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  1. The True Adventures of TRUE

    Work on my HoM is slowing down a bit, not because of lack of interest but due to lack of time. As many of my TRUBies know, my husband and I are in the process of purchasing new digs and the transition will be somewhat adventurous as we're moving from a good sized home to a houseboat - still decent size, all things considered, but much less space than our home.

    However, I have managed to work on some of my storybooks and have a couple near completion (only one in each to finish). ...
  2. The True Adventures of TRUE

    I am slowly working on my HoM status, thanks to the wonderful group of people who align themselves with [TRUE]. Honestly, I couldn't do it without their time and generosity.

    I have 2 titles close to completion on my Dervish (the character I play most nowadays), Sunspear and Grand Cartographer of Elona. Just slightly over 9,000 more points in Sunspear and I have found a wonderful spot (thanks to the Wiki) to farm these points easily. And less that 10% to go on the cartographer title. ...