View Full Version : PvP: LF a Pretty active guild!

18-07-2012, 23:36
Whats going on guys! posting here as you know, to try and find a decently active guild for the up coming release of GW2! I would consider my self pretty active being that i can play for around 4 hours during work days and almost all day during my off ones! i played the original GW1 and loved it...i have been playing D3 but after all the hype trying to pick up after D2 it was just an epic fail!

little about me:
24yrs old
playing time during workdays 7am-12am PST off days would be till my eyes can barely open!
Love to play PvP so i would be looking for a PvP focus guild
English speaking

Looking for:
A active guild in PvP little PvE
did i say active?

i hope some strong active guild will eventually see this and give me a holler, for now hopefully ill see you guys in game!!

19-07-2012, 00:59
We are always on the lookout for dedicated and skilled players check us out at: http://www.malevolence-gaming.net/
Just message me if you have any questions