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23-08-2012, 22:42

Recast Gaming is an Alliance for EU English speaking guilds only

Join up to the forums, Follow on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and our Steam Group to stay up to date

Guilds can apply using a simple form on our website, you must be registered to use it!

Our application form can he found here or follow the links on our website! (http://recastgaming.co.uk/forums/forms.php?id=9)

What is Recast Gaming

➨ Recast Gaming is a multi gaming community.
➨ We focus on recording and live streaming to Youtube and Twitch.TV.
➨ We record any gaming related content or shenanigans we may get up to.
➨ Our videos can include epic, funny, old and sometimes terrible music, we will let you decide!

What the Alliance has to offer

➨ A public 512 slot teamspeak for everyone on Aurora Glade EU server to join.
➨ Anyone may join the teamspeak. Guests can make channels or use the ones provided.
➨ The Guilds in the Alliance will get their own permanent channel, plus channel admin to control and manage it.
➨ Recast Gaming does not just focus on Guild Wars 2. We are a multi gaming community so you may join to play other games too!
➨ We can set up sections on our forums for Guilds, they could be used for recruiting members, or for just communicating with your Guild.
➨ An IRC channel is set up with a web chat set up on our website should Guilds require it.

It will be in Guilds best interest to follow us in every way possible, so planned events are not missed

➨ [Website] http://www.recastgaming.co.uk
➨ [Youtube] http://youtube.com/recastgaming
➨ [Twitter] http://www.twitter.com/recastgaming
➨ [Live Stream] http://twitch.tv/recastgaming
➨ [Facebook] http://www.facebook.com/recastgaming
➨ [Steam Group] http://www.steamcommunity.com/groups/recastgaming

A few of the requirements for Guilds applying and benefits of joining

➨ All Guilds applying must be on the Aurora Glade Server
➨ Only EU English speaking Guilds
➨ Allowing all Guild Focuses be it PvP WvW PvE or even RP
➨ Your Guild must be able to have fun, have a laugh, and enjoy the game! (WHY YOU HEFF TO BE MAD?)
➨ A great way for Guilds involved to combine efforts in WvWvW
➨ Arrange SPvP groups/teams easily and any other events
➨ We require everyone on the forums to state your character names and Guild name in your post signatures to save confusion
➨ You are free to come and go as you wish

Guilds will be able to continue as they are, running how they wish, whether you have your own website and voice comms or not. Our forums will be here should you want your own section, or to talk

with other guilds in the alliance. The same with the teamspeak, it will be there to join, for any game, with your own Guild Channels, and control over them channels.

30-08-2012, 12:29

I would very much like my guild to join your alliance, I will apply on your forums soon. :)