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31-07-2012, 09:03
Tell me what you think about these builds! I always appreciate constructive criticism!

Build 1- This build is a tanky condition build http://www.gw2build.com/builds/simulator.php# .

Build 2-This is a high damage LB build with decent survivability http://www.gw2build.com/builds/simulator.php# .

Build 3-Similar to Build 2 this is another high damage LB build with a little more survivability (just a little different)
http://www.gw2build.com/builds/simulator.php# .

1.) This build has kind of a low amount of health, BUT it has quite a high amount of armor and defense. This build is meant to be played like any axe/horn condition build. With the decent base crit chance (50%) added with fury (70%) which can be gained from both the horn, weapon swaps and of course RaO, you are able to apply a decent amount of bleeds just from sharpened edges.

With this build you are able to maintain a nice health regeneration with Nature's Bounty, Oakheart Salve and Rejuvination, this just adds to the survivability aspect of the build. With the nice amount of toughness I have put in this build you already have a nice amount of damage reduction, but that damage reduction is furthered with the use of Companion's Defense which gives 2 seconds of protection (33% dmg reduction) when evading. Since endurance would be a nice thing to have for increased survivability the use of Natural Vigor, Lightning Reflexes and Primal Reflexes will keep up your endurance regeneration quite high increasing the amount to which you can dodge around evading attacks and giving the protection boon. (I feel that Primal Reflexes might be able to be traded out with Honed Axes for increased damage, but I would like some peoples opinions on this!)

The mobility part of this build is quite simple. Your swiftness buffs are going to come from your weapon swaps, RaO and the horn buff! All of these will keep up fury and swiftness for a very long duration! Comment if you like! Now! On to Build 2!

Build 2- This build is meant for a high damage LB build based mainly on crit. The main damage from all LB builds usually comes from your bread and butter skill -- Rapid Fire. With this being said, I have arranged this build in such a way that with Fury activated (which it will be quite often) you have 84% crit. This means that when you apply your 2 vulnerability stacks to the target and pop RaO and Quickness Zephyr your Rapid Fire will do a nice amount of damage, as QZ doubles the amount of shots that you fire off in Rapid Fire. All these shots have a chance on crit (you will crit more than not) to apply might to yourself because of the sigil I chose. After Rapid Fire I have calculated that you SHOULD gain around 4 stacks of might which is a nice bonus in damage. Since Rapid Fire is only has a 10 second CD this means that QZ wont be up next time you are able to use Rapid Fire, this is why I have put the 5 points into Beast Mastery for Zephyr's Speed. When it comes time to unload another volley of arrows just swap your pets and unload!

Now! The survivability aspect of the build! One thing in SPvP you always have to worry about is stuns, that being said, I picked up Hide in Plain Sight for when stunned, dazed, etc. This should take away the chances that you are going to be stunned and set up for a burst. To further the survivability, this particular build has a strong suit in kiting. If used in sync with each other, Point Blank Shot, Frost Trap, and Muddy Terrain (along with the multiple swiftness buffs) you should have NO problem kiting anyone around. Whenever one slowing effect is down, one will be up and not to mention the nice bonus of being able to use Frost Trap as a combo ground allowing your arrows to be shot through it to slow the target from a distance. On the subject of taking damage and damage avoidance Primal Reflexes and Companion's Defense comes into play. With Primal Reflexes and Natural Vigor you are able to keep your endurance up quite easily to take advantage of Companion's Defense which gives you 2 seconds of protection every time you roll (every roll ALSO can evade damage all together.) This makes for quite a bit of survivability and when you are required to go into the fray and delve in the melee arts you have your trusty sword and horn! These make for a wonderful combo of evasion and swiftness+fury which will help you deal damage, avoid damage, and get back to distance to where you really belong to use your trusty LB.

Once again, the mobility of this build is quite simple. Everything which applies swiftness includes weapon swaps, RaO and the warhorn. Now onto Build 3!

Build 3- This build and Build 2 are VERY similar. The main differences between these builds is this: I am not SURE that Companion's Might procs off of the RANGER's crits or the PET's. This build is based off of if it does. The main changes from Build 2 to Build 3 are these (I will explain the reasoning a little lower): 5 Points were taken out of Beast Mastery and Skirmishing and allocated instead into Wilderness Survival for Empathic Bond (condition removal) and Primal Reflexes were instead replaced with Companion's Might.

The reason for taking out 5 points in Beast Mastery and losing Zephyr's Speed was because with Companion's Might if I built up a Might stack of 15 on my pet then swapped pets I would lose all the stacks. This means that I would only want to swap pets when my pet was about to die (only swap when necessary). Also, there is a bonus to taking these points out of Beast Mastery and here is an example. Ex: I am at 15% life and my pet is about to die, if I swap pets I am debuffed with 2 seconds of not benefiting from ANY heals. This would possibly result in death. If I decided to not swap pets, then I would lose one of the most valuable assets that a ranger has, his pet. Now, I also felt it would be a nice change to drop the 5 points in Skirmisher to give a total of 10 points I could allocate into Wilderness Survival giving me Empathic Bond. This traded a little bit of damage for some more survivability. With Empathic Bond it takes away those pesky little conditions that you get from condition build professions! Okay, and now for Primal Reflexes being replaced with Companion's Might. This takes away a little bit of endurance generation, BUT it should add quite a bit of damage. With the crit chance of this build being so high, you should be able to stack up a large amount of might on both you AND your pet, especially with QZ and Rapid Fire in sync.

Okay, this is the gist of all these builds. Please leave comments! Constructive criticism is an AWESOME thing to have! Also, if you really like the builds please say so! I like to know when people think I did something well :) Thanks!

31-07-2012, 17:08
hey i dont know to much about rangers but it seems you got it together :P

heres my pvp spec ill be running on my thief http://www.gw2build.com/builds/simulator.php#
played it all last beta and LOVED it

31-07-2012, 17:30
Thats nice :p but question. Have you thought about switching out your rune choice for something that gives more crit chance? Since you have a chance to gain initiative on crit, it might be an awesome idea to have high crit.

31-07-2012, 17:51
i thought about it but ended up going with this because i enjoyed how it played out.. i have so many other skills that give me ini back that i see that as a bonus. when i get into some serious ranked games with some friends ill prob swap it out but i do enjoy the set bonus' it gives me. prob go with eagle, but its rare thats im starved for ini with this spec and on top of that im usually always critting with attacks which is great

also didnt realize this was in the ranger forum rofl my bad went straight from link on home page

31-07-2012, 18:27
Lol, its fine man, I'm glad someone has posted on it. Very few people have even looked at the damn builds I have posted haha. Im trying to get some people's opinions on them but I guess we will see if that happens.