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10-07-2012, 01:07

Dear Candidate of Apollo,

This is a Hardcore Gaming Community. We understand real life commitments come first, but you will be putting in work consistently or you will not make it as a member of Apollo. We have an extremely strong core of gamers who have been together for the past 6+ years through every major PVP game that has been released since the Age of Conan. We are that group of gamers that hangs out together in Teamspeak, just to hang out. During patches, major down times, or in between games we have been known to play epic games of drunken Civilization and other various games such as Travian (a browser based game).

Who we are:

We have an express "No Bull****" policy. If you bring any drama an Officer will not hesitate to remove you from the guild. Permanently. We don't have "second talks" or cry baby apology sessions. As a result our Guildchat/Forums/Teamspeak are pleasant and we've all become fairly close friends.

We are the guild that is feared by opposing forces on the battlefield. Our tactics and coordination are second to none, and we are notorious for destroying zergs with our tight knit groups.

We are a guild that gets to the end game, establishes ourselves, and makes an impact for our server. Our allies have always been able to work with us, and our contributions have been "tide turning."

We are the Vanguard. The tip of the sword. We are the front lines.

We are a brother and sisterhood, whose mission is to excel. We accomplish this by adhering to a formal guideline that is, at it's core, all about getting in game consistently and producing quality work, while emphasizing teamwork and community building.

What we view quality work as:

1. Players who log in 5-6 days every week and play for several hours. If you log in 2-3 times per week and are infected with Alt-itis....this is not the guild for you.

2. Players who are teamwork oriented. If it is your intention to log into game and solo or only play with your small group of friends. This is not the guild for you. You will be expected to play alongside your fellow Apollo members, and you will be expected to be a player who is eager to contribute to the greater good of both your teammates and your guild.

3. Players who contribute to all Guild goals. Whether that is a mandatory Mat farming session or mandatory PVP groups/skill training. Whatever the leadership needs for the greater good of the guild, all Apollo members will jump to the task and excel at delivering.

4. Theorycrafting. It's not only vital to your success, it is mandatory in Apollo. You will be expected to know how to play your class, and you will be expected to always have a burning desire to consistently improve your gameplay. This is simply not the guild for unskilled players, or those unable to adapt in both PVP and PVE. If you can't make the cut you will be shown the exit and wished the best of luck. If GW2 is your first ever MMO and you do not have great PVP skills from other types of game, then Apollo is not the guild for you.

You'll fit in great if:

You are a skillful player that is always seeking to better yourself.
You are fun loving, yet serious when it comes to organized gametime.
You are an Adult.
You are dedicated to Apollo, and Apollo only. There is NO Multi-Guild when it comes to Apollo. You are with us. Or you are not.
You are on Teamspeak when you are online. (THIS IS MANDATORY. If you have any excuse whatsoever for not being able to be on Teamspeak when you play the game, Apollo is NOT for you.)
You are an honest gamer. NO HACKING. NO CHEATS. NO BULL****. If we catch you violating the game rules you get banned from Apollo for life.


If you think you would fit in, begin your application process today by visiting:


When you join Apollo, you join a solid gaming history of excellence and character.

GW2 is finally here, and we've come to party.