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26-06-2012, 23:20
Old Generations Vanguard [oGv]
Website: http://ogv.comuf.com

Recently formed guild by Guild Wars Veterans

Our Objective

Currently looking for members who want to challenge themselves to be better gamers, who want to evolve with an ambitious team, with the objective of structured and tournament competitive play, who want to leave a splash in the Guild Wars 2 Community. If you take your game seriously and value winning as a team above all else, give us a look, as we seek to progress every day and with every victory.

We have the objective of creating a team who trains and works together, to evolve our builds, tactics and friendship, to win and be one top competitive gaming guild, with dedicated members and a strong, stable organization that together, we can all achieve our goals.

Our Ideals

We value Quality over Quantity, zerging around with no sense has no value, as we target a smaller guild but a stronger and more concise one, so that all members can evolve, be more aware of tactics and have a better execution of the overall game, always preserving a better atmosphere.

Humble and organized, mature and dedicated members are what has more weight on a guilds potential, that is why we’re looking for those who see themselves in our ideals, our philosophy and team concept, who want to achieve a high goal with fun and professional atmosphere.

Join Us

If you are a talented, experienced, team oriented player, you have the potential to grow in our team, in our community, so that together we can become stronger, every day.

To apply, join us in our website and fill in the Recruitment Form, and we will send you an E-mail as soon as possible.

We are currently in O'briens Refuge but we will discuss about changing world!

03-07-2012, 15:23
Main post edited, come join us!

11-07-2012, 00:23
New website :azn: