View Full Version : PvP+WvW: In'Visus Exsilium (NA, sPvP)

biggles the cat
11-08-2012, 23:43
In'Visus Exsilium (IVEX) is an NA guild (playing from PST, CST, and EST) and played heavily in GW1 for a few years, spending most of our time in the top 50 guilds. We're going to have a competitive presence in the GW2 sPvP/WvW scene as most of our experience hails from top-tier competitive GW1 GvG and some members have DAoC RvR history. Depending on in-game gear requisites, we may also have to dabble in the PvE side of the game. We intend on not extending membership to too large a number, and are looking to have about 15 members total. We are currently in the process of choosing a server for launch and leaning towards Darkhaven.

The only requirements, currently, are:
- mumble for voice comms.
- ability to learn from one's mistakes and accept constructive criticism
- ability to work with a team and utilize team builds when neccessary
- some semblance of maturity when warranted, though we do joke around a lot

The current guild site can be found at: ivex.enjin.com
The very short application can be found at: http://www.ivex.enjin.com/recruitment