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15-06-2012, 14:53
The Pale Heart

The Pale Heart website: Click Here! (http://thepaleheart.enjin.com/home)
Leaders: Chum, Mordria Morningstar , Henna
Recruitment Status: Open

Its the first ever Guild Wars 2 Halloween season and The Pale Heart is opening its doors for recruitment again! Our goal has always been quality over quantity and this time we are specifically looking to expand the size of our WvWvW and tournament teams.

The guild is currently researching the last tier in the Art of War tree. We are already in possession of guild weapons and armor, a workshop, and stash.

We are welcoming RP friendly members of all levels. If you want to come fight for the Coast in a 24hr blood fueled rampage, or jump in vent for some energetic organised murder, please stop by our forum and submit an application or send an in-game mail to any of our leadership!

Introduction and basic rules:

The Pale Heart is a clan of like- minded treasure seekers. A basic overview of our RP is a group of tomb raiding scholars hunting powerful relics to use against the Dragons. We scour the world looking for powerful artifacts to claim for our organization. For Tyria to stand a chance of retaking land stolen by the Dragons, we must have equally powerful weapons ourselves. We disagree that these items should be sequestered and hidden away and we plan to liberate them for the greater good. Our mission is to locate, collect, keep, and protect these artifacts, utilizing their powers when necessary.

The Pale Heart is a guild that has traveled through numerous games together. We are mostly central and eastern US time zones but welcome players from all areas. Individually we have been waiting for the release of GW2 since it was announced several years ago. Our leaders are experienced rpers and we are creating a multi-leveled story for guild members.

What we do: We are an RP guild that is also excited about the rest of the game. Our members have a diverse set of interests, some love pvp and others are endgame and puzzle junkies. We welcome all play styles . This guild is more about people who get along than about stacking a RP or PVP deck. We are seeking to build a community of players. Who enjoy being themselves as well as their characters. We like vibrant personalities and a great sense of humor.

While we do not currently have an age restriction, let it be known that the guild is comprised of working adults and college students. We do not censor ourselves in speech or content. This includes lots of foul language and morally questionable content. Viewer discretion and common sense is advised. That being said, there is a zero tolerance policy for harassment of fellow guild mates based on race, creed, color, or sexual orientation. We reserve the right to immediately remove individuals who do not mesh well.

What does RP friendly mean?

Most of the guild members do enjoy RP in varying degrees of seriousness. Some have decades of RP experience and enjoy being in character all day every day, while some are just dipping their toes in. Some guildies only like to pvp. It simply means that not every single member of our guild likes to RP, and thats okay. It means that we support you in whatever way you choose to enjoy the game as long as you are being respectful to your fellow players and following common sense guidelines. ( No XstealthXhunterX names.)

What are our RP goals?

The search and retrieval of powerful artifacts for personal use. We have several arcs planned that will involve the guild as a whole, plus events that will center around finding different bits of interesting treasure. We welcome organic as well as structured RP and are always open to helping people create arcs of their own to involve other people in.

Most Rp will be in-person, chat based, with optional forum posting. For ease of communication guild chat will be OOC. We have found it is much better to to facilitate meetups and pve activities OOC. Depending on the games ability to make personal channels we will create a sperate chat channel for IC communication.

We also have an raid size vent server and welcome all guildies to hang out while they are online.

What is your stance on...

ERP, evil characters etc: Everyone should keep in mind that they represent the guild. We are not going to monitor or censor anyones Rp as long as you are being a respectful OOC member of the community.

Meta-gaming or continual Mary-Sue behavior: This will not be tolerated. Yes, we know you are a special little snowflake, but so is everyone else.

Multiple Guilds: You must represent our guild when you are online with the character you joined the guild with. We understand that GW2 has a system in place that allows you to join multiple guilds, however we aren't interested in floaters or being a notch in someones guild collection. If you are seen not representing The Pale Heart when online with your application character you will be removed.

We welcome all questions and you can also find more detailed information on our website.

09-08-2012, 16:25
We did it! We moved to Enjin Hosting!

Most importantly we can now easily connect and collaborate with other people on the enjin network for RP and storylines that involve multiple guilds. So if you are in another guild but are interested in a plot line please stop by and post a message in our Collaboration Station forum.

The Pale Heart is interested in neighbors, friends, clients, enemies etc. As well as new members eager to pillage -ahem- I mean excavate treasure!

04-10-2012, 19:43
October update!

*Puts out some pumpkins.*