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07-07-2012, 14:09
A guild for both hardcore and casual players.
A group interested in all kinds of PvE, as well as aiming at playing a vital role in WvW side of PvP; we're also actively developing our tPvP section, aiming for some tournament play.
A company of friends who value each other's time and dedication, while having fun. Together.
A coterie with vast MMO experience that has proven useful in Guild Wars 2, at all possible fronts - organisation, tactics, planning; achieving both PvE and PvP goals.

That's us.
That's Midnight Mayhem.

And you can join us.

http://i.imgur.com/WD22k6n.png (http://midnight-mayhem.net)

We're a PvX guild based in Europe, however we are open to people from all over the world. Our aim is general & high-end PvE and WvW, while respecting each other and having fun.
We want to avoid guild drama as much as possible, thus we seek players with mature attitude towards others and the game itself. That said, your age, gender, nationality or other similar factors are not a concern for us.
Midnight Mayhem is open for both casual and hardcore players. We do not require a minimum of several hours a week of gametime - we understand that the real life comes first and our adventures in Tyria are only there to spice it up; however when in game, we value the serious attitude. Limited hardcore is our default attitude to gaming - we may have our time and attention limited due to mature life, but while strolling through Tyria we really put our hearts into it. We do not care whether you are a freshman or a long-time MMO veteran, as long as you're made from the same mold as us, or at least of one very similar. Never forget that you're playing with other people - that's our motto.
We're using the TeamSpeak3 server open to all GH players as our default VoIP. It's not required as long as you are communicative and responsive over the standard chat. Whether your microphone broke or you're simply shy - that's okay with us!
However, we do expect all our guildies to frequently visit the guild forums and be as up-to-date with the data there as possible. The guild forum is the hub of communication about all the guild management, planned events, organising teams, and so on. Besides being the info centre, our forum is also a great place to hang out outside of the game, have a laugh with fellow guildies, join in a conversation, and get to know your buddies even better!

So, to reiterate:

* international, English-speaking guild with over 450 members (200+ active daily, 100+ concurrently online on weekend evenings), active in all formats of the game;
* active throughout the whole day - ~30 people concurrently online in the mornings, ~90 in the evenings, with considerable night coverage as well;
* no recruitation requirements - we don't care about your age, nationality or MMO experience - the only thing we seek is a decent approach;
* we have no specific requirements in terms of your activity - real life comes first, always!
* we are open for both casual and hardcore players;
* we are open on the issue of multiguilding for guildbanks or small guilds of friends you'd like to keep, however we want to be clear that we don't want to be someone's extended friendlist or backup team when they need one more for a dungeon;
* the TS3 voice chat is not required, however free to use by every guildie;

* we have enough of guild influence to maintain all the useful guild buffs 24/7, as well as to unlock and run all the guild missions which we do weekly;

* we're running organised daily raids in WvW, as well as provide guild commanders in WvW welcoming everyone to join them;
* weekly guild missions with possibility to run a redux at any time - all it takes is enough people to gather up and say 'we want guild missions nao!';
* no problem finding people for a dungeon, getting a hand in personal story, receiving backup in WvW, or organising some tPvP.

There's more!
We're running an organised Guild Events' system:
* we organise Static Events (eg. daily Mining Runs, guild missions, WvW rush (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq6LcFs92Xc) every reset, as well as more and less hardcore WvW raids) on fixed evenings every week, as well as Dynamic Events, which are proposed every now and then with a heads-up, so that you'll be always aware of an upcoming guild grouping;
* each and every member is encouraged to put forth their event, the way they want it, to run it when they want it;
* we have lots of ad hoc outings, organised already in-game;
* we're very liberal about our Guild Events - everyone may join them, but no one is forced to!

* we're also a vital part of the server's life, organising Costume Brawl Extravaganza (http://s1243.beta.photobucket.com/user/gw2mm/library/1%20-%20Guild%20Outings/14%20-%2030-01-2013%20-%20Costume%20Brawl) events and WvW contests (http://www.gunnars-hold.eu/threads/1604-GH-WvW-contest-part-II) for the whole server.

We have set up our Guild Gallery:
http://s1243.photobucket.com/albums/gg552/gw2mm/ (http://s1243.photobucket.com/albums/gg552/gw2mm/)

We've also got a Guild YouTube Channel:
http://www.youtube.com/user/gw2MidnightMayhem (http://www.youtube.com/user/gw2MidnightMayhem)

Our expectations:
* be communicative, with a communicative level of English – read the chat when in a party, be responsive when asked, English understandable enough not to be ambiguous or hard to understand;
* we don’t care about your experience with the game or ‘player skill’ as long as you’re willing to learn and not whine about every obstacle on your way – we all were at the beginning some time ago, but we’ve learnt our lessons and can pass it on, so make use of our experience;
* be a nice, non-drama person – everyone can have a bad day and be moody or have an oversensitive moment, but don’t make it a norm;
* respect your guildies, server-mates and enemies alike, and obey the chain of command when necessary (tighter WvW raids, trainings, more complex PvE events);
* represent us – we’re fine with multiguilding and playing dungeons cross-server as long as you actually represent us often enough to make being in the guild sensible;
* frequently use the guild forums, understanding that they serve as a board of communication with each and every guildie - it's not only the place to check for scheduled guild events, but also to get accustomed with how we manage our guild missions or what's required for WvW raids;
* don’t be a kitten in the kitten for others – we’ll never force you to do something, so never force others into your parties if they don’t feel like it.

If you seek more information about us or wish to join us already, please visit our guild site:
http://midnight-mayhem.net (http://midnight-mayhem.net)

See you in the land of Tyria!

24-07-2012, 22:10
We started the final BWE with exploring the new zones (http://s1243.photobucket.com/albums/gg552/gw2mm/1%20-%20Guild%20Outings/5%20-%2020%20VII%202012%20-%20Metrica%20Province%20Exploration/) of Metrica Province and Caledon Forest. Rata Sum is just jawdropping!
The following morning featured our guild in the Mists, wreaking havoc in WvW (http://s1243.photobucket.com/albums/gg552/gw2mm/1%20-%20Guild%20Outings/6%20-%2021%20VII%202012%20-%20WvW%20Mayhem/). We even took a keep and were very close to setting a waypoint at it. We finished the Saturday evening by visiting Spekks (http://s1243.photobucket.com/albums/gg552/gw2mm/1%20-%20Guild%20Outings/7%20-%2021%20VII%202012%20-%20Spekks%20Laboratory%20Jumping/) together with Devoti Tenebris.
On Sunday we were more focused on learning the crafting arcana, playing sPvP when the servers were up and just general PvE mayhem ([url=http://s1243.photobucket.com/albums/gg552/gw2mm/1%20-%20Guild%20Outings/8%20-%2021%20VII%202012%20-%20PvE%20Havoc/).
I'd also like to invite everyone to explore the rest of our gallery (http://s1243.photobucket.com/albums/gg552/gw2mm/) which got some nice additions.

We also went through nearly all the available jumping puzzles and recorded the walkthroughs (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4C68208B7F2A1E34), which we'd love to share with the community :)

Important note: we are most likely leaving Blacktide on the release. The future is hazy, there's still plenty time to decide.

Regardless of having 60 people in the guild on the BWE and 90 total in the roster, we're still open for like-minded people with a mature approach who, above all, value having fun together.

See you on the release!

24-08-2012, 10:30
So, who's excited?

24-09-2012, 15:17
Going up after a month of silence!

We're at ~180 people right now, have ALL guild upgrades bought and available, keep the PvE buffs constantly up and the W3 buffs available to use.
We're still open for mature English-speaking players of any timezone, gender, nationality or even general online activity, as we all too well understand that the real life comes first.

30-10-2012, 16:53
As of November 2012, we are currently looking for PvP-oriented people, mostly groups of friends who would like to join a healthy and thriving guild with a stable and strong PvE backbone. More and more of our guildies are getting into the W3 format and we're running tournament sPvP teams from time to time.
Of course PvE players are welcome to join us as well, but if you're a group of PvP folks, wait no longer and hit us up!

We're playing on GUNNAR'S HOLD and don't intend to move o/

24-11-2012, 19:25
We're also interested in merging smaller or half-dead guilds into our group - MM is a place for everyone o/

20-12-2012, 11:50
So far two smaller guilds have fully joined us, and we're still looking for both single players and whole groups of people who'd like to play in a bit bigger, more developed guild.
We're open for pretty much everyone - we don't care about your activity level, in-game experience, toon choice, in-game focus and other silly things. We value people and what they can bring to the guild when they're there, not how much time they have to play.

We have ~15 people online around noon and ~50 people online in the evenings, up to ~65 on weekends. Everyone representing MM, that is.
22 online at the moment, with guilds teams rolling in AC and the Tixx instance, some chilling in LA, some roaming in W3.

After christmas, we're pushing our internal organisation, with more nights dedicated to W3 and the less popular PvE activities, like story mode dungeons or low level fractals. We will probably open some of those nights to the whole server, with everyone welcome to join - and not only social events like the Costume Brawl Extravaganza, which will see its redux, but also dungeon nights or achievement hunts.

24-01-2013, 21:58
From the days of headstart:


To high level FotM:


Through the fires of Balthazar:


...and less fearsome foes:


With some friendly brawls:


And fights to the death:


Here we are.
Alive, kicking and open for all the like-minded individuals out there.
Gunnar's Hold. Midnight Mayhem o/

11-02-2013, 22:45
We're really active in both PvE and WvW.

One of our last on-reset SM rushes:


And a HotW night, on which we had 5 full parties in the dungeon:


28-02-2013, 19:56

A bit over a year ago the first founding stones of Midnight Mayhem were set. While the game is only six months old now, we played in all BWEs as a guild and we started forming up much earlier, working on the guild's overall structure for quite a while now. Thus we had our first birthday party held four days ago in Divinity's Reach.
We all had great fun and the only party pooper was culling - we had ~60 people there and couldn't see them all, even on the strongest rigs and lowest settings. Apart from technical difficulties, everything went really great and i personally thank each and every of my guildies not only for coming together tonight, but also for being there, forging up one of the best groups to be in.

Some screens: http://s1243.beta.photobucket.com/user/gw2mm/library/12%20-%20MMs%20Birthday
And a very special happy birthday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDtZ9JRF0n0


With up to 90 concurrently active members in the evenings, and stable 25+ off peak time, we're more than ready for the guild missions. Our first guild bounties will be held this weekend and we're all very excited to play them, raiding together in open PvE.

We've recently reorganised our guild events system, introducing more scheduled opportunities to group up with guildies for both PvE and WvW.
Several people got their Dungeon Master titles playing only with [MM] guildies, never having to pug, as dungeon runs happen daily here, even when it comes to those less popular or harder dungeons.
We're present at every WvW reset, rushing SM (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq6LcFs92Xc) and usually taking it on the initial rush.

Currently, we're setting up our core sPvP and WvW teams, bringing guildies interested in those formats closer together. We're especially interested in newcomers playing a lot of PvP, but first and foremost we're a PvX guild with strong social sense, and we're open for all nice, like-minded people out there.

At all times, given our size, we're trying hard not to become a zergish blob of random strangers, and it's really been working so far. Our take on how big guilds (should) work and why large PvX groups are the best option in GW2 can be seen in a discussion over on Gunnar's Hold community forums. (http://www.gunnars-hold.eu/threads/969-Guild-Missions?p=9159&viewfull=1#post9159)

While we're still open on merging small guilds into [MM], we do expect to become the main guild for everyone joining us, and require our members to represent us considerable most of the time. This also applies to single joiners. We're building a community here, not an extended friendlist.

If you have any extra questions, feel free to contact me in-game @ Hectic Anorectic. If what you've seen so far sounds decent enough for you, visit our guild site =) (http://midnight-mayhem.guildlaunch.com)

18-03-2013, 13:33
We're very much alive and doing really well :)

We're also still open for newcomers, single players and small guild merges alike, retaining our laidback, PvX mentality.
Within it, we're currently (re)developing our WvW and tPvP sides, and while being open for everyone we're especially looking for regular PvP players now.

Are you a WvW regular focused mainly on the Eternal Battlegrounds? Is your small guild roaming through EB on a daily basis? Are you a tournament player - current or aspiring?
Stay a while and listen :)

As a guild, we're focused on EB. You'll find our members in the Borderlands, too, but most of them are roaming in EB all day long, including some of the most EB-experienced and skilled commanders (every GHian playing on EB surely knows Catinka).
While we're not the best out there on the micro level, like actual field tactics (but we're working on that, too), we already have quite decent coverage, numbers-wise, and good macro management, with solid base and a lot of potential to build up on.

On the sPvP side, we're still figuring out our core team; having one join us would speed it up and help the others out dramatically.

But you're a zergish PvX guild, you will surely want me to join your zergs in EB all the time, and use your VoIP, and join all your events, even those boring PvE ones. Why should i even remotely consider joining you?
- we will not press you to abandon your current focus - if you prefer to flip remote camps rather than roll with the commander's zerg, we fully respect and appreciate that;
- we will not require you to get into one Mumble room with other guildies; we do not require VoIP usage at all, in fact, and if you are using some other VoIP with your friends or constant party, that's fine with us!;
- you will not be required to join all guild events, either - just those you can and want;
- no one will expect you to invite other guildies into your constant party, either, if you do not want it - no pressure to include anyone but your friends in your parties if you don't need nor want so.

I've discussed the big vs small guilds issue, and partially presented how it's tackled in [MM], in a thread on the GH forums (http://www.gunnars-hold.eu/threads/969-Guild-Missions/page3), if you're up for some more reading.

Ok, sounds nice, but... if no one is required to group up and do stuff, and i can keep to playing with my current friends, using our current VoIP and doing our current stuff, why should we join you?

We're a true PvX guild. 30+ WvW regulars, ~10 tournament players, strong PvE side, established and stable structure and organisation. We take the weight of guild management off you, so you can enjoy the game the way you like the most, and we bring you all the extra teams to join up if you ever feel like doing something else.
Even if you're a WvW regular, or a tournament maniac, you might want to tackle the other PvP format from time to time. You might be interested in doing Arah explorables. You surely will love how easy it is to get guild commendations here.
And if this is what would float your boat, you could always help us with the PvP organisation. Everyone has a say here, even newcomers, and we appreciate people with their own initiative, ideas and plans.

Sounds decent, but then - what's in it for you? Seems like you already have everything up and running and don't need my guild to join you.

Our current members would surely benefit from having you on board. Our PvP regulars - and you - would have more familiar faces to play their favourite format, to train and have fun with. It's all for mutual benefit.
We also hope that unifing the EB players a little bit more would boost our server's performance on that map. Sure, there's the server Mumble and the /team chat, but actually playing in one guild introduces a whole new level of communication, cooperation and bonding - especially that, if you ever feel like it, you could set the course of our EB regulars from time to time, actually taking part in our planning and coordination.

Wish you guys were playing on my server. We have no one to take care of EB most of the time!

Get your friends, pack your things and hop onto Gunnar's Hold - the best server out there =)

We have dedicated WvW players (http://imageshack.us/a/img194/9554/gw566g.jpg) - see that lone silhouette at the inner gate of the red keep? That's Catinka, leading the assault against Abaddon's Mouth in EB.
We have tournament die-hards (http://imageshack.us/a/img547/7960/gw570.jpg) - still learning and developing that side, but we're really getting there.
We have a strong and active PvE backbone (http://imageshack.us/a/img42/6969/gw568j.jpg) - done the last few t3 bounties with 8 minutes to spare!
We are organised via our guild forums (http://imageshack.us/a/img849/9559/mmforums.jpg) - with scheduled weekly events, and all the important links - all in one place.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact me in-game at drkn.3429 - i'll gladly answer all and any concerns :)

03-04-2013, 23:06
We're a true PvX guild, organised and seen in all formats of the game.
We have the PvE side covered, being the ones who started liberating Balthazar's Temple on a weekly basis to provide the shards for our server, with many dungeon masters who got the title in only guild parties. We can show you to the dragons and you will surely have some guildies to run anything PvE with.

Of course we're expanding on the guild missions. Got bounties, treks, rushes, unlocking challenges soon (just need merits). We have organised guild missions' runs at least once a week, and 'farm runs' four or more times a week, focused on letting our guildies get their personal rewards, all at various hours. Our guildies can even gather themselves and request guild missions started for them if there's enough interest - just like that.

Upon that, we're now mainly focused on building up our PvP potential.
http://imageshack.us/a/img687/1720/gw583i.th.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/687/gw583i.jpg/) http://imageshack.us/a/img5/7579/gw584.th.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/5/gw584.jpg/) http://imageshack.us/a/img803/1159/gw585.th.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/803/gw585.jpg/)

That's from one random weekday (we still had thought we would fight Surmia next week, ended up against RoF), before our primetime - you can even see the hour.
We have 20+ people in WvW almost all the time, except for late nights / early mornings, and quite often field more.

That reset preparations:
http://imageshack.us/a/img5/9638/gw586.th.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/5/gw586.jpg/)

9+ full parties. We were green, and we decided to hit Dzagonur Borderlands, the blue map. Except for us, there were 5~10 so-called 'randoms', although very communicative and helpful all the time.

http://imageshack.us/a/img14/6545/c6as5r7.th.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/14/c6as5r7.jpg/) http://imageshack.us/a/img546/904/weawc0x.th.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/546/weawc0x.jpg/)
http://imageshack.us/a/img18/1844/qo3nbug.th.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/18/qo3nbug.jpg/)

So yeah, we're mainly recruiting PvP players now, with a solid base to build upon and a lot of potential to still turn into a proper force.
That said, laidback and nice people have always been our top interest, and we're a fully PvX guild at heart.

14-05-2013, 22:29
Just a little update about our last achievements and future plans:

http://i.imgur.com/vWB2SEF.jpg (http://i.imgur.com/vWB2SEF.jpg)

As for WvW, we built up a strong and competent group; mainly thanks to our devoted commanders and our scheduled WvW events (usually 3-4 every week).

-We are currently planning to create a core group that operates around 1-2 commanders, switching those commanders between different days.

-In the coming months, our aim is to reach the level of other hardcore WvW guilds and start doing GvG actively. For now we are intensifying our training events and we'd like to recruit more players interested in our project.
Of course casual WvWers are always more than welcome.


As for PvE thanks to the little boost from Anet (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151477523849209&set=a.135044094208.103264.114036714208&type=1&theater) we are getting more and more known with the Costume Brawl event and we'll be organising more community events in the coming months.

-As you might have read (http://www.gunnars-hold.eu/threads/567-Balthazar-Grenth-Liberation-every-Wednesday-at-8pm-GMT-(8pm-GMT-1-in-summertime)?p=11905#post11905) we stopped doing the Balthazar&Grenth weekly event; we felt like the interest was falling down and the culling+lag didn't help in regards to entertainment. We'll keep doing temple liberations but in non-scheduled events every once in a while; so be up to date with the GH forum!
To replace those events we are currently running new ones.

-We have unlocked all the guild missions and we do all of them at least twice a week.

http://i.imgur.com/2QZoGBp.jpg (http://i.imgur.com/2QZoGBp.jpg)

http://i.imgur.com/4W5yNIQ.jpg (http://i.imgur.com/4W5yNIQ.jpg)

-We also run Dungeon night events and split Dungeon/WvW night events every week; as well as doing daily dungeon runs and daily WvW raids without schedule.

-We feel like both hardcore and casual players would feel at home within our guild; so do not hesitate and visit our forum (http://midnight-mayhem.guildlaunch.com/)!

Also, check our new Facebook page and our new Youtube layout:

15-12-2013, 16:25
Midnight Mayhem recruitment is still open!


We have changed our guild site and are actively developing it to make it even better over time. Find us at http://www.midnight-mayhem.net

Our WvW side has been steadily growing stronger and more active.
Daily raids are growing at a steady pace. We keep our raids organised and disciplined but friendly and open at the same time. Being efficient and having fun is what it's all about, and we're exactly there ;)
You can take a peek at our recent reset raid video at http://twitch.tv/midnightmayhem/b/487133339

We're not only raiding in guild groups, but also organising open mic WvW runs and general WvW map commanding.
[MM] is as inclusive and open for everyone around as possible; we value cooperation and communication with our server mates, so never hesitate to join our commanders :)
The best example are our coffee raids, organised around noon, open for everyone to join us in WvW and help with the server's coverage. We do not intend to stop there!

Midnight Mayhem is one of the guilds invited by ANet to test the new upcoming WvW map, Edge of the Mists, and we're doing our best to deliver on that front, too.
Check out our EotM videos at http://youtube.com/watch?v=tRtMphAYCOw & http://twitch.tv/midnightmayhem/b/484722872 - the new map sure is a lot of fun!

The guild's PvE side is stronger than ever.
We've been playing a vital role in all Tequatl runs on Gunnar's Hold so far (http://www.gunnars-hold.eu/threads/1832-World-Tour-Taking-On-Tequatl-Monday-2000UTC), and intend to continue doing so. It's great to see the whole server coming together also in PvE, not only WvW, and we're proud to be a part of that community!
Funday Monday is a type of weekly event in Midnight Mayhem - we let our mildly mental nature take over and... unexpected things happen. Give our Funday Monday videos (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw_B4E9KTmBfC8j6CSUFOH5YcEcAJAmf1) a look and see for yourself!

Last but certainly not least, our tPvP side has improved and is being actively developed.
While we do not represent a tryhard diehard approach, welcome everyone to team up and play together, we've already had quite (http://i.imgur.com/NLDtBX0.jpg) some (http://i.imgur.com/mS8xqA4.jpg) success (http://i.imgur.com/0lwpNNO.jpg) in this format.

We are open for single players as well as groups, be it teams of friends or small guilds considering joining an established, healthy guild with laidback approach and deadly efficiency.
If you have any questions, feel more than welcome to poke me in-game at drkn.3429 :)

To join us, head over to www.midnight-mayhem.net and follow the steps in our forums.
See you in Tyria!

08-03-2014, 20:23
Good morning, ladies and gents.

We recently celebrated Midnight Mayhem's second birthday. Yay! A lot of fun, rum, and quaggan was had.
Pictures speak better than words - take a peek at some screenies from the event, click here (http://s1243.photobucket.com/user/gw2mm/slideshow/09%20-%20MMs%20Birthdays/Second%20Birthday%2024-2-2014?sort=2) and here (http://imgur.com/a/pqc58#0) for galleries :)
One of our guildies was kind enough to record the whole thing, too :)

We're one of those guilds which value continuity - having never transfered, changed name, or undergone any big alterations, we've been fighting for Gunnar's Hold.
Our daily WvW raids are the hardcore side of the guild's WvW play. We're characterised by open attitude, valuing people's approach and always remembering that real life comes first; if you can't commit to raiding five times a week, that's fine, as long as you do your best when you're around.
Some of our recent WvW raiding footage:

Besides raiding, we're still active with our morning coffee raids, spontaneous pug commanding, both laid back and specialised roaming, as well as general WvW backup.

Midnight Mayhem is an effective, yet really relaxed guild. You won't find super serious, demanding attitude among our ranks...
...as long as you will bow to our quaggan overlords.

The MM PvP team has recently encountered a number of interesting opponents, such as this full necro party (http://i.imgur.com/h7PXqkp.jpg). We're getting more adjusted to the meta and better at general teamplay over time.

Our PvE side is as strong as ever. Our commanders have stepped in as main tags for the server's Wurm attempts (http://www.gunnars-hold.eu/threads/1986-WURM-Gunnar-s-Weekly-Wurm-slaying-events!) and we continue to be an asset during the weekly Tequatl kills (http://www.gunnars-hold.eu/threads/1832-World-Tour-Taking-On-Tequatl-Monday-2000UTC).

We're open for everyone who feels like joining a community, regardless of your previous experience, hours per week you can dedicate to gaming, or any details like that.
If you'd like more info or would like to join [MM], visit our site -> http://www.midnight-mayhem.net