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17-08-2012, 17:47
Crurifragium (Ganadara EU)


Server: EU server Gandara
Leader: Binit
Are We Recruiting: of course!
Guild Site: http://crurifragium.enjin.com/ (its a little new, needs some work and some love, show it some!)
Voice Communications: Yes! we run a Ventrilo server

Crurifragium can be a tricky word to remember the spelling of, so why not have it as your guild name?

We're not quite as violent as the name may imply though - assuming you google it - in fact, we're actually relatively friendly! If you don't mind a little mental scarring, and you're currently finding yourself without a guild, or even if you have one already (that's right, we have no qualms about stealing, as long as it's legal! ...), and would like to join one, why not join this one? We plan to be doing whatever it is that you'll be doing anyway.

Who Are Crurifragium?

We're a fairly even mix of casual and, for lack of a better word, hardcore players, looking to increase our numbers, via any means necessary. Or probably just the occasional recruitment message and this forum.

We may be online a lot, but we don't take things overly serious. Hell, we don't take things very seriously at all - just look at the state of this post for starters! Bah, dreadful.

Why Crurifragium Wants You?

There aren't really any requirements for joining at the moment, other than: don't be a pr**k. However, if you have an aversion to strong language, you may want to give us a miss, or just use the language filter - your choice! - and maybe skip the previous sentence...

As we'll all be new to the game (other than the beta weekends!), you could be level potato for all that matters to us.

What is Crurifragium About?

I dare say we'll be attempting everything in Guild Wars 2 when it goes live, so whether you're playing to have fun questing; compete in PvP; explore dungeons; or simply because that man says it's this or make shoes, we don't care! All are welcome here.

If you'd like to join us, then please follow the link to our site, register and fill out a brief application form (its only short so please dont be daunted!).

If you're not interested, then please leave before we break your legs.

Thanks for reading!
/Leyara - Recruiter of Crurifragium