View Full Version : PvX: Dark Eclipse [DarE] - South Korea/Australia <GMT+9> - Recruiting PvX

18-08-2012, 12:43
Dark Eclipse (DarE) is a GMT+9 guild seeking new members. We are a casual yet progressive guild that will focus on PVE, sPvP, and WvWvW content. Our members hail from the Oceanic region with the majority being U.S. ex-pats & military in South Korea, Canadians also in South Korea/China area, and Australians.

Most of us are working professionals with full time jobs and families hence we call ourselves 'casual yet progressive' so we understand when you 'just can't make' that guild event because real life gets in the way! If you're looking for a guild that will participate in all aspects of the game in a progressive/competitive manner but without the stress of being 'hardcore' then we may be what you're looking for.

Guild Website > http://www.gw2dare.com
Guild Email > gw2dare@gmail.com