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11-07-2012, 00:35

We call ourselves EPIC. We currently have over 300 members and 200 of them are very active.

EPIC is solely a Guild Wars 2 guild with its own community specific to the game. Our main objective will be PvP ( Both Structured and Non Structured.) Our next focus after PvP is community building events, such has sever wide Holiday parties, Awareness days and so on. Also, will still have a significant focus on PvE.

To EPIC, maintaining a respectable community filled with awesome people is our priority, we value quality players over quantity to preserve the community of such an awesome game. We welcome both experience MMO players and newcomers. Two main factors in EPIC we do not tolerate is Elitism ( If you're pro, that's awesome. But if you're "too pro" to help out a fellow guild mate, you don't belong in EPIC.) and Drama. It keeps the atmosphere of our guild clean.

At first glance, EPIC seems like a very relaxed guild, filled with many interesting, welcoming and creative
minds. ( Seriously, some of these people are simply impressive.) But don't be fooled, we're not a casual guild, we're as you would say. Semi-Hardcore, and we take this game very seriously, while retaining a sense of dignity.

EPIC is an International guild, meaning we have members from all over the world. Right now we're pretty even on how many members we have from the US and how many from other places around the world, so no matter what time it is you'll always find someone on our site to talk to.

Our website serves as an informational social site for anything Guild Wars 2 related for our members as well, so they are instantly kept up to date on the latest developments of the game. Over all, we are a Guild dedicated to keeping the image of Guild Wars 2 and our guild enjoyable for everyone.

Here's our recruitment video:


Our Website:


If you'd like to join, register, log in and fill out an application under recruitment

25-07-2012, 12:51
We've been updating our website lately and planning for launch. Doing some preparations that will benefit us before launch on the headstart.

09-08-2012, 14:40
GW2 will be a great launch with a great set of people who aren't drama causing stuck up individuals. They re people who strive to be the best. And will make this launch so much better and so much easier for all.

Epic has made leaps and strides since it's conception in October. Great members, great leaders, cannot ask for more. Apply today and see what it is like to be in something that's more than just a guild.

I'd like to take this time to thank our leaders and our members for creating such an epic guild. Hence the name. We are striving for recruits that will fit into our community and will make Epic better and stronger. So far, I am pleased with Epics growth and maturity and hope it continues this way throughout launch and in the future.
Another great day in Epic. Continuing our preparations. Members getting to know each other and introductions. Clearing out old threads and archiving them. Making sure that we have the best possible setup for launch.

23-08-2012, 23:23
Only a few more days to go guys, get in while you can.