View Full Version : PvX: Vanguard - Seeking New Recruits!

16-07-2012, 17:06
Sick of joining the same old unsatisfying guilds?

Looking for a strong group of players to help you dominate Tyria?

Want to be a part of a formidable fighting force?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, then look no further!


My name is Rixen and I am the Guildmaster of Vanguard. We are building a strong, team-oriented guild with a focus on both PvP and PvE. We want to help our members get the most out of Guild Wars 2 by helping each other reach our goals in the most enjoyable way possible. Organization is key, and we are looking to have a strong group of twenty members at launch. Does this seem like something you want to be a part of? Please don't hesitate and check us out at http://www.vg-guild.org/

Complete information on the guild can be found directly at http://www.vg-guild.org/info

Don't miss out on this great opportunity! If you do think this is the guild for you, apply on our website! We are also playing on the Deldrimor server during the beta weekend events.

Thanks for reading!

Rixen Aranos