right now and I can only squeeze in a few hours of gameplay a night during the week, but the weekend is another story and is when I'm online the most.

Well enough talk, more playing is required. If you see me in game just drop me a line as I'm almost always up for a little group action. I'm only about level 55 right now, though I hope to be in my 60's by the end of the day so keep that in mind.

12-05-2013, 19:42
Invite sent!