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14-08-2012, 04:42

Website: http://www.oceanian.com.au
Recruitment status: Open
Timezones: Oceanic (+8GMT - +12GMT)
Server: To be determined
Voice: Teamspeak 3

About OGC
The community was originally formed in 2008, over the past 2 years we have made a move away from a singular gaming guild to a multi-gaming format. We arenít tied down to any one game, with people at the moment playing League of Legends, DayZ, EVE Online plus many more. The community consists of sections, each section is run by a section leader who is elected by the players to organise and provide assistance to the sections player base.

Our Goal
Our main focus in GW2 will be WvW as we aid our alliance to dominate and support each other to benefit our server. Don't let that scare you though as there will be other areas in GW2 that we will be doing, whether it's PVE to crafting etc.
We're a casual-hardcore community looking to expand are already growing community to join in with other fun loving gamers.

All we request is that you bring a mature attitude when socialising and gaming with members or other gamers. Your age, gender, nationality or other similar factors are of no concern for us.
We have a basic set of rules that is fair for everyone and that all members are expected to follow.
Thereís no trial when joining the community, as we hope that youíre mature enough to understand the rules of any guild or community, itís just common sense.
Teamspeak 3 is our secondary medium for guild interaction with forums being are first priority of communication.

Piqued your interest?
Head on over to http://www.oceanian.com.au and check the rest of the website, fill in an application or just drop us a post to say hello!

See all of you in Tyria!


We've been officially accepted into the Ascension Alliance! (http://www.guildwars2guru.com/topic/36676-ascension-alliance-together-we-rise/) for GW2.
WvW is a large part of Guild Wars 2 and all of our members are extremely excited for it. Being apart of a large organised alliance provides playtime coverage across all time zones, and enables us to play in an environment that is conducive to both winning, and having fun!
Once the game releases we will be appointing members to converse with the Alliance via TS3. These members will help facilitate organisation and ensure complete victory.

Stay tuned for more information!